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Geology for a sustainable management of our Planet

Bari, 2nd September (Opening Ceremony)

3rd-5th  September (Congress)

Received Abstracts


Abbassi A.*, Cipollari P. & Cosentino D. : The "il Casone-Monte delle Fate" mega-olistostrome in the Eastern External Ligurian Unit
Abbassi A.*, Cipollari P., Zaghloul M.N., El Mourabet M. & Cosentino D. : The Mesorif unconformity: new stratigraphical constraints from a late Serravallian wedge-top basin in the Tamda tectonic window (Northern Morocco)
Abdallah I.*, Manniello C., Prosser G. & Agosta F. : Reservoir-scale structural architecture of high-angle basin-bounding faults in Mesozoic platform carbonates
Abdallah I.*,Panza E., Prosser G., Giuseppe P. & Agosta F. : DFN modelling of multiscale geo-cellular volumes after field and digital structural analyses.
Adanti B.*, Cifelli F., Corrado S., Grossi F. & Bosco V. : The dissemination of Geosciences for the enhancement and protection of the historical and cultural heritage, through educational workshops and geological itineraries: The Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome
Adanti B.*, Corrado S., Grossi F., Bosco V. & Vasconi P. : The historical geological collections of the "Ennio Quirino Visconti" Higher School at the Roman Collegium: a hidden geological jewel in Rome, from the XVII century to nowadays
Adinolfi G.M.*, Massa B., Convertito V. & De Matteis R. : New insights about the induced seismic sequence of the St. Gallen deep geothermal project (Switzerland)
Adinolfi G.M.*, Carducci A., de Nardis R., De Matteis R. & Romano M.A. : A MATLAB tool to assess the quality of focal mechanisms for different purposes
Agate M.*, Sulli A., Gamberi F. & Pierini S. : The METIQ Project – The North-Western Sicily offshore area
Agrosì G.*, Mele D., Tempesta T., Rizzo F. & Manzari P. : More quasicrystals in the cosmos? Preliminary observations of new khatyrka-like fragments
Agusto M., Lamberti M.C., Tassi F.*, Carbajal F., Llano J., Nogués V., Núñez N., Sánchez H., Rizzo A., García S., Yiries J., Vélez M.L., Velasquez G., Bucarey C., Gómez M., Euillades P. & Ramos V. : Geochemical survey on fumarolic discharges from Peteroa volcano (Argentina-Chile): insights into the 2018-2019 eruptive phase
Aiello G., Barra D., Ciarcia S., Di Donato V., Infante A.* & Morabito S. : Paleoenvironmental new constraints in upper Zanclean Benevento Valley deposits (Ariano Basin, southern Apennines)
Aiello G., Barra D., Ciarcia S., Di Donato V., Infante A.*, Morabito S. & Prinzi E.P. : Miscano River: insights on sedimentation after the Messinian salinity crisis in the southern Apennines
Albanese S.*, Aruta A., Guarino A., Ebrahimi P., Dominech S., Belyaeva O., Tepanosyan G., Ambrosino M. & Cicchella D. : Radiological risk proceeding from road paving and building materials in the downtown of Naples (Italy)
Albanese S.*, Dinelli E., Valera P., Cicchella D., Lima A., Guarino A., Marigliano M., Qi S., Qu C. & De Vivo B. : The new environmental-geochemical atlas of rural and anthropized soils of Italy: preliminary elaboration of elemental data.
