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Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell'uomo:
le geoscienze tra passato e futuro

Parma, September 16-19, 2019

Program Sessions

S1. Integrated mineralogy, petrology and computational modelling to decipher geochemical interactions and tectonic histories recorded by metamorphic rocks from the deep Earth

Conveners and Chairpersons Mattia L. Mazzucchelli (UNPV), Mattia Gilio (UNIPV), Marco Scambelluri (UNIGE), Donato Belmonte (UNIGE)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room A

1-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Jahn S.*: First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of aqueous fluids at high temperatures and pressures.

1-2 09.00-09.15: Ferrero S.*, Angel R.J., O'Brien P.J. & Wunder B. : Mineral growth and metastability phenomena in melt inclusions from metamorphic rocks.

1-3 09.15-09.30:  Cámara F.*, Lotti P., Belmonte D., Pagliaro F., Merlini M. & Joseph B. : High pressure softening of grossite (CaAl4O7).

1-4 09.30-09.45:  Morana M.*, Murri M., Girani A., Angel R. J. & Alvaro M. : Characterizing deviatoric stress in mineral inclusions.

1-5 09.45-10.00: Agrosì G.*, Tempesta G., Mele D., Caggiani M.C., Mangone A., Della Ventura G.C., Cestelli-Guidi M., Allegretta I., Hutchison M.T., Nimis P. & Nestola F. : Multiphase inclusions associated with residual carbonate shed new light on the origin of super-deep diamonds from Juina (Brazil).

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room A

1-6 11.30-11.45:  Locatelli M.*, Verlaguet A., Agard P., Pettke P. & Federico L. : Stepwise brittle deformation at 80 km-depth trigged by internal then external fluid circulation (Monviso eclogitic breccias, W. Alps).

1-7 11.45-12.00:  Zhong X.*, Andersen N., Dabrowski M. & Jamtveit B. : Zircon and quartz inclusions in garnet used for complimentary Raman-thermobarometry: application to the Holsnøy eclogite, Bergen Arcs, Western Norway.

1-8 12.00-12.15:  Campomenosi N.*, Scambelluri M., Angel R.J., Hermann J., Rubatto D., Mihailova B. & Alvaro M. : Applying Raman-elastic barometry to UHP metamorphic rocks: insights from the Dora Maira Massif (Western Alps).

1-9 12.15-12.30:  Musiyachenko K.*, Murri M., Prencipe M. & Alvaro M.: Rutile in diamond: the role of elastic anisotropy.

1-10 12.30-12.45:  Nestola F., Zaffiro G., Mazzucchelli M.L., Nimis P.*, Andreozzi G.B., Periotto B., Princivalle F., Lenaz D., Secco L., Pasqualetto L., Logvinova A.M., Sobolev N.V., Lorenzetti A. & Harris J.W. : Diamond-magnesiochromite host-inclusion system recording old deep lithosphere conditions at Udachnaya (Siberia).

1-11 12.45-13.00:  Rebay G.*, Godard G. & Kiénast J.R. : Eclogite-facies coronitic metagabbro and metatroctolite from the Zermatt-Saas ophiolites, Valtournanche, Italy.

IES - Interactive Extended Session
Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

1-12 Lorenzon S.*, Nestola F., Thomassot E., Prosperi L., Lorenzetti A., Alvaro M., Salvadego F. & Nimis P. : Super-deep diamond from Central African Republic.

1-13 Geddo Z.*, Mazzucchelli M.L. & Alvaro M. : Combining micro-tomography and finite element analyses for elastic geobarometry on real geological samples.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

1-14 Pannello 1: Bonazzi M.*, Tumiati S., Thomas J., Angel R.J. & Alvaro M.: Elastic geobarometry for Quartz inclusions in garnet: comparison between hydrostatic and isotropic methods to evaluate the entrapment pressures.

1-15 Pannello 2: Capizzi L.S.*, Stagno V., Andreozzi G.B., Bosi F., Nazzari M. & Scarlato P.: Experimental investigation of the stability of iron-rich tourmaline as a function of pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity with implications for the release of B-rich fluid during subduction.

1-16 Pannello 3: La Fortezza M.*, Campione M., Alvaro M., Scambelluri M. & Malaspina N.: Multiphase inclusions in harzburgites from the Bétic Cordillera (Cerro de Almirez, Spain): growth and orientation of magnetite in olivine.

1-17 Pannello 4: Pasqualetto L.*, Nestola F., Nimis P., Jacob D.E., Oliveira B., Perritt S., Chinn I., Milani S. & Harris J.W.: Crystallographic relationships between diamond and its clinopyroxene inclusions.

S2. Mineralogical Crystallography and New Minerals

 Conveners and Chairpersons Fernando Camara (UNIMI), Cristina Carbone (UNIGE)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room A

2-1 14.30-15.00: [KEYNOTE] Griffin W.L.*, Gain S.E.M., Camara F., Bindi L., Toledo V. & O'Reilly S.Y. : Exotic mineralogy in an ultra-reduced magmatic system beneath Mt Carmel, Israel.

2-2 15.00-15.15:  Biagioni C., Bosi F., Cook N.J., George L.L., Makovicky E., Moëlo Y., Pasero M.*, Sejkora J., Stanley C.J. & Welch M.D. : New nomenclature and classification of tetrahedrite-group minerals.

2-3 15.15-15.30:  Bonazzi P.* & Bindi L. : Dienerite, Ni3As: a mineralogical species to revalidate.

2-4 15.30-15.45:  Bussolesi M.*, Zaccarini F., Grieco G. & Tzamos E. : Rare and new mineralogical phases in the Ni-Cu-Sb-As system from the Gomati ophiolite, Northern Greece.

2-5 15.45-16.00:  Bindi L.* : Collisions in outer space produced a vacancy-rich, partially inverted tetragonal ringwoodite in several shocked meteorites.

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room A

2-6 17.00-17.15:  Della Ventura G.*, El Moutouakkil N., Boukili B., Lucci F., Conte A. & Talavera C. : Tracking the Ti substitution in biotite by FTIR imaging.

2-7 17.15-17.30:  Bersani D.*, Fornasini L., Zanoni A., Andò S., Gentile P., Salvioli-Mariani E. & Lottici P.P. : Micro-Raman chemical characterization of amphiboles.

2-8 17.30-17.45:  Scricciolo E., Nazzareni S.*, Giura P., Calandrini E. & Giuli G. : IR and Single-crystal XRD characterisation of natural pyrochlores.

2-9 17.45-18.00: Mesto E.*, Laurita S., Lacalamita M., Schingaro E., Rizzo G., Sinisi R. & Mongelli G. : Crystal-chemistry and thermal behavior of Fe-carpholite: a case of study from the Pollino Massif (southern Italy).

2-10 18.00-18.15:  Precisvalle N.*, Martucci A., Ferretti V., Bonadiman C., Bianchini G. & Natali C. : A reexamination of the crystal structure of lorándite.

2-11 18.15-18.30:  Zucchini A.*, McCammon C., Comodi P. & Frondini F. : Ex situ study of cation disorder in Fe-rich dolomites.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Central Room

2-12: Consani S.*, Giuli G., Martinelli A., Cardinale A.M., Trapananti A. & Carbone C. : Possible Rare Earth Element-induced structural modification in Layer Double Hydroxides: the case of synthetic woodwardite [Cu1-xAlx(SO4)x/2(OH)2∙nH2O].

2-13: Fantini R., Quartieri S.*, Arletti R., di Renzo F., Fabbiani M., Morandi S., Martra G. & Vezzalini G. : Dehydration and Thermal stability of High-Silica Mordenite: In-Situ Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction Study.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

2-14 Pannello 1: Agrosì G.*, Lacalamita M., Mesto E., Schingaro E. & Tempesta G. : New insights into the crystal chemistry of tourmaline from Busachi (central Sardinia), Italy.

2-15 Pannello 2: Biagioni C., Mauro D.*, Bindi L., Hålenius U. & Pasero M. : Giacovazzoite and scordariite, two new minerals related to metavoltine.

2-16 Pannello 3: Bonaccorsi E.*, Merlino S. & Pasero M. : Superstructure of moraesite: a synchrotron study.

2-17 Pannello 4: Carbone C.*, Audra P., De Waele J. , Bentaleb I., Chroňáková A., Krištůfek V., D'Angeli I.M., Madonia G., Vattano M., Scopelliti G., Cailhol D., Vanara N., Temovski M., Bigot J.-Y., Nobécourt J.-C., Galli E., Rull F. & Sanz-Arranz A. : Phosphate minerals forming in karst environment: a state of art.

2-18 Pannello 5: Della Ventura G.*, Hawthorne F.C., Waeselmann N. & Mihailova B. : The quantitative analysis of the octahedral composition of amphiboles by Raman spectroscopy.

2-19 Pannello 6: Lotti P.*, Comboni D. & Gatta G.D. : Unusual symmetry of an intermediate scapolite.

2-20 Pannello 7: Mauro D.*, Biagioni C., Pasero M. & Zaccarini F. : Coquimbite: a mineral to be redefined?.

2-21 Pannello 8: Mugnaioli E.*, Gemmi M. & Németh P. : Disorder and modulation in first aragonite precipitates from Obstanser Eishöhle (Austria).

2-22 Pannello 9: Nazzareni S., Nestola F., Bindi L., Scricciolo E.*, Pacheco J., Zanon V., Zanatta M. & Giuli G. : Peculiar mineralogy of the Água de Pau syenites (São Miguel, Azores islands, Portugal).

S3. Georesources, geomaterials and their synthetic conterparts: occurrence, properties, utilizations/industrial applications

 Conveners and Chairpersons Stefano Columbu (UNICA), Laura Gaggero (UNIGE), Nicola Mondillo (UNINA), Rossella Arletti (UNITO), Annalisa Martucci (UNIFE)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Conference hall

3-1 14.30-14.45: Confalonieri G.*, Arletti R., Di Renzo F., Fabbiani M., Fois E., Haines J., Martra G., Quartieri S., Santoro M., Tabacchi G. & Vezzalini G. : Hydrocarbon Polimerization in Pure Silica Mordenite: The Effects of Structure, Pressure, Temperature and Time.

3-2 14.45-15.00:  Lotti P.*, Comboni D., Gatta G.D., Pagliaro F., Catizzone E., Migliori M., Giordano G., Milani S., Merlini M., Collings I.E. & Hanfland M. : Methanol intrusion in MFI- Zeolites at High Pressure.

3-3 15.00-15.15: Mancinelli M.*, Pompilio A., de Castro E.I., Pasti L., Rosatelli G., Di Bonaventura G., Pedrotti J.J. & Martucci A. : Development of a nanocomposite membrane based on reduced graphene (r-GO) and zeolite 13X for the removal of metal ions with bactericidal actions.

3-4 15.15-15.30: Beltrami G.* : Thermal stability of hybrid organic-inorganic metallosilicates.

3-5 15.30-15.45: Polisi M.*, Fabbiani M., Arletti R., Vezzalini G., Martra G., Di Renzo F. & Quartieri S. : Zeolite as an abiotic environment for amino acid condensation: spatial confinement and high pressure effects.

3-6 15.45-16.00: Comboni D.*, Lotti P., Gatta G.D., Merlini M. & Hanfland M. : Anisotropic compressional behavior of ettringite.

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Conference hall

3-7 17.00-17.15: Coccato A.*, Stroscio A., Finocchiaro C., Fugazzotto M., Occhipinti R., Bersani D., Fornasini L., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G.: Raman spectroscopy of aluminosilicates. What about geopolymers?

3-8 17.15-17.30: Occhipinti R.*, Coccato A., Finocchiaro C., Fugazzotto M., Stroscio A., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G. : Natural-fibres-reinforced geopolymers for application in Cultural Heritage.

3-9 17.30-17.45: Paris E.*, Grandinetti V., Manzi S., Stabile P. & Bignozzi M.C. : Geopolymer-based Terrazzo tiles with a high-waste content: stepping forward from the laboratory phase to the industrial scale .

3-10 17.45-18.00: Finocchiaro C.*, Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Leonelli C. & Rossignol S. : FT-IR study of early stages of geopolymer gel formation of AAMs based on pyroclastic deposits (Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy) using two different alkaline solutions.

3-11 18.00-18.15: Castagnotto E.*, Locardi F. , Cabella R. & Ferretti M. : Purple hematite: synthesis of the pigment Caput Mortuum through thermal treatment of natural samples.

3-12 18.15-18.30: Aquino A.*, Lezzerini M., Pecchioni E., Giamello M., Cantisani E. & Fratini F. : Production of hydraulic binders using Lime from Mt. Morello formation in Florence area (Tuscany, Italy).

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Conference hall

3-13 08.30-08.45: Carta R. & Fumanti F.* : The Mineral resources database of Italy (GeMMA).

3-14 08.45-09.00: Naitza S.*, De Giudici G.B., Funedda A., Loi A., Meloni M.A., Moroni M., Oggiano G. & Secchi F. : Metallogenesis in Sardinia: the Critical Raw Materials (CRM) perspective.

3-15 09.00-09.15:  Moroni M.*, Sessa G., Tumiati S., Ferrari E. & Langone A. : Hydromagmatic PGE telluride-rich Ni-Fe-Cu sulfide mineralization related to melt-rock reaction processes in presence of carbonated hydrous fluids: examples from sulfide-rich ultramafic intrusions of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone.

3-16 09.15-09.30: Oberto M. & Rossetti P.* : The gold mineralization of Rio Cannero (Serie dei Laghi, north-western Italian Alps): first geologic and metallogenic data.

3-17 09.30-09.45: Toffolo L., Nimis P.*, Tret'yakov G.A., Melekestseva I.Yu. & Beltenev V.E. : What controls metal endowment of massive sulfide deposits on mid-ocean ridges?

3-39 09.45-10.00: Moroni M.*, Naitza S., Rossetti P., Ruggieri G., Magnani L., Aquino A., Tartarotti P., Ferrari E., Oggiano G. & Secchi F. : Conditions for hydrothermal cobalt and nickel mineralization – suggestions from some little known, historical ore deposits in Italy.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Conference hall

3-19 11.30-11.45: Ulian G.*, Moro D. & Valdrè G. : Density Functional investigation of the thermomechanical, electronic and thermodynamic properties of ZnS cubic polymorphs.

3-20 11.45-12.00: Putzolu F.*, Abad I., Balassone G., Boni M., Cappelletti P., Graziano S.F., Maczurad M., Mondillo N., Najorka J. & Santoro L. : Genesis of phyllosilicates in the Wingellina Ni-Co laterite deposit (Western Australia).

3-21 12.00-12.15: Santoro L.*, Herrington R. & Putzolu F. : Natural Iron oxy-hydroxides from supergene ore deposits: mineralogical, morphological and geochemical characterization.

3-22 12.15-12.30: Boschi C.*, Baneschi I., Bonini M., Brogi A., Dini A., Gola G., Lelli M., Liotta D., Norelli F., Manzella A., Montanari D., Montegrossi G., Orlando A., Raco B., Rielli A., Ruggieri G., Santilano A. & Trumpy E. : H2020 GECO - Geothermal Emission Control- Project.

3-23 12.30-12.45: Comodi P.*, Cavalaglio G., Nicolini A., Cambi C., Vivani R., Zucchini A., Susta U., Frondini F. & Cotana F. : Biomass vs coal ashes: a multi-methodic analysis to assess their hazardousness or reusability.

3-24 12.45-13.00: Mantovani L.*, Funari V., Tribaudino M., Mazzari C. & Sabatino S. : Bottom ash from Parma WtE plant: mineralogical and chemical characterization.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Conference hall

3-25 15.30-15.45: Funari V.*, Mantovani L., Vigliotti L., Dinelli E. & Tribaudino M. : Municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) ashes: potential impacts and metal resources assessed by environmental magnetic methods.

3-26 15.45-16.00: Gaggero L.*, Ferretti M. & Locardi F. : Assessment of post treatment acceptance for Asbestos-Containing Waste by differential thermal analysis and thermo-gravimetry (DTA-TG).

3-27 16.00-16.15: Zanelli C.*, Conte S., Molinari C., Soldati R., Guarini G. & Dondi M. : Geomaterials on the edge of the circular economy: the case study of the ceramic tile industry.

3-28 16.15-16.30: Dondi M.*, Guarini G., Conte S., Molinari C., Soldati R. & Zanelli C. : A global view at sourcing and composition of fluxes for ceramics.

3-29 16.30-16.45: Conte S.*, Zanelli C., Melchiades F.G., Hernández-Sánchez M.Y., Boschi A.O. & Dondi M. : Brazilian phyllite as feldspar substitute in ceramic bodies.

3-30 16.45-17.00: Ardit M.* & Dondi M. : Micronization of ceramic pigments: the mineralogist's viewpoint on comminution rate and amorphisation.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

3-18 Pannello 10: Rossi G.*, Gamberi F., Marani M., Mattioli M., Di Gregorio A. & Renzulli A. : The hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts and hydrothermal massive sulphide deposits in the Tyrrhenian Seafloor: a geological reassessment of the supply of Raw Materials.

3-31 Pannello 11: Caviglia C.*, Confalonieri G., Destefanis E., Mandrone G., Pastero L., Boero R. & Pavese A. : Evaluations of the reuse of municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ashes as aggregated materials in civil applications.

3-32 Pannello 12: Chirico R.*, Mondillo N. & Boni M. : Preliminary characterization of the Nonsulfide Zn(Pb) ores from the Florida Canyon Project (Northern Peru).

3-33 Pannello 13: Columbu S.*, Comboni D., Gatta G.D. & Sitzia F. : Chemical reactivity of pozzolans from Sardinia for the industrial production of hydraulic limes.

3-34 Pannello 14: Ercoli R.*, Renzulli A., Orlando A., Tassi F., Pagnetti A., Vaselli O., Borrini D., Paris E., Tarantino S.C. & Di Gregorio A. : Enhancing the sustainability of the aluminium production: experimental tests addressed to the inertization of industrial by-products through hydrogen storage for furnace fuel and to the synthesis of foamed geopolymers.

3-35 Pannello 15: Fugazzotto M.*, Coccato A., Finocchiaro C., Occhipinti R., Stroscio A., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G. : Red brick waste as geopolymeric precursor for a sustainable restoration of ancient masonry.

3-36 Pannello 16: Galderisi A.*, Iezzi G., Bianchini G., de Brito J., Paris E., Piatteli V., Casarin A., Cinosi J., Macrini D., Schettino D., Santone S., Rossi M. & Buccieri F. : Petrography of Construction and Demolition Wastes from Abruzzo Region (Italy).

3-37 Pannello 17: Giorno M.*, Barale L., Bertok C., D'Atri A., Martire L., Piana F. & Rossetti P. : Gorno mining district (Southern Alps): new preliminary data about ore mineral precipitation and multiphase diagenetic evolution.

3-38 Pannello 18: Martucci A., Bonadiman C., Zappaterra O., Renna M., Castelli S. & Rodeghero E.* : Traceability of Ruby: challenges and opportunities by a combined LA-ICP-MS, UV-VIS and XR diffraction.

3-40 Pannello 19: Novembre D.*, Gimeno D. & Del Vecchio A. : Synthesis and characterization of Li-ABW zeolite using a kaolinitic rock.

3-41 Pannello 20: Novembre D.*, Gimeno D. , Graziano S.F. & Cappelletti P. : Zeolitization processes at the pyroclastic deposit "Tufo rosso a scorie nere" (Auctorum), Vico Volcano, Italy.

3-42 Pannello 21: Peroni V., Botter R., Cabella R., Risso L. & Carbone C.* : Mineralogical and microstructural characterization of stoneware for wine use.

3-43 Pannello 22: Precisvalle N.*, Martucci A., Bonadiman C., Langone A. & Nobre A. : Topaz characterization: mineralogy and geochemistry at the service of the jewelry market.

3-44 Pannello 23: Sinisi R.*, Mongelli G., Perri F. & Khosravi M. : Aluminum Phosphate–Sulfate (APS) minerals occurrence and REEs control in the Darzi-Vali bauxite deposit, Iran.

