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Geosciences for a sustainable future

Torino, September 19-21, 2022

Panel discussion

Geosciences for a sustainable future

Monday 19 September Aula Gialla (09.30 - 10.30)

Geosciences for a sustainable future

Geosciences constitute a formidable heritage of knowledge of the present and the past of our planet; their continuous development, which began in Italy during the Renaissance, provides us with an ever more detailed and precise key to understanding a terrestrial archive that extends backwards for hundreds of millions of years. Looking to the future, Geosciences allow for a better understanding of the natural geological processes and their consequences, with which man finds himself continuously interacting due to the dynamism that characterizes our planet.

Due to its geological nature, Italy has a very heterogeneous and dynamic territory: this makes it an environment rich in natural beauty and resources, but at the same time makes it fragile and vulnerable to the processes that constantly shape the Earth. Italy is in fact the country most exposed in Europe to geological risks (seismic, volcanic, hydrogeological and landslides).

The round table will be an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the role of geosciences for a more sustainable future of society and the planet, on the role they must assume in the education of citizens, in energy policy, in the protection from natural hazards and in safeguarding the natural and cultural heritages that make Italy a unique and wonderful place. There can be no future in an advanced and modern society without the development and transmission of knowledge, without awareness and memory of the natural and cultural heritage that distinguishes it, without adequate assessment, prevention and protection from natural risks.


Prof. Ruggiero Quarto (Senatore della Repubblica)

Dott. Aldo Napolitano (Direttore dell'esplorazione di ENI)

Dott.ssa Paola Bortolon (Presidente ANISN)

Dott. Stefano La Porta (Presidente ISPRA)

Prof. Massimo Tiepolo (Presidente Coll.Geo)

Prof. Sandro Conticelli (Presidente SGI)

Prof. Francesco Princivalle (Presidente SIMP)