Altieri A.*, Pezzotta F., Skogby H., Hålenius U. & Bosi F. : Tourmaline petrogenetic indicator highlighted in a multicolored crystal from the Mavuco area (Alto Ligoña pegmatite district, NE Mozambique)
Altieri A.*, Skogby H., Hålenius U., Pezzotta F., Sejkora J. & Bosi F. : Understanding genesis and color origin of the very rare leek-green tourmaline variety
Amato V., Aucelli P.P.C., Cesarano* M., Pappone G. & Rosskopf C. : Deep boreholes stratigraphic and palaeoenvironment studies to reconstruct quaternary tectonic evolution of Bojano intramountain basin (Southern Apennines)
Amato V., Matano F.* & Ebrahimi P. : Towards a spatial database for estimating the ash-fall pyroclastic deposit (APD) thickness in southern Italy: A tool for multi-hazard assessment in the landscapes impacted by active volcanoes
Ambrosino M.*, Albanese S., Cicchella D. & PalareaAlbaladejo J. : A hybrid knowledge-data driven method to build compositional indicators in geochemistry: an application to outline geochemical domains in Volturno River Basin (South Italy)
Ambrosino M.*, Elsaadani Z. , Khatita A., Qi W., Palarea-Albaladejo J. & Cicchella D. : Geochemical speciation, ecological risk and assessment of main sources of potentially toxic elements in stream sediments from Nile River in Egypt
Amoroso O., Napolitano F., Convertito V., De Matteis R., Hjörleifsdóttir V. , Agustsdottir T., Scafuro M.R. & Capuano P. : The seismic imaging of the Nesjavellir (Iceland) geothermal production area
Andrenacci C.*, Bello S., de Nardis R., Carducci A. & Lavecchia G. : Evaluations and processing of kinematic classifications for the integration of seismological and geological-structural data in active tectonic contexts
Andrenacci C., Bello S., Barbano M.S.*, de Nardis R., Pirrotta C., Pietrolungo F. & Lavecchia G. : Revision and analysis of macroseismic data of some strong Calabria earthquakes (Italy) for seismotectonic purposes
Andreozzi G.B.*, Bosi F., Celata B. & Ballirano P. : Axinite crystal chemistry and thermal behavior
Angellotti A.*, Marras G., Mikhailenko D. & Stagno V. : The oxidation state of iron in Mg-chromite inclusions from lithospheric diamonds: implications for the redox heterogeneities in the upper mantle
Angellotti A.*, Marras G., Morana M., Chariton S., Medeghini L., Romano C., Bindi L., Correale A., Kaminsky F. & Stagno V. : Multianalytical investigation of inclusions in a lithospheric diamond reveals possible metasomatism-driven mechanisms of formation.
Annunziata E.M., Di Leo P., Lubraco G.*, Melis M. & Sogliani F. : Testing the new Hypercolorimetric Multispectral Imaging method to understand pigment technology in ancient ceramics: the Graffita ware from Moliterno Castle (Basilicata region, southern Italy) case study
Aquilano A.*, Marrocchino E. & Vaccaro C. : Investigating Sustainable Processing Strategies for Recycling Granite Quarry Waste in Sardinia's Quarrying Industry: A Case Study of the Buddusò Quarry in Northern Sardinia
Araújo R.E.B.*, La Bruna V., Lamarche J., Agosta F., Bezerra F.H.R. & Marié L. : P-wave velocity anisotropy and the spatial distribution of fractures in carbonate rocks, Monte Alpi (Southern Apennines, Italy)
Ariano A.*, Frondini F., Cardellini C., Chiodini G., Ricci L., Petrelli M., Vetuschi Zuccolini M. & Virgili G. : New data on Monterotondo Marittimo and Sasso Pisano geothermal areas: a focus on the carbon dioxide, methane and heat emissions (Tuscany, Italy)
Arletti R.*, Fantini R., Conte S. , Zanelli C. , Dondi M. & Gualtieri A.F. : Understanding the effect of iron in porcelain stoneware tiles: can red clays represent a viable alternative raw material?