3-45 Pannello 24: Stabile P., Abudureheman A.*, Bello M., Carroll M.R. & Paris E. : Characterization and vitrification of combined waste materials and potential use for reutilization in eco-sustainable building.

3-46 Pannello 25: Ulian G.*, Moro D. & Valdrè G. : Thermal and mechanical properties of phyllosilicates: some case studies from ab initio quantum mechanical investigations.

S4. Minerals, environment and medical uses

 Conveners and Chairpersons Claudia Belviso (CNR-IMAA), Giovanni Grieco (UNIMI), Pietro Marescotti (UNIGE)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room R

4-1 08.30 - 09.00: [KEYNOTE] Capella S.*, Visonà S., Osculati A. & Belluso E. : Occupational and anthropogenic environmental exposure during asbestos-cement production by FIBRONIT in Broni (Pavia): assessment of asbestos lung burden by SEM-EDS.

4-2 09.00 - 09.15: Militello G.M.*, Gaggero L., La Maestra S., Sanguineti E., Yus González A. & Lavagnino G. : Lower and upper aspect ratio range to consider on quantitative determination of Elongated Mineral Particles (EMP) in bulk samples and in vitro study

4-3 09.15 - 09.30: Pascucci S.*, Palombo A., Santini F., Pignatti S., Ionca V., Cavalcante F. & Belviso C. : Hyperspectral thermal data to identify natural and manmade asbestos minerals: TASI-600 imagery case studies.

4-4 09.30 - 09.45:  Croce A.*, Rinaudo C., Grosso F., Erra S. & Amisano M.F. : Identification of asbestos fibers in tissues of patients affected by important diseases in extra respiratory systems.

4-5 09.45 - 10.00:  Di Benedetto F.*, Belluso E., Capella S., Giaccherini A., Romanelli M., Ciuffi B., Montegrossi G., Zoleo A. & Capacci F. : An EPR study of silica radicals in lung tissues with evidence of silicosis.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room  R

4-6 11.30 - 11.45:  Beltrami G.*, Martucci A., Pasti L. & Chenet T. : Probing the sorption capacity of Y Zeolite towards pharmaceutical compounds: a neutron powder diffraction study.

4-7 11.45 - 12.00:  Valdrè G.*, Moro D. & Ulian G. : Amino acids-chlorite interaction at the nano-atomic scale.

4-8 12.00 - 12.15:  Grieco G.*, Sinojmeri A. & Cavallo A. : Pyrite separation in copper enrichment plants as a key to circular economy driven remediation: a case study from Northern Albania Cu mining district.

4-9 12.00 - 12.15:  Parisi F.*, Sciascia L., Princivalle F., Merli M., Lazzara G. & Milioto S. : Montmorillonite clay for the removal and recovery of metals and dyes from industrial wastewaters.

4-10 12.00 - 12.15:  Pastero L.*, Curetti N., Ortenzi M.A., Schiavoni M., Destefanis E. & Pavese A. : Non-conventional CCS reaction: Ca-oxalate precipitation via Vitamin C promoted green reaction.

4-11 12.00 - 12.15:  Placitu S., Fancello D.*, Medas D., Alisi C., Paganin P., Tasso F., Sprocati A.R., Turnau K. & De Giudici G. : Mineral dissolution enhanced by bacteria can improve sustainability of agricultural practices.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room R

4-12 11.30 - 11.45: Medas D.*, Carlomagno I., Meneghini C., Pusceddu C. & De Giudici G. : Laboratory and synchrotron radiation-based techniques to investigate the soil-plant system in Zn-extreme environments.

4-13 11.45 - 12.00: Chilleri E., Byrne P., Onnis P., Lattanzi P.*, Costagliola P., Rimondi V. : Trace metal contents and mobility in mine wastes of the Central Wales mine district: environmental implications.

4-14 12.00 - 12.15: Rigonat N.*, De Giudici G., Medas D., Cidu R., Lattanzi P., Podda F., Dore E., Frau F., Marras P.A. & Frau I. : Assessment of environmental impact of mine drainage on the Rio Montevecchio watershed (SW-Sardinia) through hydrologic-tracer techniques and environmental mineralogy.

4-15 12.00 - 12.15: Mousavi Aghdam M., Loi A., Dentoni V., Meloni M.A., Pistis M., Funedda A., Randaccio P. & Da Pelo S.* : Can be geogenic radon potential indirectly inferred?

4-16 12.00 - 12.15: Sacchi E.* : Facies analysis at the crime scene: a traditional method in a different frame.

4-17 12.00 - 12.15: Somma R.* : The judicial contribution of the Messina University on Forensic Geology and Environmental Crimes.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

4-18 Pannello 1: Belviso C.*, Belviso S., Ragone P. & Cavalcante F. : Red mud neutralization by layered double hydroxides (LDHs) formation: differences in the synthesis process used.

4-19 Pannello 2: Botta S.*, Avataneo C., Barale L., Compagnoni R., Cossio R., Marcelli I., Piana F. , Tallone S. & Turci F. : Petrofacies for the prediction of NOA content in rocks: application to the "Gronda di Genova" tunneling project.

4-20 Pannello 3: D'Aleo R.*, Cangemi M., Speziale S., Garabeiti E., Madonia P. & Favara R. : Ash leachates from Yasur volcano (Vanuatu):  human and livestock health assessment implications.

4-21 Pannello 4: Fornasaro S., Comodi P. , Crispini L., Malatesta C.*, Zucchini A. & Marescotti P. : Distribution and concentration of potentially toxic elements in ultramafic rocks: a case study from the Voltri Massif (Western Alps, Italy).

4-22 Pannello 5: Funari V.*, Toller S. & Costa A. : Human Health vs. Urban Geochemistry during the Anthropic Times.

4-23 Pannello 6: Giordani M.*, Di Lorenzo F., Mattioli M. & Churakov S. : Solubility Assay of the Natural Zeolites Erionite, Offretite and Stellerite.

4-24 Pannello 7: Lettino A., Belviso C., Cavalcante F.* & Fiore S. : Potential Environmental risk induced by TiO2 dispersions in waters and sediments: a case history of the Frido stream deposits (Southern Apennines, Italy).

4-25 Pannello 8: Mattioli M.*, Giordani M., Ottaviani M.F., Cangiotti M., Valentini L., Di Giuseppe D. & Gualtieri A.F. : Fibrous ferrierite from the Lessini Mounts, Veneto Volcanic Province, NE Italy.

4-26 Pannello 9: Moro D.*, Ulian G. & Valdrè G. : Mechanical properties of calcium apatite-based biominerals: hydroxylapatite (P63) and type-A carbonated apatite (P1).

4-27 Pannello 10: Rizzo G.* & Sinisi R. : Mineralogical and petrographical assessment of edenite crystals from Southern Apennine (Italy).

4-28 Pannello 11: Sacchi E.* : Unusual (but not too much) particles in forensic soil samples.

4-29 Pannello 12: Smiljanić D.*, Daković A., de Gennaro B., Germinario C., Grifa C., Izzo F., Langella A., Spasojević M. & Mercurio M. : Novel zeolite`s nanocomposites with a two-tailed cationic surfactant – Arquad ® 2HT-75 with increased stability.

4-30 Pannello 13: Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Solzi M. & Zaccara P. : Environmental monitoring with magnetic minerals on leafs in wintertime: an assessment.

S5. Geosciences in Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage Conservation

 Conveners and Chairpersons Marco Benvenuti (UNIFI), Anna Maria De Francesco (UNICAL), Claudio Mazzoli (UNIPD)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room L

5-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Germinario L.* & Oguchi C.T. : Weathering of anthropic caves of soft rock in the Kantō region, Japan.

5-2 09.00-09.15: Giustetto R.*, Padovan S., Barale L. & Compagnoni R. : The Neolithic greenstone industry from Chiomonte (Turin Province, Northwestern Italy): archaeometric study and comparison with analogous findings.

5-3 09.15-09.30: Santi P., Foresta Martin F., Spatafora F., De Vita S., Dell'Aquilano M. & Renzulli A.* : Volcanic millstones trade in the Mediterranean during the Hellenistic-Roman period: the impact on the production of manufacts and milling technique evolution at Ustica Island (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

5-4 09.30-09.45: Rispoli C.*, Cappelletti P., De Bonis A., Di Benedetto C., Esposito R., Graziano S.F., Guarino V. & Morra V. : Historical mortars beyond Pompeii: the example of Villa del Pezzolo (Sorrento Peninsula).

5-5 09.45-10.00: Scrivano S.*, Cabella R. & Giannattasio B.M. : Archaeometric contribution to the study of the Small Thermal Baths in the roman town of Nora (Sardinia): mortars and plasters.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room L

5-6 11.30-12.00: [KEYNOTE] Di Fazio M.*, Felici A.C., Catalli F., Doménech-Carbó A., Doménech-Carbó M.T. & De Vito C. : Roman orichalcum coins: a deep investigation from patina to core.

5-7 12.00-12.15: Bernabale M.*, Nigro L. & De Vito C. : Microstructure and chemical composition of Iron Age archaeological objects from the Phoenician-Punic site of Motya (Sicily, Italy).

5-8 12.15-12.30: Borghi A.*, d'Atri A., Gambino F., Martire L., Perotti L., Vaggelli G. & Valentino D. : STONE Pietre Egizie: a free mobile application for promoting the knowledge and dissemination  of ornamental stones exposed in Museo Egizio of Torino (NW Italy).

5-9 12.30-12.45: Medeghini L., Botticelli M.*, De Vito C., Nigro L. & Mignardi S. : Archaeometric analysis on ceramic material from the Khalet al-Jam'a necropolis (Bethlehem, West Bank).

5-10 12.45-13.00: Paris E.*, Sciarroni G. , Virgili S., Abudureheman A. & Antongirolami V. : A newly discovered ceramic production center in Camerino (Marche, Italy).

Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room L

5-11 15.30-16.00: [KEYNOTE] Moro D.*, Ulian G. & Valdrè G. : Monte Carlo SEM-EDS micro- and nanoanalysis in archaeometry and cultural heritage: Thickness, shape/geometry effects and measurement strategy.

5-12 16.00-16.15: Stroscio A.*, Coccato A., Fugazzotto M., Occhipinti R., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G. : Potentiality of PXRF for the discrimination of altered carbonate rocks in Cultural Heritage.

5-13 16.15-16.30: Pellegrini M.*, Donahue R.E. & Lee-Thorp J.A. : Tracking animal movements with tooth enamel oxygen and strontium isotopes.

5-14 16.30-16.45: Caruso V.*, Marinoni N., Merlini M., Cantaluppi M., Diella V., Trombino L. & Cattaneo C. : A comparison between the decay of adult and juvenile human skeletons from archeological and contemporary burials using a multidisciplinary approach.

5-15 16.45-17.00: Coletti C.*, Maritan L. & Mazzoli C. : "Our Common Future": a lesson from the past for a renewed responsibility.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

5-16: Fioretti G.* & Campobasso C. : Petroarchaeometric investigation of building stones and mensiochronological analysis of masonry structures of the St. Maria Veterana archaeological site in Triggiano (Apulia, southern Italy), as multidisciplinary tool for the chronological dating and traditional production technology studies

5-17: Germinario C., Cappelletti P., De Bonis A. , Di Martire D., Esposito R., Grifa C., Morra V., Rispoli C.* & Talamo P. : The Roman villa at the Castle of Baia (Naples, Italy): preliminary investigations on the polychromy of frescoed surfaces by using non-destructive spectroscopic techniques.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

5-18 Pannello 14: Beltrame C., Lazzarini L. & Antonelli F.* : The marble identification of ancient shipwrecks for an enhancement of the in situ underwater heritage of Italy: the case of the cargo of Punta del Francese (Stintino-Sassari, Sardinia).

5-19 Pannello 15: Castagnotto E.*, Locardi F., Scrivano S., Ferretti M. & Gaggero L. : Chemical and textural fingerprint of natural stones for the use of construction and restoration stakeholders (CatSTONE project).

5-20 Pannello 16: De Francesco A.M., Barca D.*, Tucci A. & Scarpelli R. : Provenance study of the protohistoric impasto pithoi in the Soverato area (Calabria - Southern Italy) by LA-ICP-MS analysis of individual biotite grains.

5-21 Pannello 17: Fratini F., Pecchioni E.*, Cantisani E. & Rescic S. : Pistoia, city of stones.

5-22 Pannello 18: Manca R.*, Scrivano S. , Manfriani C., Ager Vàzquez F.J. , Ortega Feliu I. , Respaldiza M.A. & Benvenuti M. : Castellani gold jewels: materials characterization by in-situ, non invasive analyses at the Museo di Villa Giulia (Rome).

5-23 Pannello 19: Muntoni I.M., Torre M. & Eramo G.* : Setting the technological patterns in the Neolithic pottery production of central Apulia.

5-24 Pannello 20: Pancani D.*, Raneri S. & Gioncada A. : Mineralogical and petrographic evidences of fires at Pisa Cathedral: the case of Panchina Livornese.

5-25 Pannello 21: Precisvalle N., Ardit M.*, Martucci A., Bonadiman C., Bianchini G. & Natali C. : Macedonian ruby: mineralogical and geochemical analysis of a national treasure.

5-26 Pannello 22: Savelli C.* : Olduvai  Subchron (Pliocene-Pleistocene Transition) In Tyrrhenian Sea and Africa Rift Valley: Geological and Paleoanthropolgical Implications.

5-27 Pannello 23: Scrivano S.*, Gambino F., Borghi S., Cabella R. & Giannattasio B.M. : Archaeometric contribution to the study of the Small Thermal Baths in the roman town of Nora (Sardinia): white and coloured marbles.

5-28 Pannello 24: Testone V., Longo V., Mameli P.*, Cherchi M. & Milanese M. : Detection of graves and buried walls using ground penetrating radar: the Sant'Antioco di Bisarcio archaeological site (Sardinia).

5-29 Pannello 25: Tonelli G.*, Renzulli A., Santi P., Talozzi D., Tramontana M. & Veneri F. : The bricks of the UNESCO historical town of Urbino (Marche, Italy): characterization, provenance of the raw material and archaeometric dating.

5-30 Pannello 26: Vettori S., Verrucchi M., Di Benedetto F.*, Gioventù E., Benvenuti M., Pecchioni E., Costagliola P. & Moretti S. : Hyperspectral sensor: a practice tool to evalute the efficacy of cleaning procedures.

S6. Experimental and theoretical studies of magmatic processes

 Conveners and Chairpersons Michael R. Carroll (UNICamerino), Fabio Arzilli (UNIManchester, UK), Paola Stabile (UNICamerino)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room D

6-1 15.30 - 15.45: [KEYNOTE] Di Genova D.* : Volcanic eruptions: a nanoscale perspective

6-2 15.45 - 16.00: Buttitta D.*, Caracausi A., Giannandrea P., Paternoster M., Rizzo A.L. & Rizzo G. : Diffusive fractionation of helium isotopes as a possible process to explain the mantle source feature beneath Mount Vulture volcano (Italy).

6-3 16.00 - 16.15: Casiraghi G.*, Schiavi F., Fumagalli P., Cannaò E. & Tiepolo M. : The effect of chlorine on the incorporation of water in magmatic amphibole in subduction settings: an experimental study at lower crust conditions.

6-4 16.15 - 16.30: Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Davis M., Hippeli T., Vetere F., Elbrecht A.L., Nazzari M., Mollo S. & Scarlato P. : Onset of crystallization in a cooling MORB: an in-situ DSC investigation.

6-5 16.30 - 16.45: Romano P.*, White J.C., Andujar J., Scaillet B., Di Carlo I., Liotta M. & Rotolo S.G. : Experimental and thermodynamic constraints on mineral equilibria in pantelleritic magmas.

6-6 16.45 - 17.00: Spartà D.*, Fumagalli P., Merlini M., Borghini G. & Poli S. : Phase relations in hydrous REE-bearing carbonatite at 1 GPa, 700-1000°C.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

6-7: Stabile P.*, Arzilli F., Paris E. & Carroll M.R. : Role of the kinetics of nucleation and crystal growth of alkali feldspar in a peralkaline pantelleritic melt.

6-8: Fanara S.*, Schmidt B.C., Sottili G. & Palladino D.M. : Phase equilibria experiments on a leucitite from the Colli Albani volcanic district (Italy).


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

6-9 Pannello 27: Arzilli F.*, La Spina G., Burton M.R., Polacci M., Le Gall N., Hartley M., Di Genova D., Cai B., Vo N., Bamber E., Nonni S., Atwood R., Llewellin E., Heidy M., Brooker R.A. & Lee P. : Highly explosive basaltic eruptions: magma fragmentation induced by rapid crystallisation.

6-10 Pannello 28: Buono G., Di Genova D., Fanara S., Palladino D.M., Pappalardo L.*, Petrosino P., Schmidt B.C. & Sottili G. : The effect of decompression rate and volatile (H2O - CO2) content on degassing of trachytic melts.

6-11 Pannello 29: Cariddi B.*, Costamagna L.G., Guarino V., Morra V. & Melluso L. : Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Volcanism in the Cixerri Graben (Southwestern Sardinia).

6-12 Pannello 30: De Cristofaro S.P., Arzilli F.*, Giordano D., Polo L., Janasi V., Fanara S., Burton M., Polacci M., González-García D. & Masotta M. : Pre- and syn-eruptive conditions of Caxias do Sul silicic magmas (Parana? Magmatic Province, Brazil): Crystallisation kinetics of dacitic melts.

6-13 Pannello 31: Di Fiore F.*, Vona A., Romano C., Sulpizio R. & Mollo S. : The role of undercooling and strain rate on the syn-eruptive rheological evolution of the magma feeding the Pollena eruption of Somma-Vesuvius (Campania; Italy).

6-14 Pannello 32: González-García D.*, Giordano D., Bersani D., Fornasini L., Raneri S., Di Genova D., Dingwell D.B., Russell J.K., Ferrando S. & Lottici P.P. : Raman characterization of natural anhydrous silicate glasses: structure and physical properties of the melt.

6-15 Pannello 33: Iacovino K., Giuli G.* & Carroll M.R. : Sulfur in alkaline melts: An experimental study.

6-16 Pannello 34: Milani S., Baratelli L., Comboni D., Maurice J., Lotti P. & Merlini M.* : Structure and thermal equation of state of Ca3KNa(CO3)4 carbonate.

6-17 Pannello 35: Stabile P., Appiah H. & Carroll M.R.* : Water solubility in Pantelleritic melts.

S7. New frontiers in metamorphism and deformation-metamorphism relationships through cutting-edge analytical, experimental, numerical, and theoretical techniques

 Conveners and Chairpersons Nadia Malaspina (UNIMIB), Sabrina Nazzareni (UNIPG), Alberto Vitale Brovarone (UNITO), Stefano Zanchetta (UNIMIB)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room M

7-1 08.30-08.45: Menant A., Sternai P.* & Gerya T. : Magmatic forcing of Cenozoic climate?

7-2 08.45-09.00: Giuntoli F.*, Vitale Brovarone A. & Menegon L. : High pressure abiotic methanogenesis and strain localization in metamorphosed carbonate rocks.

7-3 09.00-09.15: [KEYNOTE] Piccoli F.*, Ague J.J. , Chu X. & Vitale Brovarone A. : Multistage metasomatism recorded in HP metamorphic unit: a natural example of porosity waves in subduction zones?

7-4 09.15-09.30: [KEYNOTE] Schwarzenbach E.M.*, Li J., John T., Caddick M.J., Petroff M. & Gill B.C. : Sulfur transfer within subduction zones: Evidence from exhumed mafic and ultramafic slab material.

7-5 09.30-09.45: Carvalho B.B.*, Bartoli O., Cesare B., Tacchetto T., Gianola O., Ferri F. & Aradi L.E. : Fate of primary COH fluid inclusions in garnet from high-grade rocks.

7-6 09.45-10.00: Ferrero S.*, Wannhoff I., Darling R., Wunder B., Laurent O., Ziemann M.A., Günter C. & O'Brien P. : Micropetrology of megagarnets: nanogranitoids reveal presence of melt during formation of the giant garnets of Barton Mine (Adirondacks, US).

