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Geosciences for the environment, natural hazard and cultural heritage

Catania, 12-14 September 2018

Panel discussion

Geosciences for the environment, natural hazard and cultural heritage

12 September 2018 from 18.30 to 20:00 Benedictine Monastery in Catania

The round table, aimed at relaunching the national geological cartography, will be an important moment for discussion between political representatives, stakeholders, experts from training, research institutions, universities and the world of users.

The meeting will focus on the following topics:

  • CARG project: results, current status, operational methodologies
  • The CARG database: structure, approach, updating
  • Use of geological maps
  • Scientific, educational and cultural contribution
  • Political situation: new law
  • The voice of the regions: management and advantages of an official geological cartography

They are invited to participate:

  • Political representatives: Fabiola Anitori (ex-Senator), Rosa Maria Di Giorgi (Deputy), Ruggiero Quarto (Senator), Franco Ortolani (Senator), Mauro Coltorti (Senator), Vito Rosario Petrocelli (Senator);
  • Stakeholders: Angelo Borrelli (National Civil Protection), Mauro Dolce (National Civil Protection), Italo Giulivo (National Civil Protection), Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza (Major Risks Commission), Carlo Doglioni (INGV), Francesco Peduto (CNG), Giuliano Salberini (CNR), Carlo Tansi (IRPI-CNR - Head of Civil Protection, Calabria Region);
  • Production of CARG products: Fabrizio Galluzzo (Geological Survey of Italy), Volkmar Mair (Geological Survey of Bolzano), Andrea Piccin (Geological Survey of Lombardy), Paolo Messina (IGAG-CNR), Fabrizio Piana (IGG-CNR);
  • Training of the Cartographer Geologist: Piero Dellino (CUN area 04), Paolo Mazzoleni (Coll.GEO Coordinator), Massimo Mattei (SGI Higher Education and University);
  • Scientific societies: Michele Zucali (SGI Cartography Committee), Stefano Poli (SIMP);
  • Moderators: Fabrizio Berra (SGI University of Milan), Désirée Klain (SGI Press Office).