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Geology for a sustainable management of our Planet

Bari, 2nd September (Opening Ceremony)

3rd-5th  September (Congress)

Programma delle sessioni

   Session title
S 1Biogeochemical processes in the Anthropocene: nutrients and pollutants cycling across the environmental matrices
S 2Geodiversity vs Geobiodiversity: a multidisciplinary approach to describe the Earth surface
S 3The coastal environment paradigma: landforms, deposits and sediment dynamics
S 4Geomaterials and Cultural Heritage
S 5Geosciences and heritage in a time-lapse: origin, lifetime and future challenges
S 6The new era of remote sensing and 3D modelling in digital geological mapping
S 7From magma degassing to gas-water-rock interaction: the role of fluids in understanding natural processes
S 8Multidisciplinary insights into rock-fluid interactions and fluid emissions: exploring tectonic settings, geochemistry and modelling approaches
S 9Geochemistry of fluids from hydrothermal and volcanic environments: classical, innovative, and prospective approaches to investigate the behavior of natural systems
S 10Geochemistry of sediments and sedimentary ores: addressing paleogeographic restoration and georesources exploration
S 11Mercury as a global contaminant: from geogenic and anthropogenic sources to environmental impact and potential remediation strategies
S 12New approaches in geochemical data analysis and mapping: from the urban scale to continental wide experiences
S 13Petrological and geochemical tools to investigate recycling processes: new insights and future directions
S 14The continental crust through space and time: unraveling igneous, metamorphic and mineralization processes
S 15Exploring the interaction of surface processes and tectonics in coastal and fluvial systems
S 16Georesources and Sustainability: from cultural heritage promotion to waste exploitation
S 17From waste to resource: the contribution of mineralogy to past and present waste management
S 18Geomaterials: characterization, industrial uses and environmentally friendly innovative applications
S 19Elemental behaviour for a sustainable future: geochemistry in petrological, environmental and industrial research
S 20Sustainable strategies for the design and development of innovative materials: from non-renewable resources to valorisation of anthropic wastes
S 21Mineral crystal chemistry: a powerful tool for our understanding of the inner nature of geomaterials. In memory of Alessandro Guastoni
S 22Mineral science for waste recycle and circular economy
S 23Biomineral, environment and gemmological studies
S 24Asbestos and hazardous dust in geomaterials in the frame of European green economy: new strategies for monitoring, treatment, and reuse in view of exposure assessment
S 25A world at risk: evaluation of the hazard associated to volcanic eruptions, natural radioactivity and land instabilities
S 26Exploring geoscience communication
S 27Geoscience at School
S 28Unveiling the evolution of the oceanic and continental lithosphere through the study of mantle rocks, primary melts and crustal sections
S 29Extraterrestrial materials: from meteorites to planetary bodies
S 30Geology, mineralogy and petrology in space: exploring planetary bodies in the Solar System and beyond
S 31From facies to depositional sequences: experimental approaches and case studies on the analysis of sediments and sedimentary rocks
S 32New advances in the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the central and southern Apennines
S 33Processes of volcaniclastic sedimentation: analytical, experimental and modelling approaches for stratigraphic record and modern environments
S 34Fluid-rock interaction and terrestrial heat for provenance analysis, traceability and sustainable use of natural resources
S 35Groundwater sustainability and water-energy-food nexus
S 36Mineral deposits: understanding, exploring and exploiting, in a sustainable way
S 37Deciphering tectono-metamorphic processes in the continental crust from field to micro-scale
S 38Deformation and faults: from deep to shallow crust and from long term to seismic hazard
S 39Field analogue studies of fractured reservoirs and discrete fracture networks
S 40From macro- to micro-investigations in structural geology: methodological essentials and advances
S 41Data and Questions on the deformation history of the southern Apennines of Italy: from long-term tectonics to seismogenic faulting
S 42Magma storage, transport, fragmentation, and dynamics of deposition: advances in understanding magmatic processes and eruptive behaviors
S 43Progetto METIQ-mare: a new view of the Quaternary Geology of the Italian Seas
S 44Open Poster Session