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room M

7-7 11.30-11.45: Cesare B.*, Nestola F., Mugnaioli E., Della Ventura G., Peruzzo L., Bartoli O., Viti C., Johnson T. & Erickson T. : I was not born cubic, said low-temperature metamorphic garnet.

7-8 11.45-12.00: Angel R.J.*, Murri M., Prencipe M., Stangarone C., Mihailova B.D. & Alvaro M. : Measuring strains with Raman Spectroscopy.

7-9 12.00-12.15: Gilio M.*, Alvaro M., Angel R.J. & Scambelluri M. : Elastic geothermobarometry on multiple inclusions in a single host.

7-10 12.15-12.30: Mazzucchelli M.L.*, Angel R.J., Morganti S. & M. Alvaro M. : EntraPT: a GUI program for anisotropic elastic thermobarometry.

7-11 12.30-12.45: [KEYNOTE] Mittempergher S.* : From aseismic to seismic slip in exhumed seismogenic sources: insights from geochemical and microstructural studies of pseudotachylyte bearing faults in the Adamello massif.

7-12 12.45-13.00: Corti L.*, Visalli R., Zucali M., Mancini L. & Sayab M. : Integrating X-ray microtomography with the chemical imaging of EMPA: A robust method to quantify mineral re-crystallization during metamorphism: example for granulite to eclogite in the Western Alps, Italy.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

7-13: Giuli G.*, Pratesi G., Radica F., Stabile P., Paris E. & Cibin G. : Iron oxidation state in Fulgurite glass.

7-14: Malaspina N.*, Langenhorst F. & Montanini A. : The oxidation state of C-S-bearing garnet clinopyroxenites from External Liguride (Italy) and Beni Bousera (Morocco): a TEM-EELS study.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

7-15 Pannello 36: Corti L.*, Zucali M., Delleani F., Zanoni D. & Spalla M.I. : 3D reconstruction of fabric and metamorphic domains in a slice of continental crust involved in the Alpine subduction system: the example of Mt. Mucrone (Sesia-Lanzo Zone, Western Alps).

7-16 Pannello 37: Croce A.*, Pigazzi E., Rinaudo C. & Zucali M. : Micro-Raman spectroscopy and microstructural thermometers applied for the evaluation of carbonate mylonites deformation temperature.

7-17 Pannello 38: Marchesini B.*, Menegon L., Prando F., Schmidt P.K., Garofalo P.S., Schwarz G., Hattendorf B., Günther D., Mattila J. & Viola G. : Evidence of low-temperature plasticity in naturally deformed pyrite: a LA-ICP-TOFMS-EBSD combined approach (Olkiluoto Island, Finland).

S8. Permo-Triassic geodynamic evolution of the Western Tethys realm: insights from magmatism, tectonics and stratigraphic data

Conveners and Chairpersons Marcello Caggiati (UNIFE), Federico Casetta (UNIFE), Corrado Morelli (Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Servizio Geologico)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room N

8-1 17.00-17.15: [KEYNOTE] Brack P.* : Timing of Middle Triassic Magmatism in the Southern Alps.

8-2 17.15-17.30: Ferrari E.*, Tribuzio R., Bosch D., Bruguier O. & Langone A. : Lower Carboniferous to Upper Triassic evolution of the Ivrea-Verbano Zone: geochronological constraints from the Alpe Morello (Val Strona) rock sequence.

8-3 17.30-17.45: Morelli C.*, Bargossi G.M., Gasparotto G., Mair V., Moretti A., Piccin G. & Trentini T. : Outline of a mega volcanic system: The Athesian Volcanic Group.

8-4 17.45-18.00: Casetta F.*, Ickert R.B., Mark D.F., Bonadiman C., Giacomoni P.P., Ntaflos T. & Coltorti M. : The alkaline-carbonatitic lamprophyres of the Dolomitic Area: Late Triassic precursors of the Alpine Tethys opening.

8-5 18.00-18.15: Mazzucchelli M.*, Giovanardi T. & Cipriani A. : Mantle carbonatites or anatectic carbonatites of crustal origin in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone?

8-6 18.15-18.30: Roda M.*, Regorda A., Spalla M.I. & Marotta A.M. : What drives Alpine Tethys opening? Clues from the review of geological data and model predictions.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central Room

8-7: Brombin V.*, Bonadiman C., Jourdan F., Roghi G., Coltorti M., Webb L.W., Callegaro S., Bellieni G., De Vecchi Gp., Sedea R. & Marzoli A. : Deciphering a geological enigma: occurrence of intraplate magmatism at convergent plate boundaries

8-8: Velicogna M.*, Venier M., Brombin V. & De Min A. : Comparison among the volcanic complex of Gorski Kotar and lava flows from the Medvednica Mountains with the Triassic magmatism of the Dolomites, first results.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

8-9 Pannello 26: Caggiati M.* & Gianolla P. : Distribution of Triassic magmatism in the Southern Alps: an updated overview.

8-10 Pannello 27: Casetta F., Giacomoni P.P., Nardini N.* & Coltorti M. : Petrological features of clinopyroxene in lava flows from Cima Pape (Dolomitic Area, Southern Alps): how to unravel the feeding system of a Middle Triassic volcano.

8-11 Pannello 28: Curzi M.*, Gianolla P., Caggiati M. & Carminati E. : Middle Triassic subsidence in the Dolomites (Italy): control of tectonics.

8-12 Pannello 29: Martin S.*, Toffolo L., Moroni M., Montorfano C., Secco L., Agnini C., Nimis P. & Tumiati S. : Early Permian - Early Triassic siderite deposits in the Southern Alps (Italy).

8-13 Pannello 30: Molli G.*, Brogi A., Caggianelli A., Capezzuoli E., Liotta D. , Spina A. & Zibra I. : A review of upper Carboniferous-Permian tectonics in Corsica, Calabria and Tuscany.

8-14 Pannello 31: Pecorari M.*, Gianolla P. & Caggiati M. : The onset of Middle Triassic volcanism in the Dolomites (Southern Alps, Italy).

8-15 Pannello 32: Succo A.*, Festa A., Balestro G., Borghi A. & De Caroli S. : Role of Late Carboniferous - Early Triassic structural inheritance in the continental break-up of Pangea and exhumation of the Alpine Tethyan mantle: insights from the Canavese Zone, Western Alps.

8-16 Pannello 33: Zanetti A.*, Giovanardi T., Morishita T., Hemond C., Dallai L., Langone A. & Mazzucchelli M. : Evidence for subduction-related components in sapphirine-bearing gabbroic dykes (Finero Phlogopite peridotite): Insights into the mantle sources of the Mesozoic magmatism at the Africa-Europe boundary.

S9. Isotopic tracers and timing of dynamic evolution of subduction zone settings

 Conveners and Chairpersons Enrico Cannao' (UNIMI), Martina Casalini (UNIFI), Federico Farina (UNIMI)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room A

9-1 15.30-16.00: [KEYNOTE] Elliott T.*, Freymuth H., Andersen M., Chen S. & Hin R. : Isotopic fractionations between dehydration fluid and descending slab.

9-2 16.00-16.15: Bragagni A., Mastroianni F., Avanzinelli R.*, Conticelli S. & Münker C. : Extreme HFSE fractionation in Italian magmas: metasomatism vs. different mantle domains.

9-3 16.15-16.30: Natali C., Aghazadeh M., Braschi E., Badrzadeh Z., Bianchini G. & Conticelli S.* : Eocenic subduction to collision-related volcanism in the Arasbaran area (NW, Iran): evidence for progressive evolution of mantle sources.

9-4 16.30-16.45: Di Giuseppe P.*, Agostini S., Manetti P., Savascin M.Y. & Conticelli S. : Early Miocene to Pliocene magmatic activity in the Sivas-Malatya Volcanic Region (Central-Eastern Anatolia).

9-5 16.45-17.00: Tumiati S.* : Decoupling between the carbon isotopic signature of CO2-bearing aqueous fluids and of their graphite+carbonate source at subarc depth.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

9-6: Malaspina N.* & Tumiati S. : Redox processes and the role of carbon-bearing volatiles at subduction zones: natural versus experimental perspectives.

9-7: Tamburello G.* : The importance of direct gas flux measurements at active volcanoes for understanding the geochemical cycles in the subduction zones.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

9-8 Pannello 5: Agostini S.*, Di Giuseppe P., Manetti P., Savascin M.Y., Doglioni C. & Conticelli S. : Early Miocene to Pleistocene Na-alkaline Volcanism on the North-East Arabian plate (South-East Turkey).

9-9 Pannello 6: Cannaò E.*, Scambelluri M. & Tiepolo M. : Into deep and beyond: carbon and nitrogen subduction recycling by secondary peridotites.

9-10 Pannello 7: Cannaò E.*, Tiepolo M., Sessa G., Deloule E. & Poli S. : Amphibole as carbon fixing mineral at lower crust depth.

9-11 Pannello 8: Casalini M.*, Avanzinelli R., Tommasini S., Garzonio C.A., Cioni R. & Conticelli S. : Genesis and differentiation of a calc-alkaline volcano in syn-collisional continental setting: the Mount Ararat (Ağrı Dağı, Eastern Anatolia).

9-12 Pannello 9: Gilio M.*, Scambelluri M., Agostini S., Godard M., Pettke T., Agard P., Locatelli M. & Angiboust S. : Fingerprinting and relocating tectonic slices along the plate interface: evidence from the Lago Superiore Unit at Monviso (Western Alps).

9-13 Pannello 10: Narduzzi F., Farina F.*, Lana C., Teixera L., Schannor M., Stevens G., Alkmim A. & Nalini Jr H.A. : Long-lived petrological cannibalism and slow cooling rates for the Galiléia batholith (SE Brazil): supporting the "hot" nature of Araçuaí-West Congo orogen.

9-14 Pannello 11: Tumiati S.* : Dissolution of graphite in high-pressure aqueous fluids: the roles of crystallinity and of coexisting silicates and carbonates.

S10. Metasomatic and refertilization processes in lithospheric mantle: unraveling the heterogeneities in mantle sources and related geodynamic systems

 Conveners and Chairpersons Barbara Faccini (UNIFE), Tommaso Giovanardi (UNIMORE), Cristina Perinelli (UNIROMA)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room R

10-1 15.30-16.00: Bonadiman C.*, Pelorosso B., Curetti N., Merli M., Coltorti M. & Pavese A. : Phlogopite-pargasite coexistence in spinel peridotite xenoliths  from  Mount Leura (southeast Australia).

10-2 16.00-16.15: Mazzucchelli M.*, Bertotto G.W., Giovanardi T., Zanetti A., Ponce A.D., Brunelli D., Bernardi M.I., Hémond C. & Cipriani A. : Xenoliths's evidence for refertilisation of a strongly depleted mantle column in the Patagonian extra-Andean backarc (Paso de Indios, Argentina).

10-3 16.15-16.30: Faccini B.*, Coltorti M., Brenna M., Casetta F. & Briggs R. : Multiple subduction-related metasomatic pulses in mantle xenoliths from the Karioi volcano, North Island, New Zealand.

10-4 16.30-16.45: Borghini G.*, Fumagalli P. & Rampone E. : Peridotite modification via reaction with pyroxenite-derived andesitic melts: an experimental study at 2 GPa.

10-5 16.45-17.00: Pellegrino L.*, Malaspina N., Zanchetta S., Langone A. & Tumiati S. : Eclogite-derived melts-peridotite interaction at HP in the Monte Duria area (Central Alps, N Italy): a proxy for the mafic crust-to-mantle mass transfer in subduction zones.

10-6 16.45-17.00: Correale A.*, Pelorosso B., Rizzo A.L., Coltorti M., Italiano F., Bonadiman C. & Giacomoni P.P. : The noble gases geochemistry in mantle xenoliths from West Antarctic Rift System.

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room R

10-7 15.30-16.00: Rizzo A.L., Coltorti M.*, Faccini B., Casetta F., Ntaflos T. & Italiano F. : Petrological features and volatile content of ultramafic xenoliths from Eifel (Germany).

10-8 16.00-16.15: Consuma G.*, Braga R., Giovanardi T., Bersani D., Konzett J., Lugli F., Mazzucchelli M. & Tropper P. : The Carbon pathway through subduction zones: petrological and geochemical constraints on carbonates from garnet-bearing orogenic peridotites.

10-9 16.15-16.30: Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Ferlito C., Faccini B., Zanetti A. & Ottolini L. : From mantle to magma: a volatile budget between mantle xenoliths and primary magmas in the Western Antarctic Rift System.

10-10 16.30-16.45: Salari G.*, Rahimzadeh B., Agostini S., Masoudi F. & Lustrino M. : Quaternary ultrabasic volcanic rocks in central Urumieh-Dohktar magmatic arc (Central-Northern Iran): melanephelinites in post-collisional setting.

10-11 16.45-17.00: Casetta F.*, Giacomoni P.P., Ferlito C., Bonadiman C. & Coltorti M. : From the 600 ka tholeiites to the recent trachybasaltic magmas at Mt. Etna: evolution of a lherzolitic mantle.

10-12 16.45-17.00: Conte A.M., Perinelli C.*, Bigi S., Bosman A., Castorina F., Conti A., Cuffaro M., Di Vincenzo G. & Martorelli E. : New insights on volcanic activity related to the opening of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea: the transitional basalts of the Ventotene Volcanic Ridge (Pontine Islands, Italy).

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central Room

10-13: Antonicelli M.*, Tribuzio R., Wu F.Y. & Liu T. : Origin of the peridotite-pyroxenite association from Rocca di Argimonia, Ivrea Mafic Complex (Ivrea-Verbano Zone).


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

10-14 Pannello 34: Alipour R.*, Perinelli C., Moeinzadeh H., Ahmadipour H., Bosi F. & Gaeta M. : Mineralogical and petrogenetic characteristics of the peridotites and associated  podiform chromitites from Abgarm ultramafic complex (south-eastern Iran).

10-15 Pannello 35: Andreozzi G.B.*, Bosi F., Conte A.M., Cuccuru S. & Naitza S. : Evaluating the controls on the origin of tourmaline-bearing rocks in peraluminous and metaluminous systems: examples from Late-Variscan magmatism of Sardinia (Italy).

10-16 Pannello 36: Fumagalli P.*, Borghini G., Klemme S. & Rampone E. : Major and trace elements distribution during high-pressure melt-peridotite reaction: experiments at 2 GPa.

10-17 Pannello 37: Giovanardi T.*, Girardi V.A.V., Teixeira W., Mazzucchelli M. & Cipriani A. : Mafic dyke swarms at 1882, 535 and 200 Ma in the Carajás region: an insight on the evolution of the sub- Amazonian Craton mantle.

10-18 Pannello 38: Giovanardi T.*, Zanetti A., Langone A., Cipriani A. & Mazzucchelli M. : Dioritic-albititic dykes in the Finero Phlogopite Peridotite: an intrusive event in the Northern Ivrea-Verbano Zone (Southern Alps).

10-19 Pannello 39: Venier M.*, Bernardini F., Caldeira R., de Ignacio C., Marzoli A., Mata J., Princivalle F., Boumehdi M.A., Bensaid I.A.A., Youbi N., De Min A. & Lenaz D. : MicroCT rendering of spinel-facies mantle xenoliths .

S11. Mantle Petrology: from observation to calculus

 Conveners and Chairpersons Enrico Bonatti (CNR-Ismar), Giulio Ottonello (UNIGE)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room L

11-1 15.30-15.45: [KEYNOTE] Belmonte D.* : Ab initio thermodynamics of deep mantle phase transitions and seismic discontinuities: the role of MgSiO3 polymorphs.

11-2 15.45-16.00: Merli M., Bonadiman C. & Pavese A.* : Oxidation state of iron in the Earth's lower mantle.

11-3 16.00-16.15: Merli M., Bonadiman C.* & Pavese A. : Earth's non–primitive lower mantle: aluminium recycling.

11-4 16.15-16.30: Li P., Xia Q.-K., Dallai L., Bonatti E., Brunelli D., Cipriani A. & Ligi M.* : H2O Enrichement in Residual Mantle Peridotites at a Mid-Atlantic Ridge Segment.

11-5 16.30-16.45: Papale P.* : Why do we need mathematical models in petrology and volcanology?

11-6 16.45-17.00: Moretti R.* : Vapor-buffered magmatic activity and the unique CO2-rich source of magmatism in Southern Italy.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

11-7 Pannello 12: Del Vecchio A.*, Poe B.T., Cestelli-Guidi M. & Misiti V. : Point defect equilibria in hydrous forsterite synthesized at 1100°C and up to 4 GPa.

11-8 Pannello 13: Ottonello G.*, Belmonte D. & Vetuschi Zuccolini M. : Thermochemistry of silicate melts in high-rank simplexes: the new HPA model.

11-9 Pannello 14: Sanfilippo A.*, Sokolov S. , Salters V.J.M., Stracke A. & Peyve A. : Melting an anciently depleted mantle.

11-10 Pannello 15: Vetuschi Zuccolini M.*, Ottonello G. & Belmonte D. : TRIangular DIagram and deSCENT line analysis - a code to generate a computationally manageable liquidus surface of a molten silicate system and a consistent cooling descent line description from modeling.

S12. Advances in Understanding Geological and Petrological Processes in the Oceanic Lithosphere

 Conveners and Chairpersons Giulio Borghini (UNIMI), Camilla Palmiotto (ISMAR Bologna), Alessio Sanfilippo (UNIPV)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room L

12-1 08.30-08.45: Sternai P.* : Surface processes forcing on rift magmatism: insights from numerical modeling.

12-2 08.45-09.00: Maino M.*, Casini L., Sanfilippo A. & Ildefonse B. : From dislocation creep to grain boundary sliding in high-temperature troctolites: insights into shear localization mechanisms in the oceanic crust.

12-3 09.00-09.15: Grammatica M.*, Fumagalli P. & Borghini G. : The role of melt/rock ratio in olivine-rich troctolite formation via basalt-dunite reaction: an experimental study at 0.5 GPa.

12-4 09.15-09.30: Renna M.R.*, Tribuzio R., Sanfilippo A., Armandola S., Becker H. & Wang Z. : Highly siderophile elements and Re-Os isotopes of primitive oceanic troctolites: implications for reactive processes during lower crust formation.

12-5 09.30-09.45: Brunelli D.*, Maia M., Ligi M., Bonatti E., Briais A., Campos T., Ceuleneer G., Cipriani A., Cuffaro M., Gregory E., Hamelin C., Jbara R., Kaczmarek M.-A., Lombardi F., Moreira S., Mougel B., Petracchini L., Puzenat V., Revillon S., Seyler M., Soltanmohammadi A., Verhoest L., Trivellato T. & Wang Z. : Cold spots at Mid Ocean Ridges help revealing mantle heterogeneity: a summary of the SMARTIES cruise in the Equatorial Atlantic.

12-6 09.45-10.00: Montanini A., Secchiari A.*, Bosch D. & Tribuzio R. : Pb isotope composition of recycled mantle pyroxenites: insights into the the HIMU source of oceanic basalts?

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room L

12-7 11.30-12.00: [KEYNOTE] Bonatti E.* : Early days of the plate tectonics revolution: "Geo-data gatherers" versus "Geopoets".

12-8 12.00-12.15: Sani C.*, Sanfilippo A., Ohara Y., Snow J., Harigane Y. & Yamahshita H. : Mado Megamullion (Shikoku basin): a new window into a backarc lower crust and mantle.

12-9 12.15-12.30: Ligi M.*, Bonatti E., Brunelli D. & Cuffaro M. : Global Seafloor Spreading Variations and the Evolution of Seawater Composition since the Mesozoic.

12-10 12.30-12.45: Guerini S.* & Tartarotti P. : Listvenites in the western Alps: the case of the Mount Avic massif (Aosta Valley, northwestern Alps).

12-11 12.45-13.00: Luoni P.*, Rebay G., Roda M., Spalla M.I. & Zanoni D. : UHP relics in the Zermatt-Saas Zone serpentinites: new puzzle tiles in the geodynamic scenario.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

12-12: Ferrari E.*, Montanini A., Secchiari A., Bosch D. & Cluzel D. : Pyroxenite diversity in the New Caledonia mantle sequence: a preliminary study.