Artegiani F.*, Fagioli G., Pietrosante A., Parente M. & Putignano M.L. : Lithiotid-coral deposits in the Lower Jurassic of the Apennine Carbonate Platform (Campania, southern Italy): new evidence from geological mapping
Asti R.*, Viola G., Castellaro S., Carloni G., Bonini S. & Vignaroli G. : How to reconcile active structures with the complexity of seismogenic sources in tectonically polyphasic areas? Insights from the Northern Apennines
Attardi A.*, Cocco F., Deidda M.L., Fancello D., Funedda A. & Naitza S. : The case study of structural control on skarn ores in highly deformed domains in SW Sardinia and its application as a regional prospection guideline
Attardi A.*, Cocco F., Funedda A., Naitza S., Scano I. & Sedda L. : Italian CRM's potential: the case of Sardinian F-Ba hydrothermal ore deposits
Avanzinelli R.*, Casalini M., Cuppone T., Pratesi G., Langone A., Carli C., Stephant A. & Tosi F. : Petro-mineralogical and geochemical study of lunar meteorite NWA 13859

Baccari C.*, Buono G., Di Vito M.A., Pappalardo L. & Petrosino P. : Study of magmatic degassing processes at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy): insights from the Baia–Fondi di Baia eruption
Baccolo G.*, Beard D., Clason C., Łokas E., Nastasi M., Schwikowski M. & Sisti M. : Uncovering cryoconite: the radioactive legacy of glaciers
Balbi E.*, Cianfarra P. , Tosi S. , Crispini L. & Ferretti G. : Clustering analysis to unravel polyphase tectonics settings on planetary surfaces: the case of the Claritas Fossae, Mars
Baldassarre G.* & Marini P. : Screening tests on potential recovery of Strategic and Critical Raw Materials from mining waste facilities in Italy
Balestra M.* & Mollica R. : New insights in the Val D'Agri structural framework: reprocessing of vintage 2D seismic lines to better frame the Western flank of the Valley
Balestra V.* , Galbiati M., Lapadula S., Zampieri V., Cassarino F., Barzaghi B., Manenti R. & Bellopede R. : New threats in the Trieste Karst (Italy): pollution by microplastics in groundwaters and springs
Baneschi I.* : Understanding water-rock-biota interaction in the Critical Zone using stable isotopes: examples from Artic to Mediterranean region
Barago N., Petranich E., Floreani F., Pavoni E., Lenaz D. & Covelli S.* : Identification of mercury species via thermodesorption in environmental samples from a tetrahedrite historical Cu-Sb(-Ag) mining site (Mt. Avanza, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
Baratelli L.*, Murri M., Mihailova B., Prencipe M., Cámara F. & Alvaro M. : Raman spectroscopic study of omphacites at variable pressures: implications for elastic geobarometry
Barbaro A.*, Domeneghetti M.C., Fioretti A.M., Alvaro M. & Nestola F. : Shock evidences on Frontier Mountain ureilites fragments
Barbaro A.*, Zorzi F., Lorenzetti A., Ferrari S., Tubaro C. & Nestola F. : Thermal expansion of oldhamite(CaS) on the surface of Mercury
Barreca G.*, Imposa S., Sulli A., Pepe F. , Gasparo Morticelli M., Morreale G., Pagano M., Gambino S. & Grassi S. : Tectonically-deformed archeological remains at Lilybaeum in Western Sicily as possible footprints of missed large earthquake in the area.
Baschetti B.*, D&#;Amore M., Carli C., Massironi M. & Altieri F. : Exploring the potential of machine learning techniques to analyze remotely sensed hyperspectral data on Mars
Battifora C.*, Ferrando C., Crispini L., Basch V. & Rampone E. : Reactive melt percolation and impregnation processes through the Oman lithospheric mantle (Wadi Tayin Massif)
Battistelli M.*, Ferrarini F., Brozzetti F. & Carafa M.M.C. : Inspecting Late-Quaternary active extension along the outer sector of the central-southern Apennines (Abruzzo-Molise border, Italy): preliminary results from the topographic analysis
Battiston T., Comboni D.*, Lotti P., Migliori M., Giordano G., Ferrarelli G. & Gatta G.D. : Pressure-mediated adsorption in 6-membered ring zeolites with EAB topology
Becatti A., Fagotti C. & Manciocchi T.* : Duplicate measurements of airborne gaseous mercury in contaminated environments using Lumex RA 915 analyzers: results, problems and optimization of operating procedures
Beccaceci A.*, Occhioni M. & Paris E. : Sustainable city virtual game: how to engage students in sustainable lifestyles
Belfiore C.M. & Parisi S.A.* : Reuse of waste materials in the manufacture of ceramic tiles: an experimental study
Bellini F.* & Colacicco R. : A geological path to enhance geodiversity in the Gravina of Laterza ("Terra delle Gravine" Regional Park, Puglia, Southern Italy)
Bello S.*, Brozzetti F., de Nardis R., Cirillo D., Andrenacci C., Pietrolungo F. & Lavecchia G. : The 1857 Basilicata earthquake (Mw 7.2): is the trans-ridge Caggiano-Montemurro en-echelon normal fault the responsible?
