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Geology for a sustainable management of our Planet

Bari, 2nd September (Opening Ceremony)

3rd-5th  September (Congress)

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"ECORD-IODP e ICDP" Italia Town Hall meeting

2024, 3rd September (17.30 - 19.30)

"ECORD-IODP and ICDP" Italia Town Hall Meeting on Scientific Drilling in Oceanic and Continental Areas: Participation, Research, and Communication within the Italian Geoscience Community.

This Townhall meeting will be an opportunity to share some of the numerous experiences made in the past, with important scientific implications, by Italian researchers within the International Ocean Drilling/Discovery Program, now in its final stages, and the ICDP-International Continental Scientific Drilling Program.

Elisabetta Erba- Università degli Studi di Milano
Nevio Zitellini – ISMAR Bologna
Renata Lucchi – OGS Trieste
Fabio Florindo – INGV