12-13: Mosconi A.*, Sanfilippo A., Liu C.Z., Salters V., Tribuzio R. & Zanetti A. : Isotopic heterogeneity of mantle melts migrating through the Lanzo South Ophiolite: a focus on Re-Os isotopes and PGE.

12-22: Verhoest L.*, Brunelli D., Hemond C. , Bonatti E. , Ligi M. & Cipriani A. : Mantle source heterogeneity in the Equatorial Mid Atlantic Ridge: a multi-isotopic approach.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

12-14 Pannello 16: Assanelli M.*, Luoni P., Rebay G. & Spalla M.I. : Structural and metamorphic evolution of Gias Vej serpentinites (Piemonte Zone, Lanzo Valley, Italian Western Alps).

12-15 Pannello 17: Basch V., Rampone E.*, Ferrando C., Borghini G. & Zanetti A. : pMELTS modeling of depleted melts evolution in oceanic environment: implications of pyroxenite formation as deep melt segregation.

12-16 Pannello 18: Borghini G.* & Fumagalli P. : Partial melting experiments on olivine-free pyroxenites at 2 GPa.

12-17 Pannello 19: Deraco M.*, Sanfilippo A., Ligi M. , Rasul N., Vigliotti L., Jerais A., Tharowi A., Langone A. & Zanetti A. : Formation of a hybrid oceanic crust at the onset of the Red Sea opening (Tihama Asir magmatic complex; Saudi Arabia).

12-18 Pannello 20: La Rosa A.*, Pagli C., Keir D., Sani F., Corti G., Wang H. & Posee D. : Observing oblique slip during rift-linkage processes in Northern Afar.

12-19 Pannello 21: Salvioli-Mariani E.*, Boschetti T., Toscani L., Montanini A., Petriglieri J.R. & Bersani D. : Multi-stage rodingitization of ophiolitic bodies from Northern Apennines (Italy): constraints from petrography, geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling.

12-20 Pannello 22: Sani F.*, Bonini M., Corti G. & Moratti G. : The role of rift width in controlling fault pattern and kinematics in oceanic and continental rifts: examples from Iceland and Ethiopia.

12-21 Pannello 23: Savelli C.* : Oceanization and Hydrography (West Mediterranean).

S13. A multidisciplinary approach to unravel the evolution of basement geology

 Conveners and Chairpersons Antonio Langone (IGG-CNR Pavia), Chiara Montomoli (UNITO), Salvatore Iaccarino (UNITO)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room R

13-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Franceschelli M.* & Cruciani G. : Clockwise and anticlockwise P-T path in the axial zone of the Variscan Sardinia-Corsica block.

13-2 09.00-09.15: Carosi R.* : Partitioned transpressional tectonics in the Variscan Basement of northern Sardinia (Italy).

13-3 09.15-09.30: Simonetti M.*, Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Extention, timing and deformation of the East Variscan Shear Zone.

13-4 09.30-09.45: Cruciani G.*, Franceschelli M., Massonne H.-J. & Musumeci G. : P-T path of felsic granulite from south-east Corsica (France) and implications for geodynamic setting.

13-5 09.45-10.00: Bonazzi M.*, Langone A., Zanetti A., Dellarole E., Mazzucchelli M. & Giovanardi T. : Origin of Plumasite dykes intruded in Varisican basament during triassic: new insights from Zircon (Val Sabbiola, Ivrea-Verbano zone).

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room R

13-6 11.30-11.45: Giuntoli F.*, Menegon L., Warren C., Darling J. & Anderson M. : Protracted shearing at mid crustal conditions in the Scandinavian Caledonides.

13-7 11.45-12.00: Tursi F.*, Acquafredda P., Festa F., Fornelli A., Langone A. , Micheletti F. & Spiess R. : Reworking of felsic rocks in ductile shar zones: an example from the Curinga-Girifalco line.

13-8 12.00-12.15: Montemagni C.*, Zanchetta S., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Visonà D., Villa I.M. & Carosi R. : Geochronology and kinematics of flow of the Main Central Thrust zone in the Bhagirathi valley, NW Indian Himalaya.

13-9 12.15-12.30: Nania L.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Leiss B., Di Vincenzo G. & Carosi R. : Kinematics and deformation temperatures of the MCTz and the STDS in Central Himalaya.

13-10 12.30-12.45: Molli G.*, Vitale Brovarone A., Beyssac O. & Cinquini I. : Thermal architecture and deformation structures in the Alpi Apuane (NW Tuscany Italy): new insights for the metamorphic and tectonic history of the inner northern Apennines.

13-11 12.45-13.00: Martini M.* & Zepeda-Martínez M. : The Jurassic exhumation history of basement rocks in Mexico preserved in the stratigraphic record of rift basins associated to Pangea breakup.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room R

13-12 15.30-15.45: Bartoli O.* : Constraining fluid regime during melting of crystalline basements: experiments vs. thermodynamic modelling.

13-13 15.45-16.00: Casini L.*, Corvo' S., Maino M., Seno S. & Schenker F. : Numerical modelling of floating P-T conditions in inclusion-matrix systems, with application to the Cima Lunga Unit (Central Alps).

13-14 16.00-16.15: Renna M.R.*, Langone A., Caggianelli A. & Prosser G. : Interaction between migmatite-related melts and amphibole-gabbros: evidence from mineral geochemistry and zircon dating (Variscan lower crust, Palmi area, SW Calabria).

13-15 16.15-16.30: Corvo' S.*, Maino M., Langone A., Piazolo S. , Seno S. & Schenker F. : Determination of P-T-t-d path in a high-grade shear zone: petro-chronological and microstructural study from the Cima di Gagnone (Adula-Cima Lunga nappe, Central Alps).

13-16 16.30-16.45: Van Schrojenstein Lantman H.W.*, Langone A., Scambelluri M. & Alvaro M. : Uncovering UHPM garnet growth and dissolution mechanisms using trace elements in metasediments from Lago di Cignana, Western Alps.

13-17 16.45-17.00: Zucchi M.* : Faults-controlling geothermal fluid flow in low permeability rock volumes: an example from the eastern Elba Island (northern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

13-18: Petroccia A.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C. & Simonetti M. : 1:25.000 structural map of Mamone in the northern of the Sardinian variscan basement.

13-19: Zepeda-Martínez M.* & Martini M. : Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Tlaxiaco Basin, southern Mexico: A key to understand the Jurassic structural history of Proterozoic and Paleozoic basement rocks of Mexico during Pangea breakup.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

13-20 Pannello 24: Benà E., Martin S., Marzoli A., Mazzoli C., Sassi R.* & Zattin M. : Apatite (U-Th)/He thermochronometry from trachytes and latites of the Euganean Hills and their exhumation history.

13-21 Pannello 25: Carosi R.*, Montomoli C., Iaccarino S. & Visonà D. : The High Himalayan Discontinuity and the Main Central Thrust in Central Nepal: timing constraints by in-situ U-Th-Pb monazite petrochronology.

13-22 Pannello 26: Iaccarino S.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C., Montemagni C., Massonne H.-J., Jain A.K. & Visonà D. : Geology and tectono-metamorphic history of the Himalayan metamorphic core: insights from the Alaknanda-Dhauli Ganga valleys (NW India).

13-23 Pannello 27: Möller C., Andersson J. & Rebay G.* : High-temperature metamorphism and deformation in the footwall of an eclogite-bearing nappe, Sveconorwegian orogen: metamorphic evolution of the Obbhult Complex, SW Sweden .

13-24 Pannello 28: Morelli G.*, Ruggieri G., Zucchi M., Braschi E., Agostini S., Ventruti G., Brogi A., Liotta D., Boschi C. & González-Partida E. : Characterization and evolution of the paleo-fluids in the Las Minas exhumed geothermal system (Mexico).

13-25 Pannello 29: Ortolano G., D'Agostino G.*, Visalli R., Fiannacca P. & Cirrincione R. : Development of vermicular clinopyroxene-amphibole symplectites replacing garnet in amphibolites of the Peloritani Mountain (Northeastern Sicily).

13-26 Pannello 30: Ortolano G., Visalli R.*, Fazio E., Fiannacca P., Godard G., Pezzino A., Punturo P., Sacco V. & Cirrincione R. : Unravelling colling rates of the Calabria continental lower crust from combined microstructural, thermodynamic and diffusion modeling: An example from the Sila Piccola Massif, (Northern Calabria).

13-27 Pannello 31: Petroccia A.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C. & Simonetti M. : Geochronology and deformation in the Posada-Asinara Line (NE Sardinia basement, Baronie, Italy): timing and shearing constraints in the Southern European Variscan belt.

13-28 Pannello 32: Simonetti M.*, Carosi R. & Montomoli C. : Structural analysis, kinematic of the flow and petrochronology of shear deformation in the Aiguilles Rouges Massif.

S14. Bio-Geo materials for environmental remediation: novel approaches, technologies and case studies

 Conveners and Chairpersons Giacomo Ferretti (UNIFE), Lucia Morrone (CNR-IBIMET), Domenico Prisa (CREA Centro di ricerca Orticoltura e Florovivaismo)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room D

14-1 14.30-14.45: [KEYNOTE] Deltedesco E.*, Zehetner F., Unterfrauner H. & Keiblinger K.M. : Microbiological assessment of lime application to agricultural soils.

14-2 14.45-15.00: Ferretti G.*, Galamini G., Deltedesco E., Gorfer M., Faccini B., Zechmeister-Boltenstern S., Coltorti M. & Keiblinger K.M. : Effects of natural and NH4-charged zeolite amendments and their combination with 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) on soil gross ammonification and nitrification rates.

14-3 15.00-15.15: Morrone L.*, Facini O., Mari M. & Rotondi A. : Effects of zeolite and kaolin foliar application in olive trees on photosynthesis and on drupes oil content.

14-4 15.15-15.30: Matteucci F.*, Curri M.L., Comparelli R., Giannantonio R., Giansante C., Mascolo G. & Giannini C. : Nanomaterials for the abatement of contaminants in water treatment.

14-5 15.30-15.45: Malferrari D.*, Bernini F., Bighi B., Borsari M., Brigatti M.F., Castellini E., Mucci A. & Sebastianelli L. : Sulfur bearing and aromatic compound trapping by layered silicates: a great start for innovative technological applications.

14-6 15.45-16.00:  Molinari S.*, Salviulo G., Magro M., Baratella D. & Vianello F. : Water total arsenic remediation via a new generation colloidal superparamagnetic maghemite nanoparticles.

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room D

14-7 17.00-17.15: [KEYNOTE] Mentler A.*, Ottner F., Wriessnig K., Keiblinger K.M. & Kral R.M. : Production potential in central Mozambique: soil analysis and mineralogy.

14-8 17.15-17.30: Keiblinger K.M., Maftukhah R., Ngadisih N. , Murtiningrum M. 2, Kral R.M. & Mentler A.* : Soil amendments for re-cultivation of formerly mined land on Bangka island, Indonesia.

14-9 17.30-17.45: Neri L.*, Carriero G., Facini O. & Baraldi R. : Environmental remediation of the historical suburban forest Bosco Albergati.

14-10 17.45-18.00: Leoncini C.*, Lo monaco A., Gagni S., Emiliani R., Riberti R., Forti F., Caridei F., Filippini M. & Gargini A. : Optimal hydrogeological conditions for phytoscreening in sites with chloroethenes subsurface contaminations.

14-11 18.00-18.15: Rizzo P.*, Sanangelantoni A., Iacumin P. & Celico F. : Isolation and selection of bacterial strains for aquifer remediation: a case study in Val d'Agri (Southern Italy).

14-12 18.15-18.30: Artioli G., Berto D., Dalconi M.C., Gò E., Peruzzo L. & Tateo F.* : Occurrence of pararealgar in As-rich aquifer sediments of the Venetian plain (Italy).


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

14-13 Pannello 40: Faccini B.*, Di Giuseppe D., Ferretti G., Galamini G. & Coltorti M. : Effects of natural and NH4-enriched Zeolitite on nitrogen leaching from a reclaimed agricultural soil of the Ferrara province (Italy).

14-14 Pannello 41: Ferretti G.*, Keiblinger K.M., Faccini B., Galamini G., Mentler A., Zechmeister-Boltenstern S. & Coltorti M. : Sorption of 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) in Soils amended with different chabazite zeolitites.

14-15 Pannello 42: Mentler A., Keiblinger K.M., Maftukhah R., Ngadisih N., Murtiningrum M. & Kral R.M.* : On the ground or in the ground? Co-learning of farmers and scientists about soil.

14-16 Pannello 43: Morrone L.*, Mari M. & Rotondi A. : Use of geo materials (zeolites) in the rooting phase for the production of olive plant.

14-17 Pannello 44: Neri L.*, Monti A. L. , Ottoni S. , Facini O. & Baraldi R. : Phytoremediation of contaminated sites: the case study of a petroleum refinery in Mantova, Italy.

14-18 Pannello 45: Prisa D.* : Chabazitic-zeolites and Effective Microorganisms for the qualitative improvement and fertilizers reduction in the growth of Aloe plants.

14-19 Pannello 46: Prisa D.* : Improvement Quality and Content of Pepper and Chilli Nitrates Influenced by the Effective Microorganisms.

S15. Geobiology: Biosphere-Earth interactions

 Conveners and Chairpersons Roberto Barbieri (UNIBO), Cesare Corselli (UNIMIB)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room N

15-1 15.30-15.45: Vertino A.*, Savini A. & Marchese F. : Bio-geosphere interactions in the deep: The important role of cold-water corals.

15-2 15.45-16.00: Azzarone M., Cheli A., Mancuso A., Stagioni M., Falini G., Goffredo S. & Scarponi D.* : Chamelea gallina response to a warming Earth: A case study from the Holocene sedimentary succession of the Po-Adriatic system.

15-3 16.00-16.15: Berton D., Rodriguez Navarro A., Grenier Romero C., Roman Martinez R., Rodeghero E.* & Martucci A. : The precipitation process of the calcium carbonate in Austromegabalanus Psittacus and the role of organic matter: a multidisciplinary study.

15-4 16.15-16.30: Bracchi V.A.* & Basso D. : Crustose coralline algae: the bioengineers of Mediterranean seafloor at the geological scale.

15-5 16.30-16.45: Bonacina G.*, Sanfilippo A., Previde Massara E., Scotti P., Viaggi P. & Piva A. : The Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: geochemical constraints from a section of the Atlantic margin.

15-6 16.45-17.00: Consani S.*, Borello A., Vezzulli L. & Carbone C. : Characterisation of prokaryotes and eukaryotes in contaminated extreme environments: preliminary results.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

15-7: Bragato P.L.* : Human and geological crises of the last millennium in Italy modulated by the episodes of the Little Ice Age.

15-8: Leonelli G.*, Pelfini M. & Maggi V. : Changes in the tree-ring δ18O from the Forni Glacier forefield due to glacier stream water inputs and climate change: potential use for environmental and climatic reconstructions.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

15-9 Pannello 39: Bosio G.*, Bracchi V.A., Malinverno E., Basso D., Collareta A., Gioncada A., Coletti G., Di Celma C. & Bianucci G. : Taphonomic and diagenetic history of a Panopea-rich layer from the Pisco Formation, Peru.

15-10 Pannello 40: Malferrari D., Ferretti A., Mascia M.T., Medici L. & Savioli M.* : Integrated strategies for quantifying major element contents in modern and fossil bioapatite.

15-11 Pannello 41: Notaro A.*, Garzarella A. & Raffi I. : Calcareous nannofossils behavior during global warmth intervals of the Neogene.

S16. Planetary evolution: new insights from remote sensing, in-situ, terrestrial analogues and meteorite studies

Conveners and Chairpersons Maria Sgavetti (UNIPR), Mara Murri (UNIPV), Valentina Galluzzi (IAPS-INAF), Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD), Cristian Carli (IAPS-INAF)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room Q

16-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Massironi M.*, Pozzobon R., Franceschi M. & Penasa L. : From Planetary surface mapping to Planetary subsurface structures.

16-2 09.00-09.15: Baioni D.*, Gutierrez F., García-Arnay A., Luzzi E., Parenti C., Sevil J. & Nesci O. : Two possible episodes of karstification in the equatorial layered deposit within Kotido crater, Arabia Terra, Mars.

16-3 09.15-09.30: (Invited) Antonangeli D.*, Badro J., Boccato S., Morard G., Rivoldini A., Siebert J., Xu F. & the InSight Science Team : InSight, first months on Mars and laboratory experiments to complement planetary observations.

16-4 09.30-09.45: Italiano F., Di Bella M.*, Sabatino G., Barbieri R., Cavalazzi B., Ferretti A., Danovaro R., Romeo T., Andaloro F., Esposito V., Tripodo A., Scotti G. & Quartieri S. : Hydrothermal iron ooids on Earth as homologues of hematite spherules discovered on Mars.

16-5 09.45-10.00: Zambon F.*, Carli C., van der Bogert C.H., Hiesinger H., Altieri F., Giacomini L. & Massironi M. : Spectral variations across Apollo basin on the Moon.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room Q

16-6 11.30-12.00: [KEYNOTE] Folco L.* : The near-Earth cosmic dust complex: Perspectives from the unique Transantarctic Mountains micrometeorite collection.

16-7 12.00-12.15: Moggi Cecchi V.*, Pratesi G., Giuli G., Nemati M., Di Martino M. & Serra R. : The 2017 Joint Italian - Iranian Lut desert expedition: compositional and textural features of the meteorites recovered.

16-8 12.15-12.30: Nazzareni S.*, Pauselli C., Skogby H., Murri M., Domeneghetti M.C., Alvaro M., Stalder R., Petrelli M., De Sanctis M.C., Formisano M. & Federico C. : Pyroxenes as a proxy for thermal history and water content of asteroid 4 Vesta.

16-9 12.30-12.45: Nestola F., Barbaro A.*, Morana M., Christ O., Brenker F.E., Domeneghetti M.C., Dalconi M.C., Alvaro M., Goodrich C., Fioretti A.M., Leoni M. & Shaddad M.H. : Diamonds in ureilites: how did they form?

16-10 12.45-13.00: Nava J.*, Maturilli A., Zambon F., Carli C., Alemanno G., Helbert J., Genovesi S. & Massironi M. : Laboratory experiments on carbonaceous chondrites: insights into cryovolcanism and hydrothermal alteration on planetary bodies.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room Q

16-11 15.30-15.45: Suttle M.D.*, Twegar K., Nava J., Spiess R., Spratt J., Campanale F. & Folco L. : A unique CO-like micrometeorite hosting an exotic Al-Cu-Fe-bearing assemblage – close affinities with the Khatyrka meteorite.

16-12 15.45-16.00: Campanale F.*, Mugnaioli E., Folco L., Gemmi M., Lee M.R., Daly L. & Glass B.P. : Evidence for direct solid-state quartz-to-coesite transformation in shocked ejecta from the Australasian tektite/microtektite strewn field.

16-13 16.00-16.15: (Invited) Miozzi F.*, Morard G., Antonangeli D., Clark A.N., Baron M.A., Dorn C., Rozel A., Pakhomova A., Mezouar M. & Fiquet G. : Characterization of the Fe-Si-C system at extreme conditions and application to exoplanets interior.

16-14 16.15-16.30: Mugnaioli E.*, Gemmi M., Campanale F., Suttle M.D., Folco L. & Pignatelli I. : 3D electron diffraction for the characterization of cryptocrystalline micro-samples: Applications to planetary sciences.

16-15 16.30-16.45: Fastelli M.*, Comodi P., Zucchini A., Maturilli A., Balic-Zunic T. & Rossi M. : Reflectance and emissivity spectroscopy of hydrated salts at different temperature: a method to understand icy planetary bodies surfaces composition.

16-16 16.45-17.00: Pisello A.*, De Angelis S., Ferrari M., Vetere F.P., Pauselli C., Kueppers U., De Sanctis M.C. & Perugini D. : A new spectroscopic database for silicate glasses: implications for planetary science.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

16-17: Tangari A.C.*, Marinangeli L., Scarciglia F., Pompilio L. & Piluso E. : Genesis and age of clay deposits in Margaritifer Region on Mars using terrestrial soil analogues.