Bello S., Perna M.G.*, Consalvo A., Brozzetti F., Galli P., Cirillo D., Andrenacci C., Tangari A.C., Carducci A., Menichetti M., Lavecchia G., Stoppa F. & Rosatelli G. : Studying fault scarps with geochemical and topographic analyzes to understand past earthquakes: an example from the southern Apennines of Italy
Bellopede R.*, Baietto O. & Marini P. : The importance of surface porosity assessment to prevent and to protect ornamental stones from decay
Bellotto M.*, Cristiani C., Balzarotti R. & Latorrata S. : White steel slags as alkaline activator for hydraulic binders with heavy metal adsorption capabilities
Belluso E.*, Ardit M. , Capella S., Di Benedetto F., Bullone M. & Vigliaturo R. : Respirable crystalline silica and feldspar particles in respiratory apparatus of equines in riding arenas: a diffuse and non-conventional exposure for animals and humans
Beltrame M.*, Ziberna L., McCammon C., Masotta M., Venier M., De Felice A., Majgsuren Y. & De Min A. : The lithospheric mantle beneath central Mongolia: constraints from spinel-bearing peridotite xenoliths and high pressure experiments
Benà E.*, Ciotoli G., Ruggiero L., Petermann E., Bossew P., Verdi L., Mazzoli C. & Sassi R. : A new perspective in radon risk assessment
Benedetti F.*, Matilde K., Atanasio P., Buccini L., Passeri D., Rossi M., Trippetta F. & Rinaldi T. : Biomineralization activity of bacteria for ornamental stones restoration
Benedetti F.*, Stagno V., Marras G., Bianchini G. & Dallai L. : The investigation of the oxidizing role played by the subduction-driven metasomatic fluids through the oxygen fugacity of mantle peridotites coupled with the mineral oxygen isotopes: case of the peridotite mantle xenoliths of Tallante (Betic Cordillera, Spain)
Benedetti G.*, Casiraghi S., De Paolo E. & Bistacchi A. : Methods for merging fragmented facets obtained from point cloud segmentation algorithms
Beni T.*, Borselli D., Bonechi L., Bongi M., Brocchini D., Ciaranfi R., Cimmino L., Ciulli V., D'Alessandro R., Dini A., Vezzoni S., Frosin C., Gigli G., Gonzi S., Guideri S., Lombardi L., Nocentini M., Saracino G. & Casagli N. : Transmission-based muography for ore body prospection: results and next challenges
Bentivenga M.*, Pescatore E., Gizzi F.T., Masini N., Piccarreta M. & Giano S.I. : Geoheritage and Geoconservation, from theory to practice: the "ghost town" of Craco (Matera, Basilicata Region, Southern Italy)
Bentivenga M., Siervo V., Palladino G., Pescatore E., Piccarreta M. & Giano S.I.* : Application of landslides susceptibility models by using GIS analyses
Bentivenga M., Nappi A., Guidetti G.*, Lucente S., Giordano A., Oliveto S., Guerra J. G., Minervino A., Cerone D. & Prosser G. : The itinerary of Muro Lucano, in Basilicata: between geology, archeology and industrial archeology
Beranoaguirre A.* : In situ U-Pb dating of low-U minerals: challenges and opportunities
Berloco T.*, Calabritto M., Loiudice C., Carlucci G., Laterza D., Lardo E. & Mininni A.N. : Impacts of regenerative agricultural practices on soil health and carbon sequestration as a driver of rural eco-entrepreneurship towards the creation of a Living Lab in Southern Italy: the case study of FARMS4CLIMATE project.
Bernabale M.*, Medeghini L., De Vito C., Calzolari L., Capriotti S. & Mignardi S. : Exploring ancient mortars for the creation of innovative restoration materials: On-Tech Project
Bernabale M.*, Cognigni F. , Rossi M. & De Vito C. : Multiscale characterization of corrosion in archaeological artefacts from Motya (Sicily, Italy) through X-ray Microscopy
Bernardi F.*, Skogby H., Tavazzani L. & Lenaz D. : Detrital quartz from NE Adriatic flysch basins: an FTIR and trace elements provenance study
Bernasconi A.*, Bernasconi D., Francescon F., Sartori R. & Pavese A. : Fireclay-ceramics industry: technological properties and mineralogy by tuning slip composition and raw materials (waste included) particle size distribution.
