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The Geoscience paradigm: resources, risk and future perspectives

Potenza, 19-21 September 2023


The submission of abstracts to the Scientific Sessions will be possible starting from 1st March 2023.

In addition to the thematic Scientific Sessions, contributions can be presented in the Poster Open Session.

Each author may send a maximum of two abstracts (one oral and one poster).

To send a contribution it is not necessary to immediately pay the registration fee, which is instead necessary to take part in the work of the Congress. Therefore, in order for the contribution to be accepted as an oral communication or as a poster, it is necessary for the presenter to register before the publication of the programme.

All Congress abstracts will be downloadable as a volume in pdf format.

The congress is organized by scientific societies that have as their "mission" the dissemination of quality and non-commercial scientific research. In agreement with other international scientific societies, they promote scientific media impacted by JCR and SCOPUS non-profit. Therefore, the congress does not accept sponsorships o patronage by magazines owned by "publishers" who operate outside the ambit of scientific/cultural associations.
Submission guidelines
Guidelines for oral
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