16-18: Carli C.*, Morlok A., Stojic A., Weber I., Renggli C., Klemme S., Ferrari S., Pratesi G., Hiesinger H. & Capaccioni F. : VNIR reflectance spectra of iron-bearing Mercury-like glasses.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

16-19 Pannello 42: Galluzzi V.*, Ferranti F., Massironi M., Giacomini L., Guzzetta L. & Pasquale P. : High-Mg region induced stress field in the Victoria quadrangle of Mercury.

16-20 Pannello 43: Giacomini L.*, Galluzzi V., Carli C., Zambon F., Massironi M., Ferranti L. & Palumbo P. : Geological mapping of the Kuiper (H06) quadrangle of Mercury: Integration between morphologic and spectral characteristics.

16-21 Pannello 44: Re C.*, Cremonese G., Naletto G. & Tordi M. : HYPSOS, Next generation of a stereo camera.

16-22 Pannello 45: Tribaudino M.*, Mantovani L., Bersani D. & Salviati G. : Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence: combined SEM-EDS and Raman to approach the analysis of anorthite in Ca-Al inclusions.

S17. Unveiling the Antarctica: geological, geophysical and sedimentological approaches to the evolution of Antarctica (In memory of Pietro Armienti)

Conveners and Chairpersons Valerio Olivetti (UNIPD), Fabrizio Balsamo (UNIPR), Franco Talarico (UNISI), Fabio Florindo (INGV), Sergio Rocchi (UNIPI)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room M

17-1 08.30-08.45: Rocchi S.*, D'Orazio M., Masotta M. & Folco L. : In memory of Pietro Armienti.

17-2 08.45-09.15: [KEYNOTE] Ferraccioli F.*, Jordan T.A., Forsberg R., Eagles G., Eglington B., Kusznir N., Olesen A., Matsuoka K., Casal T. & Paxman G. : Aerogeophysical imaging unveils the architecture and basement of the Pensacola-Pole subglacial basin in East Antarctica.

17-3 09.15-09.30: De Santis L.*, Olivo E., Sorlien C., Kim S., Granot R., Sauli C., Busetti N., Wardell N., Rui L., Perez L.F., Colleoni F., Pochini E., Wilson D., Bart O.J., McKay R.M., Kulhanek D. & IODP Expedition 374 Scientific Party : Miocene paleobathymetric reconstruction of the Ross Sea (Antarctica).

17-4 09.30-09.45: Vignaroli G.*, Rossetti F., Di Vincenzo G., Balsamo F., Gerdes A., Theye T. & Ghezzo C. : Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician orogenic construction along the paleo-Pacific margin of Gondwana, USARP Mountains, Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica).

17-5 09.45-10.00: Pelorosso B.*, Bonadiman C., Ntaflos T., Gregoire M., Zanetti A. & Coltorti M. : Ultramafic cumulates from Harrow Peaks, (NVL, Antarctica): the first stages of the Ferrar magmatism.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - RoomM

17-6 11.30-11.45: Giacomoni P.P.*, Coltorti M., Bonadiman C., Ferlito C., Casetta F., Zanetti A. & Ottolini L. : Subduction-related volatiles involved in the genesis of Cenozoic primary alkaline melts in Northern Victoria Land.

17-7 11.45-12.00: Dallai L.* & Sharp Z.D. : Continental hydrology and atmospheric circulation during Cenozoic super warm periods.

17-8 12.00-12.15: Tribuzio R.*, HenjesKunst F., Gerdes A. & Braga R. : Geochemical, isotopic and geochronological constraints on formation of boninite-type rocks at the Paleopacific margin of Gondwana.

17-9 12.15-12.30: Rocchi S.* & Smellie J.L. : Plutons, dykes and volcanoes as witnesses of lithospheric thinning, faulting and necking in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica.

17-10 12.30-12.45: Balestrieri M.L.*, Olivetti V., Rossetti F., Gautheron C. & Zattin M. : Topography, structural and thermochronological analysis in the Admiralty Block, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: decoding the Cenozoic evolution of the NE termination of the Transantarctic Mountains.

17-11 12.45-13.00: Zurli L.*, Cornamusini G., Liberato G.P., Talarico F.M., Woo J. & Corti V. : Provenance study of Late Palaeozoic Ice Age sequences in Victoria Land (Antarctica): petrography and geochronology.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

17-12 Pannello 33: Battaglia F.*, Baradello L., De Santis L., Gordini E., Sauli C., Kovacevic V., Morelli D., Langone L., Colleoni F., Colizza E., Rebesco M. & Accetella D. : High resolution seismo-stratigraphic evidence from the Edisto Inlet fjord, western Ross Sea (Antarctica).

17-13 Pannello 34: Capponi G.*, Montomoli C., Casale S., Simonetti M., Musumeci G. & Salvatore M.C. : Geology of the Convoy Range and Franklin Island quadrangle, Victoria Land - Antarctica.

17-14 Pannello 35: Cornamusini G.*, Zurli L., Perotti M. & Talarico F.M. : Deformational structures in Paleozoic sandstones of the Transantarctic Mountains: glacial vs tectonic origin.

17-15 Pannello 36: Dal Seno N., Lelli L.*, Millikin L., Smith Lyttle B. , Cox S.C., Crispini L. & Burton-Johnson A. : GeoMAP dataset of the Antarctic Peninsula.

17-16 Pannello 37: Federico L.*, Cianfarra P., Crispini L., Capponi G., Rossi C. & Salvini F. : Reconstruction of multiple tectonic events in the Rennick Geodynamic Belt (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) through inversion of fault slip data.

17-17 Pannello 38: Ferraccioli F.*, Armadillo E., Crispini L. , Läufer A., Ruppel A. & Lisker F. : Crustal architecture of a major pull apart basin in northern Victoria Land, East Antarctica.

17-18 Pannello 39: Guzzo G.*, Cattò S., Olivetti V., Zattin M., Balsamo F., Balestrieri M.L. & Rossetti F. : Thermochronological evolution of Transantarctic Mountains in the Mt Murray area.

17-19 Pannello 40: Iaccarino S.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C. & Massonne H.-J. : Tectonometamorphic evolution of the Dessent Unit (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): new data from pseudosection modeling of metasediments.

17-20 Pannello 41: Li X.*, Zattin M. & Olivetti V. : The detrital apatite fission-track signature of post-LGM sediments in the Ross Sea.

17-21 Pannello 42: Liberato G.P., Cornamusini G.*, Zurli L., Conti P., Calver C., Meffre S. & Talarico F.M. : Stratigraphic insights across Permian-Triassic boundary in southern Gondwana: comparison between Victoria Land (Antarctica) and Tasmania (Australia).

17-22 Pannello 43: Liberato G.P., Cornamusini G., Zurli L., Woo J., Corti V., Oh J.-R. & Talarico F.M.* : Sandstones provenance study of the Permian-Triassic sequences at Allan Hills (Victoria Land, Antarctica): evidence from petrographic framework.

17-23 Pannello 44: Tolotti R.*, Caffau M., Colizza E. & Sauli C. : Holocene Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution in the Ross Sea: new evidences from the North-Western Basin.

17-24 Pannello 45: Zurli L.*, Cornamusini G., Liberato G.P., Talarico F.M., Woo J., Conti P. & Corti V. : Stratigraphic comparison between Victoria Land (Antarctica) and Tasmania (Australia) Late-Palaeozoic glaciogenic sequences.

17-25 Pannello 46: Zurli L., Perotti M., Talarico F.M.*, Cornamusini G., McKay R.M., De Santis L., Kulhanek D.K. & the IODP Expedition 374 Scientists : Petrographic characterization of gravel size clasts of the IODP_exp374 cores: implication for Miocene ice flows in the Ross Sea region (Antarctica).

S18. Mechanical, chemical and hydraulic interactions in seismogenic fault zones

Conveners and Chairpersons Silvia Mittempergher (UNIMIB), Michele Fondriest (UNIPD), Fabrizio Balsamo (UNIPR), Stefano Zanchetta (UNIMIB)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room M

18-1 15.30-16.00: [KEYNOTE] Aben F.M.* : Rupture-induced off-fault damage: Laboratory quantification and implications for fault mechanics.

18-2 16.00-16.15: Coppola M.*, Billi A., Stagno V., Cavallo A., Correale A., Fondriest M., Nazzari M., Paonita A., Romano C., Viti C. & Vona A. : Fluid-mediated deformation processes along the seismogenic Mt. Morrone fault zone (Central Apennines, Italy).

18-3 16.15-16.30: Marchesini B.*, Garofalo P.S., Menegon L., Mattila J. & Viola G. : Fluid-mediated, brittle-ductile cyclicity at seismogenic depth: Fluid record and deformation history of a fault system of the Svecofennian basement in SW Finland.

18-4 16.30-16.45: Malatesta C.*, Crispini L., Läufer A., Ildefonse B., Federico L. & Scarsi M. : Microstructural investigation of a prehnite-epidote bearing detachment horizon in granite (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): influence of hydrothermal fluids on the fault mechanics.

18-5 16.45-17.00: Vadacca L.*, Rossi D., Scotti A. & Buttinelli M. : Understanding the hydro-mechanical interaction in active fault zones by induced seismicity studies.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

18-6: Cerchiari A.*, Remitti F., Mittempergher S., Festa A., Lugli F. & Cipriani A. : Interrelated changes in fluid sources and stress field orientation during the seismic cycle reconstructed for an exhumed analogue of the subduction megathrust shallow portion.

18-7: Pizzati M.*, Balsamo B. & Storti F. : Influence of accommodated displacement upon microstructural and petrophysical properties of deformation bands and gouges affecting faulted high-porosity siliciclastic sediments (Rocca di Neto fault zone, Crotone Basin, Italy).


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

18-8 Pannello 47: Collettini C.*, Tesei T., Scuderi M.M., Carpenter B.M. & Viti C. : Beyond Byerlee Friction, Weak Faults and Implications for Slip Behaviour.

18-9 Pannello 48: Corsi G.*, Balsamo F., Bezerra F.H.R. & Salvioli-Mariani E. : Structural inheritance, fluid flow and intraplate seismicity along the Samambaia Fault, NE Brazil.

18-10 Pannello 49: Fondriest M.*, Mecklenburgh J., Passelegue F.X., Artioli G., Nestola F., Spagnuolo E. & Di Toro G. : Pseudotachylytes alteration and their loss from the geological record.

18-11 Pannello 50: La Rosa A.*, Pagli C. , Molli G. , Casu F. , De Luca C. , Pieroni A. & D'amato Avanzi G. : Growth of a sinkhole in a seismic zone of the northern Apennines (Italy).

18-12 Pannello 51: Meneghini F.*, Aretusini S., Spagnuolo E., Harbord C. & Di Toro G. : Weakening mechanisms and rupture propagation along the Hikurangi margin frontal thrust: preliminary results from high speed friction experiments under controlled fluid pressure.

18-13 Pannello 52: Merico A., Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Pace B., Ferranti L., Cremona M., Scafa M., Nazzari M., Colella A. & Scarlato P. : Texture of tectonised calcite clasts from the San Benedetto-Gioia dei Marsi fault (central Italy).

18-14 Pannello 53: Mittempergher S.*, Bistacchi A., Di Toro G., Nielsen S. & Gukov K. : Roughness, off-fault damage and frictional melt distribution in an exhumed seismogenic fault: quantitative high resolution data from a Digital Outcrop Model study.

18-15 Pannello 54: Raggiunti M.*, Keir D. & Pagli C. : Seismicity induced by fluid migration in the Main Ethiopian Rift.

S19. The interplay between magmatic systems and tectonics: insights from multidisciplinary approaches

Conveners and Chairpersons Leonardo Casini (UNISS), Eugenio Fazio (UNICT), Davide Zanoni (UNIMI), Manish A. Mamtani (UNIKaragpur IN)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room Q

19-1 08.30-08.45: Zucchi M.*, Brogi A., Liotta D., Ruggieri G., Fregola R.A., Matera P.F., Dini A., Morelli G., Ventruti G. & Rimondi V. : Geothermal fluids flow and storage in faulted and folded metasiliciclastics (eastern Elba Island, Italy).

19-2 08.45-09.00: Liotta D.*, Brogi A. & Dini A. : Pliocene-Quaternary granitoids in the transfer zone of the Larderello geothermal area (Italy).

19-3 09.00-09.15: Lombardo R.*, Fiannacca P., Basei A.S. & Cirrincione R. : Origin and evolution of post-collisional mafic granitoids (Capo Vaticano Promontory, Southern Calabria): geochemical and geochronological constraints.

19-4 09.15-09.30: Fazio E., Fiannacca P., Cirrincione R.* & Mamtani M.A. : A combined petrofabric and AMS approach to reveal the magmatism-tectonics link in a composite batholith: an example from the Serre Massif (Calabria, Italy).

19-5 09.30-10.00: [KEYNOTE] Franceschini Z., Cioni R., Corti G.*, Sani F., Scaillet S., Isola I., Mazzarini F., Erbello A., Muluneh A., Keir D. & Brune S. : Recent volcano-tectonic evolution of the Ririba rift (southern termination of the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa).

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room Q

19-6 11.30-11.45: Visalli R., Fazio E., Ortolano G.*, Alsop G.I., Pagano M. & Cirrincione R. : Semi-automated fabric analysis of strong rheologycally contrasting mylonitic rocks: The example from the strike-slip Palmi shear zone.

19-7 11.45-12.00: Corvo' S.*, Langone A., Maino M., Cuccuru S., Oggiano G. & Seno S. : Petrological and geochronological constraints of a shallow intrusion into the Variscan medium-grade metamorphic sequence of the Asinara Island (Sardinia).

19-8 12.00-12.15: Gaggero L.*, Maino M., Cuccuru S. & Oggiano G. : Bimodal felsic-mafic volcano-plutonic magmatism associated to intramontane basins: the late-Variscan geodynamics recorded in North Sardinia (Italy).

19-9 12.15-12.30: Casini L.*, Maino M. & Montserrat L. : Frictional-viscous heating in strong elliptical inclusions during simple shear.

19-10 12.30-12.45: Roda M.* & Zanoni D. : Multidisciplinary approach to test the thermal state of Biella pluton country rocks.

19-11 12.45-13.00: Spiess R., Caggianelli A., Langone A., Stuart F., Bianco C., Zucchi M., Brogi A.* & Liotta D. : The cooling, deformation and exhumation history of the late Miocene syn-tectonic Porto Azzurro pluton in a transfer zone (Elba Island, Italy).


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

19-12 Pannello 55: Acquafredda P., Festa V., Fornelli A.*, Micheletti F. & Tursi F. : Controlled behavior of anatectic melts in the deep crust by regional tectonics and metamorphic conditions.

19-13 Pannello 56: Cuccuru S.*, Conte A.M., Naitza S., Oggiano G., Secchi F. & Puccini A. : Application of in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry to mapping intrusive complexes: examples from Sàrrabus igneous massif (SE Sardinia, Italy).

19-14 Pannello 57: Fazio E., Fiannacca P., Lombardo R.*, Tomaselli L., Vilardo F. & Cirrincione R. : A combined petro-structural study assisted by UAV-survey of  mafic microgranular enclaves hosted by syn-tectonic tonalites at Rovaglioso outcrop (Calabria-Peloritani Orogen).

19-15 Pannello 58: Fazio E.*, Fiannacca P., Lombardo R. & Cirrincione R. : Interaction between deformation and crustal melt generation at the plastic-brittle transition: a  perspective from exhumed pseudotachylyte-bearing mylonites.

19-16 Pannello 59: Fiannacca P.*, Fazio E., Russo D., Cirrincione R. & Pezzino A. : Submagmatic to solid-state shear-related deformation in late Variscan granitoids from a poly-orogenic mountain belt (Peloritani Mountains, southern Italy).

19-17 Pannello 60: Filippi M.*, Pulcini G., Rebay G., Zanoni D., Vergani D. & Spalla M.I. : Structure and petrography of mafic dykes from Val Camonica, Orobic Alps, Italy.

19-18 Pannello 61: Olvera Garcia E., Bastesen E., Bianco C., Brogi A., Caggianelli A., Garduño Monroy V.H., Liotta D.*, Torabi A., Wheeler W.H. & Zucchi M. : Faults controlling ore deposits distribution in the Las Minas area (Mexico).

S20. Orogenesis and orogenic wedges: a multiscale and multitechinique approach

Conveners and Chairpersons Francesca Remitti (UNIMORE), Luca Aldega (UNIROMA), Stefano Tavani (UNINA), Giulio Viola (UNIBO)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room Q

20-1 14.30-15.00: [KEYNOTE] Lacombe O.* : Thick-skinned tectonics in orogenic forelands: the external western Alps and the western US Laramide Province case studies.

20-2 15.00-15.15: Argnani A.*, Manzi V. , Lugli S. & Roveri M. : The Calabrian Arc orogenic wedge: a Messinian reconstruction .

20-3 15.15-15.30: Rossi F.P.*, Corrado S., Lugli S., Manzi V., Reghizzi M., Roveri M. & Schito A. : Multiproxy Burial and Exhumation Numerical Modelling of the late Miocene succession of the Eastern Romagna Apennines: implications for Messinian salinity crisis-related deposits diagenetic products.

20-4 15.30-15.45: Sternai P.* : Present-day uplift of the European Alps: mechanisms and relative contributions.

20-5 15.45-16.00: Barbero E.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Pandolfi L., Marroni M., Saccani E. & Catanzariti R. : The Ganj Ophiolitic Complex reinterpreted as a Late Cretaceous volcanic arc: implications for the geodynamic evolution of the North Makran domain (SE Iran).

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room Q

20-6 17.00-17.15: Succo A.*, Mittempergher S., Lucca A., Bistacchi A., Meda M. & Storti F. : From layer-parallel shortening and duplexing to fold tightening and strike-slip compartmentalization in the External Dinarides orogenic wedge: the case of platform carbonates folded in the Pag anticline.

20-7 17.15-17.30: Berio L.*, Balsamo F., Bistacchi A., Mittempergher S. & Storti F. : Structural and paleofluid evolution during and after the growth of the Parmelan Anticline, Bornes Massif, Western Alps.

20-8 17.30-17.45: Curzi M.*, Carminati E., Aldega L., Berra F., Billi A., Van der Lelij R. & Viola G. : Architecture and evolution of an extensionally-inverted thrust (Monte Tancia thrust, central Apennines, Italy): geological, structural, geochemical, and K-Ar geochronological constraints.

20-9 17.45-18.00: Lucca A., Storti F., Balsamo F., Clemenzi L.*, Fondriest M., Burgess R. & Di Toro G. : Out-of-sequence thrusting from marine to phreatic conditions in the Gran Sasso Massif, Central Apennines, Italy.

20-10 18.00-18.15: Sabbatino M.*, Vitale S., Consorti L., Corradetti A., Arienzo I., Cipriani A. & Parente M. : Multidisciplinary study of the Miocene forebulge unconformity in central-southern Apennines.

20-11 18.15-18.30: Velicogna M.*, Princivalle F., Petrelli M., Venier M. & Lenaz D. : U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of Cretaceous-Eocene flysch basins of the N-E Adria plate.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central Room

20-13: Federico L.*, Maino M., Crispini L. & Capponi G. : Paleo-depth of fault activity: testing a method based on inversion of fault-slip data.


Tuesday 17 September 20199 - Poster Room

20-12 Pannello 47: D'Intino N.*, Scisciani V. & Esestime P. : The superposition of non-coaxial extensional events in rift basins: a case study from the Utsira High.

20-14 Pannello 48: Barbero E.*, Delavari M., Dolati A., Pandolfi L., Marroni M., Saccani E., Chiari M., Luciani V. & Catanzariti R. : Preliminary stratigraphic and petrological data on the Durkan Complex (Makran accretionary wedge, SE Iran).