Bernasconi D.*, Viani A., Zárybnická L., Bernasconi A., Caviglia C., Destefanis E., Gobetto R. & Pavese A. : Influence of municipal solid waste fly ash on phosphate-based geopolymer foams properties
Bertino A.*, Caggiani M.C., Fugazzotto M., Barone G. & Mazzoleni P. : Synthesis and characterization of pigmented geopolymers for sustainable conservation interventions
Biagi R.*, Ferrari M., Tassi F., Frezzi F. & Venturi S. : From rural to urban areas: a transect along the Greve River Basin (Chianti territory, Central Italy) investigating greenhouse gases distribution and metal deposition with a combination of traditional and low-cost technical approaches
Biagi R.*, Venturi S., Ferrari M., Montegrossi G., Sacco M., Frezzi F. & Tassi F. : Development and machine-learning-based calibration of a low-cost multiparametric station for the measurement of CO2, CH4, (or H2S and SO2) in the air: an innovative approach for investigating the impact on air quality of natural and anthropogenic contaminant sources
Bianchini G.*, Brombin V., Bonadiman C., Natali C. & Ghiotto M. : The exotic accessory minerals within mantle metasomatic domains: new insights of the sources of orogenic magmas
Biget T.*, Bruand E., Pereira I., Boyet M., Gasser D., Stuewe K. & Langone A. : Trace elements behaviour and Nd isotopic ratios in REE-bearing accessory minerals from greenschist facies to crustal anatexis 
Bini G.*, Chiodini G., Ricci T., Sciarra A., Caliro S., Mortensen A., Martini M., Mitchell A., Santi A. & Costa A. : Soil CO2 emission and stable isotopes (δdelta13C, δdelta18O) of CO2 and calcites reveal the fluid origin and thermal energy in the supercritical geothermal system of Krafla, Iceland
Bini G.*, Chiodini G., Caliro S., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Rizzo A.L., Mollo S., Vougioukalakis G. & Bachmann O. : Nitrogen, helium, and argon reveal the magmatic signature of fumarole gases and episodes of outgassing from upper-crustal magma reservoirs: the case of the Nisyros caldera (Aegean Arc, Greece)
Birarda G.*, Bedolla D.E., Piccirilli F., Stani C. & Vaccari L. : Biominerals and Environment: Advances in infrared spectroscopic investigations at micro and nano scale.
Bisciotti A.* & Cruciani G. : Estimation model of attached mortar paste volume on the surface of recycled aggregates combining Rietveld refinement of X-ray powder diffraction and image analysis
Bisciotti A.*, Brombin V., Bianchini G. & Cruciani G. : Describing the environmental impact from Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) pollutants release through in-deep mineralogical and geochemical analyses
Bisolfati M., Pisello A., Porreca M., Zinzi A. & Perugini D. : Analysis of Spectral Variations in the Craters of the Moon Basaltic Flow Using Terra Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
Bistacchi A.*, Benedetti G., Arienti G., Comelli T. & Penasa L. : PZero: a new open-source Python geomodelling platform
Blenging G.A. & Sabra G.* : Ensuring informed decision-making over mineral resources with the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC)
Blengini G.A.* : Critical raw materials in the EU and international agendas
Bloise A.*, De Rosa R., Vespasiano G., Fuoco I. & Apollaro C. : Synthesis of pyroxenes of gems quality and size
Boccaccini F.*, Mancini L., Degli Esposti F., Riccucci C., Pascucci M., Messina E., Bosi F., Favero G. & Di Carlo G. : Artificial reproduction of natural and artistic patinas on bronze mock-ups to be used as sacrificial substrates for the validation of new conservation materials
Boccaccini F.*, Riccucci C., Messina E., Pascucci M., Bosi F., Chelazzi D., Guaragnone T., Baglioni P., Ingo G.M. & Di Carlo G. : Reproduction of archaeological patinas on bronze coupons through 15 years of intentional burial in the soil of Tharros (Sardinia, Italy).
