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Geology Without Borders

Trieste, September 14-16, 2021

PhD day

The Ph.D Day, now in its third edition, will take place on 13 September, as a pre-Congress event, via the MS Teams dell'Università di Catania


9:00-9:15 - Greetings

9:15-9:30 - Presentation BeGeoscientists 2021

9:30-10:30 - First session. Chair-person: Marco Viccaro & Federico Da Col

  • Minniti M.*, Nicotra E. & Viccaro M.: Triggering dynamics of explosive eruptions at Stromboli volcano: nature and spatial-temporal constraints of replenishment processes with implications for the Early Warning system setup
  • Innocentini S.*, Madeira J., Quartau R., Casalbore D.: Gravitational, erosional, sedimentary and volcanic processes on the submarine Environment of flores and corvo islands (Azores Archipelago).
  • Floridia G.*, Viccaro M.: Sicily as a pilot region for micro-zonation of the low-enthalpy geothermal potential
  • Zampa L.S.*, Camerlenghi A., Creati N., Busetti M., Lodolo E., Palmieri F.: Gravity and magnetic data restoration with new processing and interpretation techniques
  • D'Agostino A.*, Ortolano G., Zucali M., Visalli, R.: Automatic X-ray image analysis of rock samples: a machine learning approach to explore geoscience data

10:30-10:50 - Invited speaker

  • Marisa Giuffrida: A time-window into magma dynamics from crystal-chemistry inspection

10:50-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-12:00 - Second Session. Chair-person: Ester Colizza & Claudio Ventura

  • Maccelli C. *, Natali C., Nisi B., Casalini M., Vaselli O., Venturi S., Avanzinelli R.: Surface waters, suspended solids, and sediments from the Nievole River Valley sub-basin (Tuscany, Central Italy): a preliminary environmental evaluation
  • Egidio E.*, Lasagna M., Mancini S., De Luca D.A: The impact of climate change on groundwater temperature of the Piedmont Po plain (NW Italy): preliminary results
  • Pernice M.*, Caruso A., Lirer F., Cornacchia I., Agostini S., Foresi L. M.: Reconstruction of CO2 oscillations in the Mediterranean Basin during the late Cenozoic: Boron isotopes in planktonic Foraminifera as a tracer for paleo-pH and pCO2
  • Geniram A.*, Colizza E., Melis R., Colleoni F.: Evolution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet from the inner continental shelf of the Glomar Challenger Basin to the Ross Sea slope (Eastern Ross Sea, Antarctica) during the late Quaternary
  • Gerbaudo A.*, Tonon M., Caretto A.: Walk to learn, learn to walk: an educational practice to reconnect geology with sustainability

12:00-12:30 - Invited speaker

  • Giulia Iacobucci: Remote sensing applications for the assessment of the geomorphic response of fluvial systems to the Holocene Climate Changes
  • Laura Borzì: Shoreline evolution and environmental changes at the NW area of the Gulf of Gela (Sicily, Italy)

12:30-14:30 - Lunch break

14:30-15:30 - Third Session. Chair-person: Agata Di Stefano & Vincenzo Randazzo

  • Sorci A.*, Ghorbani M., Rettori R., Spina A., Cirilli S.: Palaeoenviromental and palaeogeographic evolution of Southwestern and Central Iran during Palaeozoic
  • Antonelli M.*, Petti F.M., Sacco E., Petruzzelli M., Wagensommer A.: The occurrence of carcharodontosaurs in the Apulian Carbonate Platform: new insights from the Early Cretaceous ichnological record of Molfetta (Southern Italy)
  • D'Andrea N., Baldassini N., Di Stefano A.: High-resolution calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Neogene successions: comparison between Mediterranean and ocean realms
  • Cavhaleiro L.*, Dickson A.J., Erba E., Faucher G., Gambacorta G., Jenkyns H.C., Wagner T.: Further disentangle the role of redox dynamics in black shales: new geochemical observations from the Toarcian Fish Level (Sogno Core - Lombardy Basin, northern Italy).
  • Mitillo N.*, Cirilli S., De Dominicis L.: An integrated approach to assess the physicochemical properties of carbonate rocks for CO2 storage: a case study from Central Apennine (Italy)

15:30-15:50 - Invited speaker

  • Vincenzo Randazzo: Biostratigraphy and sedimentary evolution of a cretaceous carbonate slope: a case study from north-western Sicily (Italy)

15:50-16:50 - Fourth Session. Chair-person: Paola Vannucchi & Martina Forzese

  • Locchi S.*, Zanchi A., Zanchetta S.: Evidence of syndepositional tectonics during the Early Permian in the Orobic Basin (central Southern Alps, N Italy)
  • Petroccia A.*, Carosi R., Montomoli C., Iaccarino S., Vitale Brovarone A.: Structural-thermal constraints in the hinterland-foreland transition zone: new insights from the Nappe Zone of the Sardinian Variscan belt
  • Menichelli I. *, De Gori P., Funiciello F., Chiarabba C.: First steps toward the definition of the deep structure and dynamic of the circum-Mediterranean orogens
  • Corno *: Stratigraphic, structural and metamorphic characterization of tectonic units In the Western Alps
  • Russo D.*, Fiannacca P., Fazio E., Cirrincione R., Mamtani M.A.: Relationships between shear zones, mechanisms of emplacement and structural evolution from supra- to sub-solidus of late-Variscan granitoids from the Serre Batholith (southern Italy)

16:50-17:30 - Invited speaker

  • Laura Nania: Rheological and kinematic flow variations of regional-scale shear zones: a micro structural and textural study
  • Chiara Montemagni: Untangling the complex kinematic and geochronological hystory of a crustal-scale shear zone: an example from the Main Central Thrust (Garhwal Himalaya, NW India)
  • Matteo Simonetti: The Est Variscan Shear Zone: a structural and geochronological review for improving paleogeographic reconstruction of the southern Variscides

17:30-18:30 - Tavola Rotonda. Chair-person: Sveva Corrado & Chiara Amadori

  • Chiara Amadori & Claudia Agnini (Divisione SGI Pangea): The Italian Geological Society towards an equal and inclusive future

The organizers

Agata Di Stefano, Michele Rebesco, Laura Borzì, Federico Da Col, Martina Forzese, Giulia Innamorati, BeGeo Scientists (Rita Chirico, Rita De Stefano, Andrea Barone, Lorenzo Ammirati, Antonio Aruta, Ciro Cerrone,  Salvatore Dominech, Alessandro Petroccia, Claudio Ventura Bordenca, Maria Verde).