20-15 Pannello 49: Basso J.*, Artoni A., Torelli L., Polonia A., Carlini M., Gasperini L. & Mussoni P. : The Plio-Pleistocene Bradano basin and the Southern Apennine Orogenic Wedge: evidences of accretion collision and segmentation of Apulian continental plate.

20-16 Pannello 50: Berardo G., Bonaccorso L., De Filippis G., Di Carlo L., Di Renzo M. E., Emili E., Gencarelli G., Iammarino C., Lavaroni F., Locchi M.E., Modesti M., Mosconi F., Pardo S., Perrotta V., Pignalberi F., Rinaldi F., Ruggiero G., Solfanelli M., Tedesco C., Valente M., Scuderi M., Curzi M., Marmoni G.M., Mercuri M. & Collettini C.* : The M. Tancia regional thrust: geometric, kinematic and mechanical characterization within the Structural Geology course at La Sapienza.

20-17 Pannello 51: Bitonte R.*, Bellentani G., Dall'Igna M., Livio F., Ciabarri F. & Scaramuzzo E. : Validation of structural and depositional models for a reservoir study in southern Apennines:  uncertainty quantification by means of discrete geological scenarios.

20-18 Pannello 52: Cerchiari A.* & Fagereng A. : Low temperature cyclical switching between brittle and ductile deformation inferred from microstructural analysis of quartz shear veins.

20-19 Pannello 53: Panini F., Bettelli G., Carlini M., Fioroni C., Nirta G. & Remitti F.* : A new geological map of the high Sillaro Valley (Northern Apennines, Italy).

20-20 Pannello 54: Tavani S.*, Corradetti A., Sabbatino M. & Mazzoli S. : Geological record of the transition from induced to self-sustained subduction in the Oman Mountains.

S21. Active tectonics and seismotectonics between Northern Apennines and Southern Alps as a complex thrust belt - foredeep system

Conveners and Chairpersons Riccardo Caputo (UNIFE), Emanuela Falcucci (INGV), Maria Eliana Poli (UNIUD), Francesco Emanuele Maesano (INGV)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room D

21-1 08.30-08.45: Serpelloni E.*, Anderlini L., Pintori F., Vannucci G., Tolomei C., De Martini P.M. & Pezzo G. : Kinematics and seismic potential of the Eastern Southern Alps from space geodetic data.

21-2 08.45-09.00: Zanchi A.*, Deaddis M., De Amicis M., Marchetti M., Ravazzi C. & Vezzoli G. : The Holocene deformed succession of Montodine (Cremona, Italy): evidence of recent tectonic activity?

21-3 09.00-09.15: Zampieri D.*, Burrato P. & Vannoli P. : The Schio-Vicenza fault system: field and seismological evidences and open questions.

21-4 09.15-09.30: Romano M.A.*, Peruzza L., Garbin M., Priolo E. & Picotti V. : The Montello thrust image obtained with a dense, high-quality seismic network (Southeastern Alps, Italy).

21-5 09.30-09.45: Busetti M.*, Zgur F., Dal Cin M., Vrabec M. , Baradello L., Böhm G., Brancatelli G., Caffau M., Furlani S., Picotti S. & Zampa L.S. : The effects of the Cenozoic Dinaric and Alpine orogenies in the Gulf of Trieste (North Adriatic Sea).

21-6 09.45-10.00: Patricelli G.* & Poli M.E. : Seismotectonic characterization of active faults in the LGM plain between Udine and Pozzuolo (Friuli, NE Italy).

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room D

21-7 11.30-11.45: Cheloni D.*, Giuliani R., D'Agostino N., Mattone M., Bonano M., Fornaro G., Lanari R., Reale D. & Atzori S. : Active seismotectonics of the Northern Apennines: insights from the 2012 Emilia earthquake sequence.

21-8 11.45-12.00: Mascandola C.*, Massa M., Barani S., Albarello D., Lovati S., Martelli L., Poggi V. & Morasca P. : Seismo-stratigraphic model of the Po Plain (Italy).

21-9 12.00-12.15: Bonadeo L.*, Frigerio C., Ferrario M.F., Livio F., Michetti A.M., Bitonte R., Scaramuzzo E., Zerboni A., Porat N., Fioraso G., Irace A., Catanzariti R., Da Prato S., Ellero A. & Ottria G. : A multidisciplinary approach to the structural setting and morphotectonics of the Eastern Monferrato Arc: new constraints to the seismic hazard assessment of a slowly deforming area.

21-10 12.15-12.30: Zuffetti C.* & Bersezio R. : Late Quaternary  sedimentation and tectonics in the Po Basin: field evidences at the Po Plain-Apennines border (Lombardy).

21-11 12.30-12.45: Teloni S., Invernizzi C.*, Costa M. & Pierantoni P.P. : Seismogenic structures in the onshore-offshore Padano-Adriatic foothills between Emilia Romagna and Marche: a tentative modelling for the evaluation of risks in seismically quiet areas.

21-12 112.45-13.00: Sbarra P., Burrato P.*, Tosi P., Vannoli P., De Rubeis V. & Valensise G. : A new approach to estimate the depth of historical earthquakes: seismotectonic implications for the Northern Apennines and the southern Po Plain.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

21-13 Pannello 62: Bragato P.L.* : Tectonic cycles over a human lifetime: multi-decadal periodicity of strong seismicity in Italy (Alps-Apennines system).

21-14 Pannello 63: Dal Cin M.*, Busetti M., Böhm G., Picotti S., Zgur F. & Camerlenghi A. : 3D velocity depth model and seismic imaging of geological structures in the Gulf of Trieste (North Adriatic Sea), at the south-western edge of Dinarides and Alps.

21-15 Pannello 64: Galderisi A.*, Galli P. & Trotta O. : Evidence of surface ruptures along the Norcia fault during the Mt. Vettore fault earthquake. Passive activation induced by Coulomb stress change?

21-16 Pannello 65: Mele M.*, Zuffetti C., Aliverti Piuri E., Bersezio R., Giudici M., Comunian A. & Contini D. : Geophysical imaging of a buried faulted anticline: the San Colombano hill, southern Po Plain of Lombardy (Northern Italy).

21-17 Pannello 66: Nirta G.*, Piccardi L., Bonini M., Corti G., Montanari D., Moratti G. & Sani F. : Active normal faulting in the Garfagnana and Lunigiana basins. New geomorphic and geological constraints.

21-18 Pannello 67: Scaramuzzo E.*, Livio F., Di Capua A. & Bitonte R. : Crustal wedge structure in the Mt. Campo dei Fiori Area (Lugano - Lake Maggiore area): foredeep implication.

21-19 Pannello 68: Tirincanti E.*, Roccheggiani M. & Menichetti M. : Geometry and kinematics of the Umbro-Marchean Apennines in the Adriatic foreland.

S22. From seismic source to fault using multidisciplinary approaches: the central and southern Apennines as natural laboratory

Conveners and Chairpersons Massimiliano Porreca (UNIPG), Debora Presti (UNIME), Rita de Nardis (UNICH)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room D

22-1 08.30-08.45: [KEYNOTE] Scarpa R.* : The southern Italy 1980 earthquake and the rupture processes of large earthquakes in Italy.

22-2 08.45-09.00: Barreca G., Scarfì L., Gross F., Monaco C.* & De Guidi G. : Fault pattern and seismotectonic potential at the south-western edge of the Ionian Subduction system (southern Italy): new field and geophysical constraints.

22-3 09.00-09.15: Menichetti M.*, Tirincanti E. & Roccheggiani M. : Earthquake ruptures geometries as tools for seismic hazard assessment.

22-4 09.15-09.30: Caporali A.*, Zurutuza J. & Bertocco M. : A time dependent model of elastic stress in the Central Apennines, Italy.

22-5 09.30-09.45: Montone P.* & Mariucci M.T. : The shallow crust in Central Italy depicted by geophysical deep well logs.

22-6 09.45-10.00: Trippetta F.*, Barchi M.R., Borromeo O., Mastellone D., Rosset G. & De Paola N. : Seismic velocity variations of carbonates across the Apennines.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room D

22-7 11.30-11.45: (Invited) Brozzetti F.*, Mondini A.C., Pauselli C., Mancinelli P., Cirillo D., Guzzetti F. & Lavecchia G. : Mainshock anticipated by intra-sequence ground deformations: insights from multiscale field and SAR interferometric measurements.

22-8 11.45-12.00: Buttinelli M.*, Petracchini L., Maesano F.E., Scrocca D., D'Ambrogi C., Di Bucci D., Marino M., Capotorti F., Cavinato G., Bigi S. & RETRACE-3D working group 1,2,3,4 : The impact of high structural complexity on seismotectonics: hints and lessons learned in the areas of the 2016-2018 central Italy seismic sequence in the framework of the RETRACE-3D project.

22-9 12.00-12.15: Puliti I.*, Pizzi A., Benedetti L., Di Domenica A. & Fleury J. : Evolution of an active fault system in an extensional context: the case of the Mt. Vettore system in the central Apennines and insights in its segmentation pattern.

22-10 12.15-12.30: Villani F.*, Maraio S., Bruno P.P., Improta L., Wood K., Civico R., Baccheschi P., Sapia V., Pucci S., Brunori C.A., De Martini P.M., Pantosti P.M., Conti P. & Doglioni C. : High-resolution seismic profiling in the Castelluccio basin: new constraints on the shallow subsurface of the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake fault (central Italy).

22-11 12.30-12.45: de Nardis R., Pandolfi C.*, Monachesi G., Cattaneo M., Marzorati S., Cirillo D., Ferrarini F., Brozzetti F. & Lavecchia G. : High-sampling of multi-layered crust-scale seismogenic deformation in Central-Eastern Italy.

22-12 12.45-13.00: Lavecchia G.*, de Nardis R., Pandolfi C., Monachesi G., Cattaneo M., Marzorati S., Cirillo D., Ferrarini F. & Brozzetti F. : Three-dimensional pattern of lithospheric compression in central Italy – Geodynamic implication.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

22-13: Cortinovis S.*, Balsamo F., Fondriest M., La Valle F. & Di Toro G. : Structural architecture and microstructural properties of the seismogenic Monte Marine fault zone, central Apennines (Italy).


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

22-14 Pannello 46: Cirillo D.*, Brozzetti F., de Nardis R., Lavecchia G., Orecchio B., Presti D. & Totaro C. : Multidisciplinary approach for 3D fault geometry reconstruction: an example from Calabrian-Lucanian boundary in the Mt. Pollino area (Southern Apennines-Italy).

22-15 Pannello 47: De Guidi G.*, Barreca G., Bella D., Brighenti F., Carnemolla F., Figlioli A., Menichetti M., Roccheggiani M. & Monaco C. : Multidisciplinary survey methods of the Fiandaca-Pennisi fault zone reactivated during the 26th December 2018 coseismic and postseismic event.

22-16 Pannello 48: Ferranti L., Pepe F., Barreca G., Meccariello M. & Monaco C.* : Multi-temporal tectonic evolution of Capo 1 Granitola and Sciacca foreland transcurrent faults (Sicily channel).

22-17 Pannello 49: Forlano S.*, Ferranti L. & Milano G. : Recent and active tectonics in the Campanian Plain based on integration of fault kinematics and seismological data: preliminary results.

22-18 Pannello 50: Maraio S.*, Villani F., Serri L., Sapia V., Improta L. & Bruno P.P. : Ultra-shallow imaging of a surface rupture fault of the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 central Italy earthquake from multidisciplinary geophysical approach.

22-19 Pannello 51: Nappi R.*, Paoletti V., Gaudiosi G., Luiso P., Cella F., Florio G. & Fedi M. : A multi-method approach to characterize the geometry of the Paganica and Matese seismogenetic faults (Central-Southern Apennines, Italy).

22-20 Pannello 52: Porreca M.*, Fabbrizzi A., Azzaro S., Pucci S., Del Rio L., Pierantoni P.P., Giorgetti C., Roberts G. & Barchi M.R. : 3D reconstruction of the M. Vettore seismogenic fault system (Central Apennines, Italy): cross-cutting relationship with the M. Sibillini Thrust.

22-21 Pannello 53: Zambrano M.*, Corradetti A., Tavani S., Pitts A., Seers T.D. & Tondi E. : Roughness evaluation of the Monte Vettoretto active fault after the massive 2016 seismic sequence of Central Apennines, Italy.

S23. Analogue and numerical modelling of geological processes: linking observation, interpretation and prediction

Conveners and Chairpersons Marco Bonini (CNR-IGG), Giacomo Corti (CNR-IGG), Francesca Funiciello (UNIROMA3), Antonello Provenzale (CNR-IGG), Pietro Sternai (UNIMIB)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room Q

23-1 15.30-16.00: [KEYNOTE] Ruch J.* : Combining analogue experiments with ground deformation from space to study volcano tectonic processes.

23-2 16.00-16.15: Corbi F.* : Improving subduction megathrusts seismic hazard assessment: a proof of concept based on analog modelling and machine learning.

23-3 16.15-16.30: Cocco F.* & Funedda A. : An attempt at modelling the lithosphere of Sardinia block and surroundings: relationships among isostatic disequilibrium, geomorphic features and neotectonics.

23-4 16.30-16.45: Zwaan F., Corti G., Keir D. & Sani F.* : Factors controlling the structural architecture of continental rift margins: insights from analogue centrifuge models.

23-5 16.45-17.00: Lanzi C.*, Trasatti E. & Battaglia M. : Unveiling the engine of mid-term deformations at Ischia resurgent caldera (Italy) using remote sensing and in situ data.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

23-6: Spreafico M.C.*, Sternai P. & Agliardi F. : Rock-slope failure after deglaciation: rapid response or progressive long-term evolution? Insights from numerical modelling.


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

23-7 Pannello 69: Corti G.*, Nencini R. & Skyttä P. : Modelling the influence of pre-existing brittle fabrics on the development and architecture pull-apart basins.

23-8 Pannello 70: Maestrelli D.*, Bonini M., Corti G., Montanari D. & Moratti G. : Collapsed calderas vs inherited fabrics: insights from analogue modelling.

23-9 Pannello 71: Maestrelli D.*, Bonini M., Corti G., Montanari D. & Moratti G. : Interplay between rift propagation and inherited crustal fabrics: a case study from the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (Mexico).

23-10 Pannello 72: Massaro L.*, Adam J. & Jonade E. : New Granular Rock-Analogue Materials (GRAM) for simulation of multi-scale fault and fracture processes.

23-11 Pannello 73: Regorda A.*, Lardeaux J.-M., Roda M., Marotta A.M. & Spalla M.I. : How many subductions in the Variscan orogeny? Insights from numerical models.

S24. Geology-hydrogeology of karst environments and modeling of preferential flow in variably saturated fractures

Conveners and Chairpersons Maria Clementina Caputo (CNR - IRSA), Giorgio Cassiani (UNIPD), Costantino Masciopinto (CNR IRSA), Mario Parise (UNIBA)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room L

24-1 14.30-14.45: Piccini L.* & Poggetti E. : Hydrodynamic of karst springs in metamorphic carbonate rocks: the case of Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy).

24-2 14.45-15.00: Berardi M., Vurro M. & Portoghese I.* : Modeling hydraulic conductivities of an infiltration trench.

24-3 15.00-15.15: Liso I.S.* & Parise M. : Micro-climatic aspects at the karst system of Vora Bosco (Salento, Southern Italy).

24-4 15.15-15.30: Vigna B. & Fiorucci A.* : Conceptual models related to underground circulation in carbonate aquifers1.

24-5 15.30-15.45: [KEYNOTE] Wang X.* & Jourde H. : Numerical models of karst processes.

24-6 15.45-16.00: Liso I.S., Masciopinto C. & Parise M.* : Hydrogeological model to study natural water flow in karstified and fractured aquifers.

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room L

24-7 17.00-17.15: Bordoni M., Valentino R.*, Meisina C. & Bittelli M. : Detailed analysis of soil-atmosphere interactions in two sample sites in Oltrepò Pavese.

24-8 17.15-17.30: Nimmo J.R. & Perkins K.S.* : Preferential flow dynamics in unsaturated zone hydrology.

24-9 17.30-17.45: [KEYNOTE] Perkins K.S.* & Nimmo J.R. : Estimation of Preferential Flow Contributions to Aquifer Recharge Based on Hydrograph Analysis.

24-10 17.45-18.00: Caputo M.C.*, Nimmo J.R. & Perkins K.S. : Characterization of Episodic Recharge in a Fractured and Karst Coastal Aquifer by Episodic Master Recession Analysis.

24-11 18.00-18.15: Caputo M.C., De Carlo L.*, Masciale R., Perkins K.S. & Turturro A.C. : Combined approaches to provide evidence of preferential flow in a layered vadose zone during artificial rainfall.

24-12 18.15-18.30: Turturro A.C.*, Nimmo J.R., Perkins K.S. & Caputo M.C. : Evidence of No Preferential Flow in Porous Rock by Testing the Validity of the Darcy-Buckingham Law in a Centrifugal Field.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central Room

24-13: Zucchini A.*, Cirilli S., Comodi P., Mitillo N., Lanzafame G. & Frondini F. : The influence of the dolomitization process on texture and porosity of carbonates.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

24-14 Pannello 55: Arcari A.*, Dall'Aglio M., Balsamo F., Menezes D., Bagni F. & Bezerra F.H.R. : Structural control on karst system in folded layered carbonates, Potiguar basin, NE Brazil.

24-15 Pannello 56: Gentile P., Iaia C., Liso I.S.* & Parise M. : Occurrence of flash floods in the karst environment of Apulia (Southern Italy).

24-16 Pannello 57: Martinelli G.* & Tamburello G. : Influence of tectonic CO2 degassing on the occurrence of earthquake precursors.

24-17 Pannello 58: Pintori F.*, Serpelloni E., Longuevergne L., Belardinelli M.E., Gualandi A. & Scoccimarro E. : Water storage changes and crustal deformation in karst regions: examples from the Venetian Southern Alps.

S25. Geosciences for disaster risk reduction: problems, solutions and perspective

Conveners and Chairpersons Fausto Guzzetti (CNR IRPI), Warner Marzocchi (UNINA)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room A

25-1 08.30-08.45: Giuffrè M.*, Benigni M.S., Coltella M., Martelli L., Pietrosante A. & Romani M. : Seismic microzonation and analysis of the Emergency Limit Condition - Useful tools for the seismic risk mitigation.

25-2 08.45-09.15: [KEYNOTE] Marzocchi W.*, Falcone G. & Taroni M. : Progresses and challenges for Operational Earthquake Forecasting in Italy.

25-3 09.15-09.30: Fiorucci F.*, Ardizzone F., Santangelo M., Bucci F., Allasia P., Alvioli M., Baldo M., Bianchi C., Brunetti M.T., Cavalli M., Clerissi F., Crema S., Donnini M., Giordan D., Guzzetti F., Marchesini I., Marchi L., Melillo M., Mondini A.C., Peruccacci S., Reichenbach P., Rossi M., Salvati P. & Cardinali M. : The 2016 Central Italy Seismic Sequence: emergency and post-emergency activities.

25-4 09.30-09.45: Peruccacci S.*, Brunetti M.T., Gariano S.L., Melillo M., Rossi M. & Guzzetti F. : National and regional empirical rainfall thresholds for possible shallow landslide occurrence in Italy.

25-5 09.45-10.00: Buondonno E., Cubellis E.*, Delizia I., Luongo G. & Ricci F. : Ischia Island: a model for sustainable development and natural risk mitigation.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room A

25-6 11.30-11.45: Cappello A.*, Ganci G., Bilotta G., Corradino C., Hérault A. & Del Negro C. : Assessing lava flow risk at Etna volcano.

25-7 11.45-12.15:[KEYNOTE] Rossi M.*, Guzzetti F., Salvati P., Donnini M., Napolitano E. & Bianchi C. : Modelling societal landslide risk in Italy.

25-8 12.15-12.30: Gioia E.* & Marincioni F. : Analyzing flood risk perception to connect forecasting and alert agencies with the community: the case of the life primes project.