Bonaccorsi E., Cifelli F., Gioncada A., Lupi C., Paris E. & Pelfini M. : Joining the Barcelona manifesto for the teaching of Geosciences: an EGU initiative to emphasize the relevance of Geoscience education for the building of citizenship
Bonatti E.* : Geodiversity versus Biodiversity in Oceanic Islands
Bonazzi M.* & Langone A. : Titanite from metacarbonate: a "complementary" petrochronological tool for deciphering the P-T-t evolution of the continental crust (Ivrea-Verbano Zone, Italy)
Bonazzi M., Ogunyele A.C., Giovanardi T., Mazzucchelli M. & Zanetti A.* : New insights into the evolution of Triassic-Jurassic alkaline magmatism in the Southern Alps: evidence from trace and isotopic composition of dyke zircons
Bondesan A.* & Rapti D. : Soil permeability map of the Ferrara plain (Northern Italy)
Bonfardeci A.*, Gasparo Morticelli M. , Avellone G. , Parrino N. , Gennuso M. , Rizzo G.F. , Maiorana M.G. , Todaro M. , Petrella F. , Agate M. , Muraro C. & Sulli A. : Plio-Pleistocene stratigraphic and tectonic evolution of a segment of the Sicilian Fold and Thrust Belt outcropping in the Sciacca area (south-western Sicily).
Bonforte A., Guglielmino F. & Puglisi C.* : The contribution of SAR interferometry to the long-term structural assessment of Mt. Etna
Boni M.*, Santoro L., Putzolu F. & Mondillo N. : Tectonically deformed SedEx and Irish-type deposits in the Cambrian of SW Sardinia
Bonini S.*, Viola G., Tartaglia G., Rodani S., Comedini M. & Vignaroli G. : Active and capable faults and railway lines planning: assessing seismic hazard through a multidisciplinary and multiscale workflow
Bonorino L.*, Beccaris G., Bisi P., Chiozzi P., Cogorno A., Filippi E., Narizzano R., Prandi S. & Verdoya M. : Gamma-ray spectrometry to predict the indoor radon concentration
Borchi F.* & Belvedere M. : Unravelling a mystery box: valorization and dissemination of Poggiorosso's "Hyena's den", from the Pleistocene of upper Valdarno, through virtual paleontology
Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P., Crotti C.F., Tiepolo M. & Rampone E. : Chemical and mineralogical modifications during high-pressure melt-harzburgite reaction: constraints from experiments at 1-2 GPa
Borrelli M.*, Perri E., Heimhofer U., Santagati P. & Le Pera E. : Neogene cold seep system reconstruction in the Crotone Basin (South Italy)
Borzì L.*, Barbagallo V., D'Andrea N., Distefano S., Marino M., Urso S., Tavilla G., Sciandrello S., Grasso R., Spena M.T., Cavallaro L., Di Stefano A., Foti E. & Musumeci R. : Coastal human-induced changes in the context of Climate Change: the case study of South-East Sicily
Borzì L.*, Tri Laksono FX A. , Distefano S., Czirok L.-- , Halmai A., Di Stefano A. & Kovács J. : Shoreline Change Dynamics Along the Augusta Coast, Eastern Sicily, South Italy
Bosi F.*, Altieri A., Skogby H., Pezzotta F., Hålenius U., Tempesta G., Ballirano P., Flégr T. & Cempírek J. : Ferro-bosiite, a new tourmaline species from Mavuco, Alto Ligoña pegmatite district, NE Mozambique
Bosso D.*, Santoro L. & Montomoli C. : New insight on the Pb-Zn mineralization of Ruà Mine (Bagni di Vinadio, Cuneo, Piemonte)
Bosso D.*, Montomoli C. & Santoro L. : Structural setting of the Pb-Zn vein system of Rua mine (Bagni di Vinadio Valley, Cuneo, Piemonte)
Bracchi V.A.*, Basso D. : On the biogeomorphology of crustose coralline algae in the Mediterranean Sea
Bracchi V.A.*-, Negri M.P., Bazzicalupo P., Bertolino M., Cipriani M., D'Alpa F., Donato G., Guido A., Rosso A.-, Sanfilippo R. -, Sciuto F. - & Basso D.- : On the contribution and possible role of mollusks to coralligenous build-ups: results from CRESCIBLUREEF project
Bragagni A.*, Avanzinelli R., Münker C., Mastroianni F. & Conticelli S. : Elevated Nb/Ta, SiO2 undersaturated magmas, and the recycling of carbonate-rich sediments in subduction zones
Braschi E.*, Franceschini Z., Cioni R., Corti G., Sani F., Casalini M. & Muluneh A. : Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the recent magmatic activity of the Dilo-Dukana and Mega volcanic fields (Ririba rift, South Ethiopia): implications for rift evolution
