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Geology for a sustainable management of our Planet

Bari, 2nd September (Opening Ceremony)

3rd-5th  September (Congress)

PhD Day "From Student to Scholar: the evolution of problem-solving skills in Geoscience PhD candidates"

The PhD students of the Department of Earth and Geoenvironmental Sciences (University of Bari) are pleased to invite you to the sixth edition of the PhD Day addressed to all PhD students in Earth Sciences of Italy.

The event will take place on September 2 at the Earth Sciences Museum of the Department of Earth and Geoenvironmental Sciences, as a part of the SGI-SIMP Joint Congress "Geology for a sustainable management of our Planet" (3-5 September 2024). 

At our upcoming PhD Day, we aim to highlight one of the most valuable qualities developed during doctoral studies: problem-solving skills. We believe that problem-solving is not only integral to the research process but also essential for personal and professional growth. 
Therefore, we have chosen "Problem Solving in Geosciences research" as the central theme of our event.

We encourage all participants to share their experiences of utilizing problem-solving approaches to overcome challenges in their projects. Whether through poster presentations or oral contributions, we invite each attendee to narrate how they navigated through project impasses using creative and analytical thinking. By showcasing these stories, we hope to inspire collaboration, innovation, and resilience within our geoscientific academic community. 
SGI and SIMP are providing two awards for the best oral presentation and best poster.

Additionally, there will be a keynote on the theme delivered by Professor Luca De Siena from the University of Bologna. Professor De Siena's insights will enrich our understanding of problem-solving in the context of geoscience research.

To conclude the day on a high note, we have planned an engaging team-based activity, ensuring a fun and interactive way to wrap up our event. We look forward to a day filled with inspiration and learning!

The Organizing Committee
Ivana Ventola e Filippo Bellini

Hotel Campus

Inside the university campus, a few tens of meters from the conference venue, there is the Hotel Campus with which it was agreed to reserve, on the days of the Congress, a few dozen rooms for doctoral students.

The agreed cost of the rooms, with booking by 30 June 2024 and subject to availability of places, is: €45 (single room), €70.00 (double room), €90.00 (triple room). The cost includes breakfast and parking space.

The reservation must be made by calling the number: +39.080.5520805 on weekdays and between 9.00 and 13.00, or by sending an email to the following address:

When booking, in order to take advantage of the conditions set out above, indicate that you are participating in the "Geology Congress".