25-9 12.30-12.45: Pepe A.*, Zhao Q., Kubanek J., Falabella F., Yin J., Yu D., Lin N., Ma G. & Liu M. : Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Experiments over the Ocean-Reclaimed Lands of Shanghai:  Long-term flood Hazard Modeling and Urban Infrastructure Monitoring.

25-10 12.45-13.00: Versace P.*, Capparelli G., Biondi D., Cruscomagno F., Vacha D. & Galasso L. : People's vulnerability to floods: the EVIL model.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room A

25-11 15.30-15.45: Gioia E.* & Marincioni F. : A comparison between empirical landslide predictive models applied to the Marche region (Central Italy).

25-12 15.45-16.15: [KEYNOTE] Meletti C.*, Marzocchi W., D'Amico V., Luzi L., Martinelli F., Pace B., Rovida A., Visini F. & MPS16 Working Group : MPS19: the updated seismic hazard model of Italy as an example of state-of-the-art in PSHA.

25-13 16.15-16.30: Allasia P.*, Godone D., Wrzesniak A., Notti D., Baldo M., Faccini F., Elter F.M. & Poggi F. : The importance of integrated monitoring approach: the case study of Arzeno (Graveglia Valley - Ligurian Apennine,Italy).

25-14 16.30-16.45: Marchesini I.*, Salvati P., Rossi M., Donnini M., Guzzetti F., Sterlacchini S., Zazzeri M., Cappellini G. & Voltolina D. : A statistical procedure used for the flood hazard zonation at national scale.

25-15 16.45-17.00: Sterlacchini S.*, Zazzeri M., Cappellini G., Voltolina D., Marchesini I., Salvati P., Rossi M., Donnini M. & Guzzetti F. : A GIS-based application to support decision makers in preparedness and response to flood-related risks.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

24-16: Grezio A.*, Ardizzone F., Bucci F., Guzzetti F. & Marzocchi W. : Seismic- and Meteo-induced Landslides in Emilia Romagna.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

25-17 Pannello 54: Alvioli M.*, Guzzetti F. & Marchesini I. : Automatic delineation of slope units and terrain classification of Italy.

25-18 Pannello 55: Brunetti M.T.*, Peruccacci S., Rossi M., Marchesini I., Denti B., Solimano M., Martinotti M.E., Balducci V. & Guzzetti F. : Regional landslide early warning systems in Italy.

25-19 Pannello 56: Chiappetta G.D.*, Gervasi A., Festa R.L. & La Rocca M. : Seismic site effects in the area of Tortora (Northern Calabria).

25-20 Pannello 57: Martinotti M.E.*, Marchesini I., Rossi M., Peruccacci S. & Guzzetti F. : Local indexes, based on a nationwide threshold, for rainfall-induced landslides.

25-21 Pannello 58: Porfido S., Nappi R.*, Gaudiosi G., Alessio G. & Michetti A.M. : Between ethics and territorial planning: the value of the ESI-2007 scale.

25-22 Pannello 59: Rossi M.*, Marchesini I., Martinotti M.E., Brunetti M.T., Peruccacci S., Balducci V. & Guzzetti F. : Landslide early warning: lessons learned after 10-year experience in Italy.

25-23 Pannello 60: Versace P., Capparelli G., Spolverino G.* & Galasso L. : Laboratory tests on pyroclastic soil to simulate the infiltration processes responsible of landslide trigger.

S26. Approaches for evaluation and protection of groundwater resources

Conveners and Chairpersons Daniela Ducci (UNINA), Emma Petrella (UNIPR), Stefania Stevenazzi (UNIMI)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room N

26-1 14.30-15.00: [KEYNOTE] Di Curzio D.* & Rusi S. : Stationary and non-stationary geostatistics to model 3-D hydraulic conductivity distribution: a case study in the southern Po river plain.

26-2 15.00-15.15: Portoghese I.*, Demichele F., Fidelibus D. & Vurro M. : Infiltration ponds adopted for treated wastewater disposal: a risk-assessment approach in the Apulia region.

26-3 15.15-15.30: Barbagli A.*, Guastaldi E., Giannuzzi M., Borsi I., Lotti F., Basile P., Schembri M. & Sapiano M. : 3-Dimentional geological reconstruction of the Maltese archipelago geology as a tool for a better understanding on the main Maltese groundwater bodies.

26-4 15.30-15.45: Barbero D.*, Bucci A., De Luca D.A., Forno M.G. & Lasagna M. : A new thermal model of the shallow aquifer by statistical temperature distribution in the Piedmont Po Plain (NW Italy).

26-5 15.45-16.00: Apollaro C.*, Fuoco I., De Rosa R., Vespasiano G., Gabriele B., Mancuso R., Criscuoli A. & Figoli A. : Natural polluted waters in Calabria Region (Italy): preliminary data on arsenic contamination and treatment.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central  Room

26-6: Severini E.*, Pinardi M., Racchetti E., Celico F. & Bartoli M. : Evidences of diffuse water and nitrate input via river-groundwater interactions in a regulated river: flood irrigation as main driver?

26-7: Stellato L.*, Allocca V., Arienzo M., Coda S., De Vita P., Di Rienzo B., D'Onofrio A., Ferrara L., Marzaioli F. & Trifuoggi M. : Multi-disciplinary study to characterize groundwater flow processes and quality in an agriculture impacted volcanic-sedimentary coastal aquifer in the archaeological site of Cumae (Phlegraean Fields, southern Italy).


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

26-8 Pannello 59: Barbero D.*, Bucci A., De Luca D.A., Forno M.G. & Lasagna M. : Thermal data as a tool for groundwater flow velocity determination in aquifer recharge areas.

26-9 Pannello 60: Capizzi P.*, Martorana R., Favara R., Albano L., Bonfardeci A., Costa N. & Gagliano A.L. : Geophysical and hydrological model of "Barcellona-Milazzo plain" groundwater body.

26-10 Pannello 61: Chiaudani A., Di Curzio D. & Rusi S.* : The role of snow melting and rainfall on the discharge and physico-chemical characteristics of springs: a statistical analysis in Central Apennines.

26-11 Pannello 62: Corniello A., Del Gaudio E., Ducci D.* & Stellato L. : The well fields of the Maggiore e Tifata mountains (Campania Region): new hydrochemical and isotopic data.

26-12 Pannello 63: Deluca F.*, Mongelli G., Paternoster M., Sinisi R. & Zhu Y. : Rare earth element speciation in volcanic groundwater: the Mount Vulture aquifer (Southern Italy).

26-13 Pannello 64: Ducci D.* & Sellerino M. : A Modified AVI Model to Map Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination: case studies in Southern Italy.

26-14 Pannello 65: Iván V., Masetti M., Mádl-Szőnyi J., Pollicino L.C. & Stevenazzi S.* : Spatial and statistical analysis of factors influencing groundwater vulnerability on the study area of the Gömör-Torna Karst (Hungary and Slovakia).

26-15 Pannello 66: Petrella E.*, Chiari A., Segadelli S. & Celico F. : Hydrogeological and isotopic characterization of an ophiolite aquifer (Monte Zirone, Northern Apennines, Italy).

26-16 Pannello 67: Raimondo M.*, Chelli A., Celico F., Iacumin P. & Petrella E. : Hydrogeological and isotopic investigation to define the hydrological behaviour of a complex landslide: a case study in the Northern Apennines (Italy).

26-17 Pannello 68: Vespasiano G., Apollaro C., Muto F., Tripodi V., Fuoco I.*, Dotsika E. & De Rosa R. : Hydrogeochemical, isotopic and geological characterization of the thermal areas in the Calabria region.

S27. Geologic and geothematic mapping in a dynamic country: maps, database and data dissemination

Conveners and Chairpersons Fabrizio Berra (UNIMI), Chiara D'Ambrogi (ISPRA Roma)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room M

27-1 15.30-15.45: Montepeloso M., Zanchetta S.*, Berio L. & Zanchi A. : Geological-Structural map of the Late Carboniferous – Early Permian Orobic basin in the upper Brembana Valley (Orobic Alps, N Italy).

27-2 15.45-16.00: Funari V., Rizzieri A.* & Dinelli E. : SuoliBo-HD: preliminary results of the high-density magnetic mapping of the Bologna topsoils from the public green and other outcropping urban soils.

27-3 16.00-16.15: Berti D.*, Basi M., Bonomo R., Marino M., Pampaloni M.L., Ricci V., Rossi M., Silvestri S. & Urbani A. : Geological mapping and first level seismic microzonation in Abruzzo: case studies in the Aventino basin (southern Abruzzo).

27-4 16.15-16.30: Conti P.*, Cornamusini G. & Carmignani L. : Geological map of the Italian Northern Apennines (Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Tuscany, Umbria regions) at 1:250.000 scale, with GIS vector data.

27-5 16.30-16.45: Carta R.*, Muraro C., Bonomo R., D'Angelo S., Martarelli L., Papasodaro F., Ricci V. & Vita L. : The Lithological Database of the CARG Project.

27-6 16.45-17.00: Vennari C.*, Casarano D., Marchesini I., Salvati P., Parise M. & Lollino P. : A regional geodatabase on landslide, flood and sinkholes for civil protection application.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

27-7: d'Atri A.*, Barale L. , Borghi A., Dino G., Favero-Longo S.E., Gambino F., Giardino M., Lombardo V., Martire L., Perotti L. & Piana F. : The Piemonte Ornamental Stones geodatabase compliant with the "GeoPiemonte Map" web-GIS service.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

27-8 Pannello 61: Bahrambeygi B., Moeinzadeh H. & Alavipanh SK.* : Effect of types of Atmospheric corrections on Hyperspectral processing in lithology mapping, Case study of Iranian S-E Ophiolitic lithology.

27-9 Pannello 62: Federico L., Scarsi M., Crispini L., Piazza M. & Capponi G.* : Mapping a HP belt and its sedimentary cover: interplay between tectonics and sedimentation (Ligurian Alps, Italy).

27-10 Pannello 63: Taussi M.*, Borghi W., Gliaschera M., Del Moro S., Di Gregorio A. & Renzulli A. : Defining the potential of Ground Source Heat Exchanger (GSHE) through a geological-based thermal modelling: a GIS approach applied to Fano Municipality (Marche region, Italy).

S28. Geomorphological Hazards and Cartography

Conveners and Chairpersons Alessandro Chelli (UNIPR), Edoardo Rotigliano (UNIPA), Massimiliano Bordoni (UNIPV)


Tuesday 17 September 2019 [14.30-16.00] - Room M

28-1 14.30-14.45: Giacomelli S.*, Sgavetti M., Bertoni D., Rossi V., Lammoglia T., Leonelli G. & Chelli A. : Integrated use of geomorphological and open-access remote sensing data: examples from different case studies.

28-2 14.45-15.00: Bosino A.*, Bernini A., Botha G., Omran A., Pellegrini L. & Maerker M. : Using web-based applications to enhance traditional geomorphic mapping: a case study of the Upper Mkhomazi River basin, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

28-3 15.00-15.15: Conoscenti C., Martinello C., Agnesi V. & Rotigliano E.* : Gully erosion susceptibility maps in Sicily through data mining techniques .

28-4 15.15-15.30: Bonomo A.E.*, Prosser G., Rizzo G., Bentivenga M. & Acito A.M. : The negative space: a geological journey into an open pit quarry.

28-5 15.30-15.45: Gemignani C.A., Giacomelli S., Leonelli G. & Chelli A.* : Historical maps as source of information on temporal distribution of landslide events in the Northern Apennines.

28-6 15.45-16.00: Ivy-Ochs S., Martin S.*, Viganò A., Campedel P., Rossato S., Vockenhuber C. & Rigo M. : Historic and pre-historic landslide activity along the lake Garda - Brenta Group channel area (NE Italy).

Tuesday 17 September 2019 [17.00-18.30] - Room M

28-7 17.00-17.15: Valletta A.*, Cavalca E., Savi R. & Segalini A. : Advantages of innovative automatic inclinometers applied to landslides monitoring for early warning activities.

28-8 7.15-17.30: Guarino P.M.*, Amanti M., Chiessi V., Fiano V., Guarneri E.M., Marasciulo T., Olivetta L., Pistocchi L., Roma M., Serafini R. & Vitale V. : Landslides in the Sibillini Mountains National Park (Central Apennines, Italy).

28-9 17.30-17.45: Cafiso F., Cappadonia C.*, Rotigliano E. & Sulli A. : Seismic-induced rockfalls: Correlations between the slope aspect and seismic source.

28-10 17.45-18.00: Nsengiyumva J.B., Valentino R.*, Sobio Y., Mizero J., Nsengiyumva F., Bordoni M. & Meisina C. : Site-specific to large-scale landslides susceptibility assessment in Rwanda.

28-11 18.00-18.15: Rossi M.*, Santangelo M., Alvioli M., Marchesini I., Cardinali M., Bucci F. & Fiorucci F. : Composite landslide susceptibility maps.

28-12 18.15-18.30: Martinello C.*, Rotigliano E., Conoscenti C. & Agnesi V. : Investigation of prediction errors in the landslide susceptibility statistical models through multiple nested MARS analyzes: application in the Caldera area of Ilopango (El Salvador, C.A.).

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Central Room

28-13: Bordoni M.*, Lucchelli L., Corradini B. & Meisina C. : Reconstruction of lithotechnical terrain units for the assessment of shallow landslides hazard in Oltrepò Pavese (northern Italy).

28-14: Giacomelli S.*, Lammoglia T. & Sgavetti M. : A SRTM-based geomorphometric analysis aimed at (neo)tectonics activity detection: a case study from an intracratonic area (Mato Grosso, Brazil).


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

28-15 Pannello 69: Guerra C., Guerra V.* & Nesci O. : Geomorphological cartography in urban coastal settlements: the Rimini town case history (Emilia-Romagna, Italy).

28-16 Pannello 70:.Leonelli G.*, Celico F., Petrella E., Francese R. & Chelli A. : Integrating GIS and tree-ring techniques for characterizing surface movements of landslides in the Northern Apennines: challenges, strengths and limitations at the Carobbio study site.

28-17 Pannello 71: Rotigliano E., Martinello C.*, Cappadonia C. & Agnesi V. : Integrating pixel analysis into slope units landslide susceptibility mapping: an application to the Imera river basin.

S29. Recent advances in fluid geochemistry in active volcanic and geothermal areas: following Mariano Valenza

Conveners and Chairpersons Alessandro Aiuppa (UNIPA), Sergio Gurrieri (INGV), Franco Tassi (UNIFI), Jacopo Cabassi (UNIFI), Carlo Cardellini (UNIPG)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room N

29-1 08.30-08.45: [KEYNOTE] Chiodini G.*, Beddini G., Caliro S., Cardellini C., Frondini F. & Rosiello A. : Measuring and interpreting CO2 and advective heat fluxes at regional scale: the case of Apennines, Italy.

29-2 08.45-09.00: Calabrese S.*, Li Vigni L., Brugnone F. & Capasso G. : The precious "scientific heritage" of Mariano Valenza: the unknown history of Ludovico Sicardi and the birth of the modern volcanology.

29-3 09.00-09.15: Di Martino R.M.R.*, Capasso G. & Camarda M. : The on-field measurements of 13C/12C of the CO2 improve the consolidated practices of volcano monitoring.

29-4 09.15-09.30: Federico C.*, Bellomo S., Brusca L., Calabrese S., D'Alessandro W., Falcone E.E. & Longo M. : Bioavailability of trace and ultratrace elements in soils in the Mt. Etna volcanic area: the role of the emission source and insights on their mobility in the interstitial solution.

29-5 09.30-09.45: Tamburello G.* & Carbonara N. : Distribution of the thermal springs in the world in relation to active volcanic and tectonic areas.

29-6 09.45-10.00: Moretti R.*, Moune S., Robert V., Bonifacie M., Jessop D. & Komorowski JC. : A geochemical reappraisal of the hydrothermal system of La Soufrière of Guadeloupe (French West Indies) with implications for unrest.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room N

29-7 11.30-11.45: Tassi F.* : Past and present of geochemical investigations on meromictic volcanic lakes: hints for the next future.

29-8 11.45-12.00: Rouwet D.*, Tamburello G., Procesi M., Venturi S., Santi A., Chiodini G., Pecoraino G., Ricci T., Cabassi J. & Tassi F. : Resuming volcanic surveillance at Lake Albano: updates on the dissolved gas content and vertical temperature profiles.

29-9 12.00-12.15: Venturi S.*, Cabassi J., Butturini A., Vazquez E., Pacini N., Tassi F., Vaselli O., Amalfitano S., Crognale S., Rossetti S., Harper D.M., Capecchiacci F. & Fazi S. : Tropical saline-alkaline lakes as a major source of greenhouse gases: evidence from lake Sonachi, Kenya.

29-10 12.15-12.30: Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F., Magi F.*, Vaselli O., Tassi F., Montalvo F., Esquivel I., Grassa F. & Caprai A. : Water and dissolved gas geochemistry at Coatepeque, Ilopango and Chanmico volcanic lakes (El Salvador, Central America).

29-11 12.30-12.45: Cardellini C.*, Chiodini G., Frondini F., Caliro S., Avino R., Bagnato E., Beddini G. & Rosiello A. : Carbon dioxide diffuse emission in volcanic and hydrothermal areas: monitoring volcanic activity and impact on carbon global emissions.

29-12 12.45-13.00: Gagliano A.L.*, Daskalopoulou K. & D'Alessandro W. : New perspectives in geothermal CH4 output estimation.

Wednesday 18 September 2019 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room N

29-13 15.30-15.45: Lelli M.*, Taramaeli M., Ariph K., Sadock J., Pisani P., Pasqua C., Principe C., Mnzava F., Armadillo E., Rizzello D. & Mkangala A. : Relationships between CO2 soil degassing and regional/local fault systems in the Kiejo-Mbaka geothermal prospect (Tanzania).

29-14 15.45-16.00: Li Vigni L.*, D'Alessandro W., Cardellini C., Daskalopoulou K., Calabrese S. & Brugnone F. : Preliminary study on geogenic degassing through the big karstic aquifers of Greece.

29-15 16.00-16.15: Mancini A.*, Frondini F., Capezzuoli E., Galvez Mejia E., Lezzi G., Matarazzi D., Brogi A. & Swennen R. : Travertine masses from western Central Italy and natural Earth degassing: an approach to evaluate the geogenic CO2 flux.

29-16 16.15-16.30: Bini G.*, Chiodini G., Cardellini C., Vougioukalakis G.E. & Bachmann O. : Estimating the energetic budget of hydrothermal systems using diffuse emission of CO2: the case of Nisyros (Greece).

29-17 16.30-16.45: Nicodemi L.*, Brogi A., Capezzuoli E., D'Orazio M., Fulignati P. & Zanchetta G. : Unravelling hypogean mineralizing fluids from the geochemistry of epigean travertines: insights from central-southern Tuscan (Italy).

29-18 16.45-17.00: Ruggieri G., Orlando A.* & Borrini D. : The synthesis of fluid inclusions: from the lab to geothermal wells.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

29-19: Di Martino R.M.R.*, Camarda M. & Gurrieri S. : The monitoring of hydrogen and carbon dioxide at Stromboli volcano.


Tuesday 17 September 2019 - Poster Room

29-17 Pannello 74: Falcone E.E.*, Federico C., Boudoire G., Brusca L., Bellomo S. & Saiano F. : Geochemistry of trace metals and REE in low temperature hydrothermal areas in Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, Italy).

29-20 Pannello 75: Aiuppa A.* : Global trends in volcanic gas composition.

29-21 Pannello 76: Brugnone F.*, Calabrese S., D'Alessandro W. , Li Vigni L. & Parello F. : The impact of Mt. Etna's ash plume on the chemical composition of meteoric deposition.

29-22 Pannello 77: Chiodini G.* & Caliro S. : Magma degassing episodes at volcanoes in hydrothermal activity.

29-23 Pannello 78: Fazi S.*, Tassi F., Rossetti S., Pratesi P., Ceccotti M., Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F. , Venturi S. & Vaselli O. : The microbial community structure in a meromictic volcanic lake (Lake Averno, Italy).