Braschi E., Langone A., Corvò S. & Orlando A.* : Elemental mapping and in-situ microanalysis of accessory minerals: an essential petrochronological tool
Brighenti F.*, Carnemolla F., De Guidi G., Giuffrida S. & Messina D. : Use of UAS survey method to monitor, analyze geological hazards and morphological changes on the Santa Barbara mud volcano of Caltanissetta (Central Sicily, Italy)
Brodu G., Marrocu S., Deias G., Fancello D.* & Columbu S. : Perlitic volcanic rocks for the production of high permeability lime plaster mortars
Brombin V.*, Salani G.M., De Feudis M., Falsone G., Vittori Antisari L., Precisvalle N. & Bianchini G. : Soil organic carbon pools in managed temperate forests: two case studies in the Apennine chain of the Emilia-Romagna Region (Northern Italy)
Brombin V., Bianchini G.*, Natali C. & Salani G.M. : Stable isotopes as tracers of provenance in Holocene sediments from the Venetian-Paduan area (NE Italy)
Brugnone F.*, Brusca L., Dominech S., D'Alessandro W., Parello F. & Calabrese S. : Lanthanoids chemistry in Etna's rainwater during the paroxysmal sequence of 2021
Brugnone F.*, D'Alessandro W., Liotta M., Bitetto M., Randazzo L., Rubino C., Bellomo S., Brusca L., Parello F. & Calabrese S. : Major ions and trace element concentrations in rainwater of Palermo (Sicily, Italy)
Bruno D.E.* & De Simone F. : Mercury pollution in artisanal small-scale gold mining: new approach to estimate emissions and impact of releases
Bruschini E.*, Ferrari M., De Angelis S., De Sanctis M. C., Altieri F., Pisello A., Brossier J., Frigeri A. & the Ma_MISS team : Spectroscopic characterization of Martian analog mineral mixtures
Bruzzone L.*, Gaggero L., Zucchiatti A. & Molera J. : Experimental investigation of historical processing of cobalt and arsenic phases to obtain blue As-free pigment by roasting erythrite and clinosafflorite.
Buccione R.* : Image analysis on ore deposits: The case of southern Italy Cretaceous karst bauxites
Buccione R.*, Ameur-Zaimeche O., Ouladmansour A., Kechiched R. & Mongelli G. : Data-Centric Approach for Predicting Critical Metals Distribution: Heavy Rare Earth Elements in Cretaceous Mediterranean-type Karst bauxite Deposits, southern Italy
Buccione R., Cerri G., Cisullo C.*, Lacalamita M., Mameli P., Mesto E., Mongelli G., Pinto D. & Schingaro E. : Geochemistry and mineralogy of bauxite residues (red muds) from Porto Vesme (Sardinia): from disposal material to new resource.
Budillon F.*, Alberico I., de Alteeris G. & Sacchi M. : The 1:500000 mapping of marine areas offshore of the Campania Region (central-eastern Tyrrhenian Sea, Southern Italy), in the frame of METIQ Cartographic Project
Buono G.*, Caliro S., Chiodini G., Paonita A., Pappalardo L. & Tramelli A. : New insights into the recent volcanic unrest at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy) from geochemical and petrological evidence
Bussolesi M.*, Grieco G. & Cavallo A. : Producing high-performing foundry sands from ophiolite chromitites: an arduous challenge?
Bussolesi M.*, Grieco G. & Tzamos E. : The Platinum Group Elements enrichments and mineralogy of chromitites from the Serbo-Macedonian Massif, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece
Buttò S.*, Corradino M., Faraci C., Sacchi M. & Pepe F. : On the Lowstand System Tracts (LSTs) as paleobathymetric indicators
Buttitta D.*, Capasso G., Paternoster M., Barberio M. D., Gori F., Petitta M., Picozzi M. & Caracausi A. : Understanding the Complex Interactions of Fluids and Rocks in the Earth's Crust using multidisciplinary approach: Insights from the Contursi Hydrothermal System (Italy)

Cabassi J.*, Lazzaroni M., Cardone F., Meloni F., Capecchiacci F., Randazzo A., Vaselli O. & Tassi F. : Mercury distribution in environmental matrices (water, air, sediment) at former mining sites: the case study of the "Argento Vivo" mine (Levigliani, Apuan Alps)
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