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Il tempo del pianeta Terra e il tempo dell'uomo:
le geoscienze tra passato e futuro

Parma, September 16-19, 2019

PhD day

The second edition of the PhD Days study day aimed at all PhD students in Earth Sciences in Italy will be held on 16 September.

This day will be a real mini-conference in which PhD students will be able to discuss each other by informally presenting their research. This year a new modality has been introduced which consists of an IES session (inspired by the PICO sessions) preceded by "crazy presentations".


09.00-10.00: opening

10.00-10.30: crazy presentations

  1. Notaro (Chieti): Paleoenvironmental behaviours of calcareous nannofossils during Neogene warm climatic intervals
  2. Macrì (Parma): Stable isotope study of shells and fish bones to characterize Mesolithic environmental conditions
  3. Sabbatino (Napoli Federico II): Sr-isotope stratigraphy and structural analysis of the Upper Cretaceous and Miocene shallow water carbonates bracketing the forebulge unconformity in the Central-Southern Apennines
  4. Bosino (Pavia): Integrative assessment of soil erosion dynamics in the Oltrepo area
  5. Leoncini (Bologna): Integrated application of hydrogeological, isotopical and botanical tools to track plumes of chlorinated solvents in shallow aquifers
  6. Boito (Parma): Mappatura isotopica del latte e delle acque di falda nella zona di produzione del Parmigiano Reggiano ai fini della tracciabilità alimentare
  7. Borzì (Catania): Shoreline change analysis
  8. Battaglia (Cà Foscari): A morpho-stratigraphic reconstruction of Edisto Inlet Fjord based on high resolution Holocene paleoclimate record, western Ross Sea (Antarctica)
  9. Massimetti (Torino): Thermal remote sensing of volcanic activity: analysis and development of the MIROVA system
  10. Bitonte (Insubria): Structural and depositional models validation for reservoir study in the Southern Appennines: uncertainty quantification by means of discrete geological scenarios
  11. Crippa (Milano-Bicocca): Advanced analysis of slow slope deformation phenomena by mean of InSAR, stuctural analysis and numerical modelling
  12. M. Militello (Genova): Geologic, environmental and normative issues in the Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) management
  13. Putzolu (Napoli Federico II): Geology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Supergene Ore Deposits: Characteristics of Ni-Co Mineralizations in Lateritic Profiles
  14. Bussolesi (Milano): Chromite ore deposits: genesis, evolution and industrial applications
  15. Bonacina (Pavia): The Cretaceous OAE2: geochemical constraints from a section of the Atlantic margin
  16. La Rosa (Pisa, Firenze): Strain Partitioning Between Border Faults and Axial Magmatic Segments in the Afar Rift

10.45-13.00: IES – 1

13.00-14.00: lunch

14.00-14.30: crazy presentations

  1. Montemagni (Milano-Bicocca): Geochronology and kinematics of crustal scale shear zones in the Himalayan collisional belt
  2. Nania (Firenze): Kinematics, non-coaxial flow and time constraints of the South Tibetan Detachment system and the Main Central Thrust zone in central Himalaya
  3. Campomenosi (Genova): Elastic barometry on metamorphic rocks
  4. Murri (Pavia): Intracrystalline geothermometry to unravel emplacement mechanisms for lava flows on Mars            
  5. Raggiunti (Pisa): Interazione tra faglie attive e migrazione di fluidi ad alta pressione
  6. Consuma (Bologna): High-Pressure carbonation of orogenic peridotites
  7. Barbaro (Pavia): Carbon phases in ureilites
  8. Morana (Pavia): Magnetic inclusions in diamond
  9. Mauro (Pisa): Secondary minerals from the alteration of Tl-rich pyrite from the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy)
  10. Cariddi (Napoli Federico II): The Cenozoic magmatic activity in Sardinia: chronology and geodynamic significance
  11. Giuliani (Chieti): The role of kinetic on texture and crystal-chemistry of a MORB
  12. Antonicelli (Pavia): Studio di una sequenza intrusiva ultrafemica nella Zona Ivrea Verbano
  13. Pellegrino (Milano-Bicocca): Modelling of mechanical mixing and chemical interaction between the subducting crust and the overlying mantle at (ultra) high pressures: implications for the slab-to-mantle mass transfer
  14. Ferrari (Parma): Recycling processes of the crust in the mantle: evidence from natural samples and implications for oceanic basalts sources
  15. Corvò (Pavia): Determination of P-T-t-d paths from lithospheric shear zones: links between deformation, magmatism and metamorphism

14.45-17.00: IES – 2

17.00-18.00: round table