29-24 Pannello 79: Fuoco I.*, Apollaro C., Vespasiano G., Timpano A., Cundari F. & De Rosa R. : Chemical weathering rates and CO2 consumption in the eastern sector of Sila Massif (Calabria, Italy) inferred from riverine water chemistry.

29-25 Pannello 80: Grezio A.*, Costa A., Rouwet D. & Chiodini G. : Modelling the dynamics of volcanic lakes: Nyos Lake (Cameroon) and Albano Lake (Italy).

29-26 Pannello 81: Meloni F.*, Vaselli O., Nisi B., Rappuoli D., Cabassi J. & Bianchi F. : Geochemical features of the shallow aquifer in the former mining area of Abbadia San Salvatorer (Tuscany, central Italy).

29-28 Pannello 82: Procesi M.*, Cinti D., Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F., Caracausi A., Pizzino L., Fazi S. & Casentini B. : Does the anthropogenic lake Ex-Snia, in the centre of Rome, simulate the characteristics of a volcanic lake? 

29-29 Pannello 83: Randazzo P.*, Caracausi A., Apollaro C., Cardellini C., Chiodini G., Paternoster M., Rosiello A. & Aiuppa A. : Fluid geochemistry and CO2 output in the southern Apennine (Italy): Preliminary results.

29-30 Pannello 84: Rosiello A.*, Cardellini C., Chiodini G., Frondini F. & Caliro S. : CO2 Earth Degassing in Southern Italy: quantification and source identification of the main regional aquifers of the Southern Apennines and Gargano Promontory.

29-31 Pannello 85: Tassi F.*, Inostroza M. , Sepúlveda J., Capecchiacci F. & Aguilera F. : Preliminary geochemical investigation of the Colpitas hydrothermal system, northern Chile.

29-32 Pannello 86: Tassi F., Cabassi J.*, Andrade C., Callieri C., Silva C., Viveiros F., Corno G., Vaselli O., Selmo E., Gallorini A., Ricci A., Giannini L. & Cruz J.V. : Mechanisms regulating CO2 and CH4 dynamics in the Azorean volcanic lakes (São Miguel Island, Portugal).

S30. Legacy and new applications of stable-isotope geochemistry

Conveners and Chairpersons Riccardo Petrini (UNIPI); Lisa Ghezzi (UNIPI); Maddalena Pennisi (IGG-CNR)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Conference hall

30-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Rodushkin I.*, Pallavicin N. & Engström E. : Novel application of MC-ICP-MS for stable isotope measurements.

30-2 09.00-09.15: Varrica D.*, Tamburo E., Alaimo M.G., Losno R. & Monna F. : Use of lead isotopic fingerprint in human scalp hair to identify potential sources of pollution in industrial Sicilian sites (Italy).

30-3 09.15-09.30: Dordoni M., Pennisi M.*, Agostini S., Dini A., Di Giuseppe P., Rielli A., Provenzale A., Bianchini G., Natali C., Marchina C. & Cidu R. : First isotopic analyses in fluid samples using MC-ICP-MS (NEPTUNE PLUSTM): results on Boron-poor fluvial and rain water (Adige basin).

30-4 09.30-09.45: [KEYNOTE] Regattieri E.*, Zanchetta G., Drysdale R.N., Giaccio B., Isola I., Mannella G., Nomade S. & Hellstrom J.C. : Hydrological significance of δ18O composition of speleothems and lakes carbonates from Apennine sites (Italy): a coherent hydrological framework for the Last Interglacial period.

30-5 09.45-10.00: Cavazzini G.* : Inter-measurement determination of the isotopic composition of Sr (II).


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

30-6 Pannello 64: Boito M.*, Iacumin P. & Ogrinc N. : The link between groundwater and milk in the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese production area: validation with the isotopic analysis for food traceability.

30-7 Pannello 65: Doveri M., Stenni B., Giannecchini R., Petrini R.*, Ghezzi L. , Dreossi G. & Menichini M. : Characteristics of hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopes in water from an area impacted by past-mining activity in southern Apuan Alps (Italy).

30-8 Pannello 66: Ghezzi L.*, Petrini R., Castorina F., Scotti C., Ottria G. & Bartelletti A. : Trace element composition and Sr-isotope ratio in wine, must and soil from a high-altitude vineyard in the Apuan Alps UNESCO Global Geopark (Italy).

30-9 Pannello 67: Lutman A., Petrini R.* & Ghezzi L. : Chromium-isotope systematics, new insights from a contaminated area in the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region.

30-10 Pannello 68: Maccelli C.*, Avanzinelli R., Casalini M., Nisi B., Vaselli O. & Mason P. : Heavy metals in surface waters and suspended solids from the Usciana River (Tuscany, central Italy).

30-11 Pannello 69: Macrì A.* & Iacumin P. : Paleoclimate reconstruction using freshwater organisms from prehistoric shell midden.

30-12 Pannello 70: Pennisi M.*, Agostini S., Dini A., Dordoni M., Di Giuseppe P., Rielli A., Provenzale A. & Rodushkin I. : Boron isotopic analyses in fluid samples: PTIMS VERSUS MC-ICP-MS (Neptune PLUSTM).

30-13 Pannello 71: Vaselli O., Tarchiani U., Nisi B.* & Cabassi J. : Geochemical and isotopic investigation on underground waters affected by high sulfate contents.

S31. Geochemistry of mercury: from noble metal to global pollutant

Conveners and Chairpersons Stefano Covelli (UNITS), Orlando Vaselli (UNIFI), Barbara Nisi (IGG-CNR)


Wednesday 18 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Room D

31-1 15.30-16.00: [KEYNOTE] Pirrone N.* : What are the major challenges that should be taken on board in supporting nations in the implementation of the Minamata convention on mercury.

31-2 16.00-16.15: Cabassi J.*, Rimondi V., Yeqing Z., Vacca A., Vaselli O., Buccianti A. & Costagliola P. : 100 years of high GEM concentration in the Central Italian Herbarium and Tropical Herbarium Studies Centre (Florence, Italy).

31-3 16.15-16.30: Monaci F.*, McLagan D.S., Rappuoli D., Huang H., Lei Y. D., Mitchell C.P.J. & Wania F. : Long-term monitoring and modeling of gaseous mercury concentrations around the abandoned mine of Abbadia San Salvatore: the potential of passive sampling for detecting variation patterns and effects of emission-reduction associated with remediation works.

31-4 16.30-16.45: Acquavita A.*, Brandolin D., Felluga A., Maddaleni P., Meloni C., Poli L., Skert N. & Zanello A. : Mercury distribution and speciation in soils contaminated by historically mining activity: The Isonzo River plain (NE Italy).

31-5 16.45-17.00: Bianchi F.*, Rappuoli D., Vaselli O., Nisi B. & Esposito A. : Distribution of mercury, antimony and arsenic in the terrains from the former mining area of Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena, central Italy).

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Central Room

31-6: Petranich E.*, Pavoni E., Signore S. & Covelli S. : Mercury mobility in harbour sediments: evidence from selective sequential extraction and short-term microcosm resuspension experiments (northern Adriatic Sea, Italy).

31-7: Magi F.*, Cabassi J., Capecchiacci F., Giannini L., Nisi B., Pandeli E., Rappuoli D., Tassi F., Venturi S. & Vaselli O. : Mercury in groundwater from the Mt. Amiata area (central Italy).


Wednesday 18 September 2019 - Poster Room

31-8 Pannello 87: Cabassi J., Di Bennardo F., Venturi S.*, Tassi F., Nisi B., Magi F., Ricci A., Picchi G. & Vaselli O. : Gaseous Elemental Mercury (GEM) fluxes from the soil of the hydrothermal area of Monterotondo Marittimo (Grosseto, Central Italy).

31-9 Pannello 88: Covelli S.*, Langone L., Petranich E., Acquavita A., Giordano P. & Giani M. : Spatial and temporal distribution of mercury in the recent sediments of the Adriatic Sea.

31-10 Pannello 89: Fantozzi L.*, Marziali L., Valsecchi L., Schiavon A., Orrù A. & Guerrieri N. : First investigation of atmospheric mercury pollution around the chlor-alkali plant of Pieve Vergonte (Italian central Alps).

31-11 Pannello 90: Pasquetti F., Zanchetta G., Vaselli O., Nisi B.*, Bianchi S., Mirri S. & Nannucci S.M. : New insight into Hg origin in the Orbetello lagoon (Tuscany, Italy).

31-12 Pannello 91: Valerio M.*, Ghezzi L. & Petrini R. : Mercury contamination in soils of an urban setting and the pathways of dispersion.

31-13 Pannello 92: Vaselli O.*, Nisi B., Rappuoli D., Cabassi J., Esposito A. & Tassi F. : Discontinuous monitoring of Gaseous Elemental Mercury in the former mining area of Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena, central Italy).

S32. New developments and challenges in volcanology: insights from experimental, analytical and field studies

Conveners and Chairpersons Alessandro Vona (UNIROMA3), Laura Spina (INGV), Daniele Morgavi (UNIPG), Stefania Sicola (UNIROMA3), Eugenio Nicotra (UNICAL)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [08.30-10.00] - Room N

32-1 08.30-09.00: [KEYNOTE] Del Bello E.*, Taddeucci J. & Scarlato P. : Investigating the behaviour of volcanic ash using controlled laboratory experiments.

32-2 09.00-09.15: Spina L.*, Morgavi D., Cannata A. & Perugini D. : Experimental investigations on degassing behavior and related seismo-acoustic markers: the effect of complex conduit geometries.

32-3 09.15-09.30: Kazarian A.*, Cáceres F., Scheu B., Vona A., Misiti V., Dingwell D.B. & Romano C. : An experimental overview on the role of decompression on bubble formation in trachytic magma.

32-4 09.30-09.45: Frontoni A.*, Vona A., Giordano G., Viccaro M. & Romano C. : Clastogenic lava flow: the case study from Mount Etna.

32-5 09.45-10.00: Pisello A.*, Vetere F.P., Murri M., Alvaro M., Rossi S., Holtz F. & Perugini D. : Viscosity of ultramafic melts during cooling: insights for emplacement of Martian lava flows.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Room N

32-6 11.30-11.45: [KEYNOTE] González-García D.*, Petrelli M., Behrens H., Vetere F., Morgavi D., Giordano D. & Perugini D. : Diffusive fractionation of trace elements between mixing melts: the experimental approach.

32-7 111.45-12.00: Rossi S.*, Petrelli M., Morgavi D., Vetere F.P., Almeev R.R., Astbury R.L. & Perugini D. : Role of magma mixing in the pre-eruptive dynamics of the Aeolian Islands volcanoes (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy).

32-8 12.00-12.15: Di Salvo S.*, Avanzinelli R., Isaia R., Druitt T.H. & Francalanci L. : The role of new magma recharges and crystal-mush interaction in the Campanian Ignimbrite activity, revealed by geochemical and isotope micro-analyses.

32-9 12.15-12.30: Monaco L.*, Giaccio B., Palladino D.M., Gaeta M., Sottili G., Marra F., Castorina F., Nomade S., Pereira A. & Albert P.G. : Early explosive activity at Vico volcano, central Italy: a new perspective from proximal and distal sedimentary archives.

32-10 112.30-13.00: [KEYNOTE] Petrelli M.* & Zellmer G. : Volcanic plumbing system dynamics: unravelling rates and timescales of magma transfer, storage, and eruption.

IES - Interactive Extended Session

Thursday 19 September 2019 - Central Room

32-11: Cubellis E., Pappalardo L.* & Petrosino P. : Eruptive dynamics during violent strombolian Vesuvius 1906 eruption.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

32-12 Pannello 72: Frontoni A.*, Costa A., Vona A., Pistone M. & Romano C. : Rheology of particle-bearing suspensions: preliminary results.

32-13 Pannello 73: Ganci G., Cappello A.*, Bilotta G., Corradino C., Hérault A. & Del Negro C. : Monitoring of lava flow hazards: The December 24, 2018 Mt. Etna eruption.

32-14 Pannello 74: Giuliani L.*, Iezzi G., Casarin A., Piattelli V., Lanzafame G., Nazzari M., Ferlito C., Mollo S., Scarlato P., Trabucco F. & Colò M. : Textural variations along a vertical section of a distal portion of an Etnean lava flow

32-15 Pannello 75:Morgavi D.*, Spina L., Cannata A., Musu A., Campeggi C. & Perugini D. : AEOLUS: a laboratory to study bubble-bearing flow dynamics and geophysical signals through analogue volcanic eruption.

32-16 Pannello 76: Musu A.*, Morgavi D., Spina L., Corsaro R.A. & Perugini D. : Lava fountaining activity: the Collapsing Foam Layer Model applied to the 2000 – 2013 South-East Crater eruptive period (Mt. Etna, Italy).

32-17 Pannello 77: Primerano P.*, Giordano G., Vona A., De Vita S. & Morgavi D. : Rheological behavior of lava flows from Ischia Island (Campania, Italy).

32-18 Pannello 78: Rooyakkers S., Morgavi D.*, Perugini D., Petrelli M., Vetere F., Stix J., Berlo K., Barker S. & Charlier B. : Basalt-rhyolite interaction timescales in the caldera-forming Halarauður eruption (Krafla, Iceland) constrained by chaotic mixing experiments.

32-19 Pannello 79: Sacco G.*, Caltabiano T., Salerno G. & Viccaro M. : SO2 flux and eruptive activity at Mt. Etna between the 2015 and 2016.

32-20 Pannello 80: Scarani A.*, Silleni A., Vona A., Romano C. & Giordano G. : Infrared thermography of pyroclast cooling across the glass transition temperature: effect of clast composition, porosity and dimension.

32-21 Pannello 81: Silleni A.*, Ryan A.G., Russell J.K., Vona A., Giordano G., Ort M. & Romano C. : The effects of interclast viscosity contrast in the welding ability of pyroclastic deposits.

S33. Geosciences at school 2019

Conveners and Chairpersons Elena Bonaccorsi (UNIPI), Francesca Cifelli (UNIROMA3), Rosolino Cirrincione (UNICT), Eleonora Paris (UNICamerino), Manuela Pelfini (UNIMI)


Thursday 19 September 2019 [11.30-13.00] - Conference hall

33-1 11.30-11.45: Lozar F.* & Tonon M.D. : Climate education in the deep time perspective: working with teachers and students.

33-2 11.45-12.00: Occhipinti S.* : A PBL approach to enhance the sensitivity of students towards natural risks and hazards,  in italian schools.

33-3 12.00-12.15: Piangiamore G.L.*, Trolese P., Frione A. & Cortopassi P. : Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and earthquake: teaching through emotions meets Geoscience.

33-4 12.15-12.30: Scopesi C.*, Belmonte D., Briguglio A., Cabella R., Carbone C., Forchielli A. & Doria G. : Geosciences and museum: new frontiers in didactic for high school students.

33-5 12.30-12.45: Seno S.* & Lupi C. : Geoscience laboratory for primary school: an attempt for engaging young people in Earth Sciences.

33-6 12.45-13.00: Tonon M.D.* & Caretto A. : The aesthetic approach to teaching geosciences and sustainable education.

Thursday 19 September 2019 [15.30-17.00] - Conference hall

33-7 15.30-15.45: Beccaceci A.*, Stacchiotti L. & Paris E. : Sustainable city: work together for a more sustainable life style.

33-8 15.45-16.00: Boniello A.* & Paris E. : The virtual trip of Darwin, the geologist.

33-9 16.00-16.15: Borghini A.*, Pieraccioni F., Gioncada A. & Bonaccorsi E. : What are the students' mental models of the Earth's inner structure?

33-10 16.15-16.30: Moroni B.* : "HAVE YOU GOT A GREEN THUMB?" Hands-on experiences of kids' and teens' earth science education by inquiry-based methods.

33-11 16.30-16.45: Occhioni M.* : Earth Science in Opensim-based virtual worlds.

33-12 16.45-17.00: Realdon G.* & Gravina T. : New opportunities for teacher professional development in Earth sciences: EGU Geoscience Fieldwork Officers Project.


Thursday 19 September 2019 - Poster Room

33-13 Pannello 82: Antiga R.*, Cabella R., Elter F.M. & Massa A. : Design and experimentation of educational activities on Water resources in the underground: development of an experimental protocol to analyze the dynamics of infiltration, accumulation and exploitation processes in incoherent deposits.

33-14 Pannello 83: Antiga R., Cabella R., Coniglio L., Carpanese M.G., Elter F.M.*, Lodi C., Massa A., Parola C., Tarella G. & Tsakarisianos M.D. : To know the hydrogeological instability - study methods and its awareness: the case of Val Graveglia - Genova - Eastern Liguria.

33-15 Pannello 84: Artoni C.*, Bollati I.M. & Pelfini M. : Virtual geomorpholabs: simple games for geomorphorisk education.

33-16 Pannello 85: Belluzzo A., Bronzo L., Citron S., Di Stefano G., Favaroni A.*, Gazzola R., Gazzurra G., Giacomini P., Martella A., Merella M., Nicodemi L., Porta L., Bianucci G., Bosio G., Collareta A., Gioncada A., Landini W., Molli G., Sarti G. & Borghini A. : ICA-LAB: un laboratorio di ricerca interdisciplinare nel Lagerstätte del deserto costiero di Ica (Perù).

33-17 Pannello 86: Bonaccorsi E., Borghini A.*, Gioncada A. & Pieraccioni F. : The good, the bad and the ugly: a movie around the geoscience textbooks.

33-18 Pannello 87: Caironi V., Regazzola V., Lorenzetti S.C., Berra G., Coltro G. & Fumagalli P.* : Project "What a show! Create a geological corner in your high school".

33-19 Pannello 88: Ferretti M., Invernizzi C.*, Mazzoli S. & Carroll M.R. : Exploring the moon, using Earth's rocks and fossils: an earth science module.

33-20 Pannello 89: Garzarella A.*, Valentini A., Pace B., Liguori A., Michelangeli M.A. & Middle School Class 3B : From Physics to Geology: exploring the time and space", an outreach and successful project to understand the Earth system and the earthquakes, through the use of the Quakecaster, awarded by Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS),INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics), contest "Anch'io Scienziato 2019".

33-21 Pannello 90: Occhipinti S.* : a EGU-IGEO European chapter to promote the teaching learning of Earth science  in all schools.

33-22 Pannello 91: Pauselli C.*, Musu A., Mancinelli P., Ercoli M., Porreca M., Azzaro S., Carboni F., Samperi L., Giorgetti C., Mirabella F., Barchi M., Minelli G., Moriconi A. & Martorana S. : Il terremoto: impariamo a conoscerlo. The earthquake: let's get to know it.

33-23 Pannello 92: Pelfini M.*, Apuani T., Artoni C., Conforto A. & Bollati I. : How to exploit geodiversity in geoscience education activities?

33-24 Pannello 93: Pelorosso B.*, Brombin V., Bertagnon A., Calore E., Forastieri F., Polastri L., Rolando V. & Vinciguerra E. : Alps in a box.

33-25 Pannello 94: Placuzzi E.*, Barbieri G., Berti M., Gasparotto G., Giura E., Rossi V., Squarzoni G., Vaiani S.C. & gli studenti del Liceo E. Ferrari, Cesenatico : Il Piano Lauree Scientifiche come strumento di didattica inclusiva: il contributo delle geoscienze.

33-26 Pannello 95: Punturo R., Fazio E., Fiannacca P., Ortolano G. & Cirrincione R.* : The Floristella-Grottacalda Mineral Park (Sicily): a geological trip that becomes history, literature and memory of a territory.

33-27 Pannello 96: Scacchetti M.* & Chicchi S. : Esperienze didattiche attorno a Valentina, balena fossile di 3.5 milioni di anni.

33-28 Pannello 97: Scapellato B.* : La circolazione oceanica.

33-29 Pannello 98: Stacchiotti L.*, Beccaceci A. & Paris E. : The scientific method between geology and history.

33-30 Pannello 99: Zaccara Bertolini P.*, Foglia C., Classe IVF, Groppi E., Classe IIIH , Mantovani L., Tribaudino M., Artesi T. & Solzi M. : Pollution from magnetic minerals in leaves:  an "Alternanza Scuola Lavoro" project in secondary schools in Parma and Torino.